I salute you, Kelly Sullivan!

You guys, I’m a simple lady. I have simple tastes. Fancy-pants plotting? Clever dialog? Plausible characterization? Sure, fine, whatever. But, camp… oh, sweet, ridiculous camp. It makes my soapy little heart pitter-patter all crazy like.

So, okay. Maybe the Saga of Konnie has been lacking in certain areas so far. You know: subtlety, logic, a working copy of the DSM-IV… and sure, maybe it’s completely rewritten Kate’s already overly complicated backstory and transformed Johnny into THE GROSSEST.

But what’s all that compared to  the incredible gift it gave us today?

Hi, Mirror Connie! And oh, look! It’s Mirror Kate:

Connie’s right. Mirror Kate is kind of weird.

… and kind of loud.

(And maybe just a little crazy.)

What’s that, Mirror Connie? You’ve spotted some unchewed scenery over in the corner?

::slow clap::

That? Was amazing. Bless you, Kelly Sullivan. Bless your beautiful, hammy heart.

Unfortunately, this is another thing that happened today:

… which can only strike terror into the heart of anyone who remembers this:

Gird your loins, people. GIRD THEM HARD.


7 thoughts on “I salute you, Kelly Sullivan!

  1. Wow, that video makes it seem like with one false move that actresses career could have easily lead to soft core porn instead. I just…wow. That is so uncomfortable. I hope we don’t go back there.

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