It’s the little things, you know?

Because I keep getting distracted by all the gross misogyny coming from Port Charles’ heroes lately, I’ve somehow managed to avoid commenting on the grossness coming from the acknowledged villain. Yes, that’s right: Ronnie’s the stripper beater. Well, knock me over with a feather. And they’ve been so subtle with the clues, too!

I really could have lived without another instance of “Cops are bad! The system is broken!” on this show, but I can’t say that I’ll really miss Ronnie at all. Finding out he’s secretly a woman-hating psycho is the most interesting characterization he’s ever gotten, which isn’t saying much. The guy’s never been much more than a one-note, utterly uncharismatic buffoon. And frankly, since Carlivati has improved her writing a little, I even like Padilla better. (Padilla! Oh, how the worm has turned.)

So good riddance, Ronnie! Especially if it can bring about more interactions between Dante and my new boyfriend, John McBain:

DANTE: I’m gonna call Jason.
McBAIN: Why?
DANTE: Well, his pregnant wife has been abducted. I think he deserves to know.
McBAIN: Hey, it’s your dime, Detective, but he ain’t a cop; he don’t belong there.

Ladies and gentlemen, reason number eighty-nine to love John McBain: not thinking it’s a good idea to treat the local hit man as a one man, freelance SWAT team! The best part of that exchange was you could actually see the wheels of confusion slowly turning in Dante’s face there: “Jason… hit man, not cop? Hit man… doesn’t belong… in hostage situation? Whaaaaaa…?”

(I should add that aside from the above, I’ve really enjoyed Dante the last few days. Amazing what not being focused on Sonny can do for a man! Dominic Zamprogna has played his panic and desperation to find Lulu very nicely. I love that he reached out to Luke and got Padilla to believe him; I’m really looking forward to him seeing McBain in a hopefully better light after all this is over.)

Not to be outdone, the ladies — though in peril — have also been acquitting themselves fairly well. First Lulu, intrepid girl detective that she apparently now is (and while I would still prefer her as intrepid girl reporter, this is still miles above intrepid… fashion magazine receptionist) figured out Ronnie was the most likely suspect, kept her calm when gagged and bound to a bed, and managed to reveal her location to both John and Dante.

Then Sam got to use her own smarts and cool under pressure to both direct Ronnie where to take them and leave a clue behind for McBain. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sam gets exponentially more interesting to me the further away she is from Jason.

(And how much do I love that she’s currently away from Jason after telling him off for his hypocritical douchbaggery and leaving him to get his shit together without her? SO MUCH.)

I’m curious to see if the new regime will actually be able to keep Jason out of the fray for long. A pair of cops the only heroes of the day? Don’t they know this is Port Charles, where hit men are saints and mobsters have hearts of gold?

Speaking of mobsters, gosh, do you guys think Sonny will get kille– Sorry, no. Can’t even sarcastically pretend to ask that question. But this did happen:

SONNY: How would you feel if your dad was gone for–
STARR: Don’t compare yourself to my father! On the worst day he ever lived he could not be nearly as hateful as you are.

Oh, Starr… no. I’m sorry. Listen, I love Todd Manning. He is worth a dozen Sonny Corinthoses in my book. (Two dozen, even!) But please let’s not forget that on his worst day, Todd was a gang rapist, so just… no. Stop. Please.

(Also with the baby voice. Stop. Seriously. I BEG OF YOU.)

Let’s see, has anything else of note happened the last few days? Maybe something wonderful and old school that rhymes with “bat might”?

I wish there was a way I could embed a sound file of just that scream Kelly Sullivan let out before charging Carly like an enraged hippo. Because — and I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately– it was amazing. (And look at her expression in that cap! She is thisclose to detaching her lower jaw and EATING LAURA WRIGHT’S FACE.)

So that was fun. Also fun? Seeing this look on Johnny:

Let’s just say that if every episode for the foreseeable future could begin with someone showing up at Johnny’s door and either sucker punching him (kisses, Michael!) or kneeing him in the groin, I would not be complaining.

Of course, Carly being Carly, even piecing together the truth about Kate’s condition didn’t do much to deter her focus from the real victim of the situation: Carly.

CARLY: It’s something Johnny made up to justify his affair with Kate! Turning it into some complicated revenge plot with mental illness involved instead of two lying liars, literally screwing each other.

Oh, my. Where to start? Dear Carly: HOW DOES THAT JUSTIFY ANYTHING? Listen to the words coming out of your mouth, woman! Good God.

The irony is that Johnny actually does have a semi-legitimate justification he could have used — after all, Konnie did set him up and then threaten to lie and say he’d attacked her if he wouldn’t voluntarily sleep with her. Personally, I still have very little sympathy for him, because his arm clearly did not need much twisting. But you’d think he’d at least try leading with that instead of “it’s not my fault I slept with her; she wasn’t in her right mind!”

Lucky for him, his girlfriend is as morally repugnant as he is! (Because being betrayed by your man sleeping with an unwilling partner is OBVIOUSLY so much better than a truly consensual affair, right?) Oh, Carly. Stay classy.

15 thoughts on “It’s the little things, you know?

  1. I don’t really care for McBain much myself but if he can get Dante to be more grateful to him for saving Lulu than he is to Sonny for getting a scratch on his arm from the bullet he took for Dante, I’ll like him better for sure.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, reason number eighty-nine to love John McBain: not thinking it’s a good idea to treat the local hit man as a one man, freelance SWAT team”

    Somewhere, Guza is crying into his own box of pain.

    “I love that he [Dante] reached out to Luke”

    I also like that in return Luke has been nice to Dante. They really skipped over straight to the “redeemed” part without showing any of the steps in between for Luke, but I’ll cut them some slack, since it wasn’t this regime’s idea for Luke to run over a child while drunk and then have him act despicably.

    • I loved that Luke’s reaction was to take Dante seriously and help him without any snide remarks about him being a cop. And yeah, I don’t need a long redemption process for Luke; we’ve had to put up with him being unpleasant for so long and I’m perfectly happy to just skip ahead to him being likeable again.

      I don’t know what it is about McBain — I was honestly neutral to him on OLTL, but I think his presence is just so refreshing on PC because he’s not weighed down by a lot of the baggage the other characters are. And he’s competent? Which is nice?

  2. I didn’t need the sound byte…Connie’s ‘Ladies of the WWE’ battle cry is imbedded in my brain…I lmao when she did that. That was the best foot stompin’, hand bitin’ cat fight we had in a long time. I especially thought it was funny when Carly pushed her in the back when she was walking away….LOL.
    I’m hoping they hook Carly up with Todd when he gets back rather than get her and Johnny back together. I thought their chemistry was MUCH better.
    Oh and the way you described Dante processing what McBain said about Jason not being a cop?….HAHAAAA. Spot on…this almost seems like a deliberate attempt on the writer’s part to fix Guza’s keystone cops. It’s far more interesting to watch the mobsters actually have to worry about getting away with their crimes rather than try and make us believe that criminals are superheroes. I often said, ‘This would NOT be happening if Robert Scorpio or Sean Donnelly were in charge’

    • I’m too wedded to Todd/Blair right now to buy him turning his romantic attentions seriously on anyone else. But I really enjoyed him and Carly as partners in crime and would love to see a co-schemer friendship develop there. I also think Carly could stand to be single for a while — I like Laura Wright so much better when she’s emphasizing Carly’s maternal or business sides than her romantic ones.

      • i agree, but i’m so afraid if a man don’t jump in soon she’ll be back to johnny and the two of them will gross us out further

  3. McBains scenes with Sam are SO much more interesting than Sam interacting with Man in Black tee shirt Jason.ZZZZZZZ.
    Dumb question. How long before someone wonders where our tea drinking pediatrician is? Did anyone else notice as I did while watching last Tuesdays GH over the weekend that in the background of the scenes between Sonny and Jason that the picture of Christina is no longer that of Lexi but of the recast instead?

  4. Is this a dream? IS this really the same GH we had to watch JASON be the smart guy over Lucky the cop and the rest of PCPD for years? Wow!! Dante and McBain were the heroes, the girls held their ground, and Jason didn’t get to be the hero and had to watch McBain (who I like just b/c he’ doesn’t worship Sonny and Jason) comfort Sam. Jason, see what being a hypocrite does (I still can’t get over the fact that he got mad at Sam for not telling him about Franco really being the dad when he lied to EVERYONE about Jake’s paternity and arrogantly told Lucky he wasn’t Jake’s dad. OK mini rant over). I agree, Sam is better away from Jason, she’s happier and more independent. She was happier when with Lucky and with McBain. Dante is so awesome as a husband and a cop, I love when he goes all protective over Lulu. Delores annoyed me but maybe some better writing can make her palpatable. Good work, writers. I’m beginning to see why OLTL did so well. Maybe I’m not over GH just yet. I’ll take the good with the bad, and right now it’s mostly good. Carly will get over herself when pigs fly.

    • I’ll take the good with the bad, and right now it’s mostly good.

      Yeah, that’s pretty much where I’m at. It’s never going to be perfect, but right now the ratio of good to suck is so much better. I’m happy.

      • Considering how long we had with Guzers who made cops idiots, women possessions, war vets ticking time bombs (Seriously, when was the last time a war vet was a good guy, other than Shawn), and mobsters were the heroes and the most desirable choice for love interests and better fathers, this is a whole new level. Carly and Sonny will always be self-absorbed, I just ignore them. I can deal with Jason as long as he’s not all self-righteous (*cough* Jake’s death, a hit man who KILLS FOR A LIVING getting being irate b/c someone accidentally hit Jake, who he didn’t raise). To me, it’s not Liz or Sam who’s the problem in a pairing, it’s Jason. He puts people in danger, he’s controlling and his “I’m trying to protect you” line is so condescending.
        I also think the stripper killer story is better than the TMK by a thousand miles. Imagine if this team had written the TMK? Maybe then Lucky, Mac and HArper would have found and caught him.

        • Considering the fact that Shawn was introduced as a kidnapper for hire to an evil arms dealer and has been freelancing for the mob ever since, I’d hesitate to call him a positive example of a vet, even if he is now a “good” guy. This show’s treatment of real (as opposed to mob) soldiers is appalling.

          • The show wants us to believe that mobsters (criminals) are more desirable than cops and soldiers, two groups of people who put themselves on the line for us. Yeah, right, I’d take Dante or GV’s Lucky (who to me was the more believable cop) over Jason or Sonny any day! I loved Jason’s face when he saw McBain comforting Sam. Start begging, Jason!

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