I just cannot get over my love of Anna Devane, y’all.

Admittedly, her heyday was a bit before my time, and before this, all I’d seen of her was YouTube clips and her occasional visits the last few years. I knew she was being misused under Guza, obviously. But watching her now with material that’s actually decent? That man should be in prison for criminal misuse of a national treasure.

Finola Hughes is clearly capable of so much more than hilarious Eli Love shenanigans, and I’m loving every second her her screen time with with Luke, John, Patrick, Tracy, Mac… and perhaps especially with Elizabeth. Theirs is not the likeliest of friendships, but the scenes where Anna was overcome by the sight of Luke and Lulu (and not just because Luke giving a crap about his daughter is still a novelty) were truly lovely:

I love that Elizabeth instantly understood what Anna was feeling, just by looking at her. I love the honesty of them both admitting how seeing other people with their happy, living children was painful. And I love them commiserating over being the ones left behind to shoulder the burden of every day life while their respective co-parents are off traveling the world and ignoring reality.

Women, talking to each other about the feelings and lives! What does Ron Carlivati think this is, a soap opera or something? Next you’ll be telling me Alexis and Tracy got to share some scenes that were funny without making either of them the butt of the joke…

OH WAIT. Hey, you know how Guza seemed to be under the impression the sun would implode if two women over forty were alone in a scene together for more than five seconds? Yeah.

Have I mentioned how glad I am he’s gone?

Jason, Jason, Jason… you just can’t catch a break, can you? I mean first your wife gets raped, which was bad enough for you. But now she’s carrying her rapist’s baby! And nagging you all the time to help her figure out how you’re going to deal with this as a couple instead of focusing on the MUCH more important issue of logging all her daily conversations with other people. (Priorities, Sam!)

Then she goes and gets kidnapped and nearly killed by a maniac–and insult to injury, she also has the gall to be rescued by someone else? Oh, Jason. How awful that must be for you.

Doesn’t she realize how hard it is for you when anyone else gets to save the day? But no, she’s all “let me talk to you about my trauma” and “the fact that I’m alive is more important that the identity of the person who saved my life.” As if!

(And to top it all off, instead of understanding that your need to threaten the man who saved her life is waaaay more important than making sure she’s all right, she up and left the hospital without waiting for you? Talk about an unsupportive spouse!)

Ahahahaha… okay, sarcasm aside: Jason is clearly awful. But I do like the new regime’s seeming commitment to remembering Jake, and to reinstating the Elizabeth/Jason friendship:

I have no idea if this is actually leading to anything serious. I’m certainly not about to hold my breath waiting for Sam and Jason to break up any time soon. And I believe Liz when she told Sam she had no desire to get in between their marriage. (The way he’s acting right now, can you blame her?)

But even if it’s just heading to more scenes of them talking and being there for each other in a platonic way, as two people who have known each other very well for a very long time… I’m on board.

(Seriously, though — Jason: needs a punch in the balls like nobody’s business, Y/Y?)

Lest you think I’m being too hard on poor Jason up above: never fear! Sonny is around to make him look like a freaking saint in comparison:

SONNY: Yeah, I’m bipolar, but it doesn’t give you, you know, a free pass to cheat on the person that you love.

Yeah! Being bipolar only gives you a free pass to abuse the people that you love with violent tantrums and emotional manipulation!

SONNY: I never made excuses and blamed someone else on ruining their lives!
ME: *literally speechless*

So, yeah. That happened.

But great news, everyone! Port Charles must have enacted a new law, because suddenly it is illegal to hold someone at gunpoint — even if you don’t kill them! (Starr was surprised too. I mean, who knew?)

The police must be ecstatic — imagine how much easier it will be to put Sonny away now!

Gee, if only this law was in effect last week, when he was shooting at Johnny and Kate… or the week before that, when Tracy was on the stand in open court, testifying that Sonny had threatened to shoot Anthony in her living room… or last month, when his cop son found him pointing a gun at Johnny in his living room… or last year, when multiple witnesses saw him actually shooting off a gun in Robin and Patrick’s living room… or–well. You get the idea.

But no more! Because the new law’s most enthusiastic proponent is on the case, making sure the streets are safe from gun-wielding lunatics. And I’m sure Michael will feel equally as enthusiastic about it the next time Sonny’s caught waving his dick gun around in public! (Stop laughing.)

But guess what? NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Because Starr’s arrest brought us this:


So, Todd is a free man now — for both the Victor thing and the Tomás thing. By reason of insanity, which is fitting, since, you know, the only reason he thinks he’s guilty is a hallucination of his dead mother told him so. (SOAPS!) But no one knows Victor isn’t really dead and everyone still hates his guts.

Meanwhile, Téa is about a gazillion months pregnant. And beautiful. And perfect. And I love her. MARRY ME, TÉA! Okay, okay, enough fangirling. But I want you to know that my reaction to her entrance was pretty much this:

ANYWAY. Todd was his usual funny, self-deprecating, charming self. And — also as usual — Starr was fifteen times more likeable in his presence. I loved her initial anger and flinches away from his tentative touches. But then by the end when she was ready to admit how glad she was to see him? Oh, how my heart melted. OH, MANNINGS.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get an explanation for Blair’s absence. But presumably she’s the one who sent her best girlfriend down to look after her baby girl. BLESS YOU, BLAIR.


21 thoughts on “SO MANY FEELINGS!

  1. *plays a sad tune for Jason* The way the old regime propped him up was ridiculous, so it’s so good that these writers aren’t showing him as a saint. I can deal with Sam when she’s not around Jason. I hope they don’t put Liz with Jason, no offence, I know you love them together and I won’t trash them, but Liz is better on her own and independent than with Jason, last time she begged him to let her be with him all the time. Let her story be about being a single mother, and in a healthy relationship if she wants. Loved her with Anna. Anna is awesome. Luke is actually being a caring father and a good man, wow! It was always any danger to Lulu that brought him into action (the encephalitis, the MC Hostage Crisis). Sonny. . .no comment. Starr. . .she just lost her baby AND her boyfriend, I feel bad for her, she’s grieving so hard. Michael, she wasn’t using you, get over yourself! Let’s see how happy you are when your dad gets arrested. Jason, how about you give Sam a hug and tell her how happy you are she’s safe. And thank McBain.
    I can’t believe I’m getting interested in GH again, these writers may be able to save the show yet! Please have Anna save Robin and kick butt. Too bad Lucky left or they may have brought him back to life.

    • Thank you for not trashing. ;) But no, I get not liking them as a couple. My affection is largely nostalgic; I really loved their early relationship. The writing during their last go around really disappointed me; so much potential wasted. Whatever happens, I definitely do NOT want to see Liz begging him for scraps again. He’s the one who should be pursuing her and she’s the one who should have reservations that he must work to overcome (preferably by actually making some changes in the way he operates, but I won’t hold my breath).

      I feel bad for Starr too, but I still find her non-stop histrionics tiring. Extended grief is not KA’s strength as an actress. I’m looking forward to seeing her more with Todd because their relationship has always been one of my favorites.

      • I don’t do trashing no matter how much I dislike a couple. Jason will never leave the mob, and Liz isn’t mob wife material, which is a good thing. She is a mother, first. Something Guza forgot because he hates women. I remember being happy when they were engaged, then Michael got shot. . .and I’ll stop there because I don’t like to remember the dark days. Elizabeth is restored back to her true self, so keep it that way. She’s among my favourites, next to Robin and Lulu (though I get why people get annoyed with Lulu at times, the writing with her can be just awful). The fact that these writers don’t prop Jason is a plus for me. It got so tiring, I mean when Jake died it was more about Jason’s grief than Liz and Lucky (to me, Lucky was Jake’s dad, he raised him and he loved him). If Jason wants the women in his life to be safe, maybe he should not be in a job that involves killing, and same for having a kid. He definitely should be pursuing her and making it work.
        Histrionics is generally part of soap operas, but not all actors can pull it off. Hopefully Todd will be able to help Starr. Some characters are stuck on histrionics, like Carly.

        • Women were ALWAYS the ones doing the pursuing under Guza when it should have been the other way around in most cases. It drove me nuts and compromised so many characters.

          (And yes, Lucky was Jake’s father, full stop. The way he and Liz were sidelined in that story was atrocious.)

          Lulu is a character I have both hated and loved. It depends entirely on the writing; when she’s obnoxious, she’s REALLY obnoxious. But when she’s being written well, like now, I really adore her. But Elizabeth is my favorite, always and forever.

          • SO right abuot Lulu’s writing, same is also true for Maxie. When Maxie was all I care about Lucky, I felt like reminding her about how she faked a pregnancy and fed his addiction just to latch on, yet she has the right to call out Liz? Despite the writer’s attempts, I have not once hated Liz, so safe to say I will always like her. I don’t agree with all that she does, but that’s OK. I’m just so happy these writers are doing better for her.

    • I wonder if JJ knew there were new writers coming on board by the time he left? I like to think if he did he would have stayed, but who knows. Because I miss Lucky a lot and think the show needs him. I didn’t think much of him as an actor but I’d take back GV or maybe a recast even, if they chose VERY VERY carefully.

      • I don’t know. I miss Lucky, too and frankly his exit sucked! I’d take GV back, I liked him and the writers gave him nothing, and who knows, with these writers who actually LIKE COPS, he be able to be a hero. I did like JJ, but I never bought JJ’s Lucky as a cop.

        • I thought JJ was fine as a Detective; I just wish he hadn’t been hampered by crappy story and the show’s inability to let cops win, ever. Now that might be changing, though, so…

      • Last I heard, I think JJ had another gig lined up, but it might not end up being long term. If it isn’t, I hope they lure him back. I’m pretty sure he left before the regime change was public knowledge.

  2. I was a HUGE Liz and Jason fan, but weirdly, I have no interest in seeing them together as a couple again. And I completely agree that Sam is exponentially more likeable apart from Jason. Her few scenes in the motel (the “Rendezvous” hehe) with John were seriously much better than anything with Jason. To me, Sam moving out was the first time I have seen her have a backbone with Jason. She is all about him and what he wants. It seems writers have always paired Jason with women (Liz, Carly, Sam) who, in a sense, lost themselves to him. Is he THAT great of a guy??
    This Liz and Ewen pairing has potential, mainly because Nathin Butler is so damn hot. I hope he is a Jacks. But come on,he gets bashed in the head like 2 weeks ago and then is not seen again? How about furthering their new romance by actually seeing Liz visit his bedside. Becky Herbst is one of few reasons I still watch this show. Give her more, she can do it!!

    • Agreed! I was a huge fan of LuSam back with GV as Lucky, and he made Sam happy and feel appreciated but the writers had to ruin it for JaSam. And looks what’s happened? I don’t think Jason is that great a guy to lose yourself. Liz is back to her usual self, and I hope whatever story she gets from now on, they’re good. I hope Sam doesn’t go back the first time Jason asks, I hope she tells Jason he needs to shape up or ship out.

    • I’m really okay with Jason and Liz as friends right now, as long as they really *are* treated as friends, i.e. talk to each other when something is happening in their lives.

      I have to admit, I’m not on the Ewen train yet. I hated his intro and writing during the GW era; RC has made him better, but I don’t really see much chemistry between him and Liz yet. I’m willing to be convinced, though!

      • I’d rather Liz be solo at this point. He doesn’t do much for me. I didn’t care much for his intro. I had high hopes for GW and it seemed like he followed Guza’s template too much in same ways, then again he wasn’t on for long. Liz and Jason can be friends, and stay friends. She’d be a better best friend than Carly or Sonny, because she listens

  3. I totally agree that they hyped up this “mysterious guy” who saved Liz, and the reveal was crappy. And I feel like only thing Ewen ever says is “Blah blah blah D.I.D. blah blah blah Connie.” But I don’t know, I saw a bit of chemistry the few times he and Liz had their sessions. Which, by the way, was he her official therapist after Shadybrook? If yes, then that’s shady.

    PS LOVE this website.

    • You’re right, I thought they had a little sparkage when they met at Shadybrooke. But that was before we found out he was pretending to be a patient in order to spy on her before treating her, which kind of ruined it for me. Worst. Ethics. Ever. Heh.

      I think technically, since they never had their first official session for treatment, he doesn’t consider himself to have been her doctor. Which I still consider shady, but… SOAPS!

      • So the constellations in the ceiling tiles and elevator in the supply room were all just two friends hanging out? Weird….

  4. I loved the Tracy/Alexis scene. I suppose Alexis had lots of friendship scenes with Diane, which were okay, but I’ve been wanting more Tracy and Alexis interaction since I don’t know when. More of that please, show!

  5. I seriously thought lightning would strike Sonny dead when he said he never blamed his problems on anyone. Like Deke would literally come back from the dead and slap him with a belt and say you have blamed me for every bad deed you have done ever……. I get Sonny not immediately believing Kate because, he is well Sonny, and his inner monologue is me, me, me, how will this effect me and my penis, me, me, me, but I do think he will come around with Kate.

    As far as,Jason, well I don’t know what to say. I feel like he is trying to compete with Sonny and Johnny for the title as worst douchbage EVER. Go Sam!
    I have no horse in the Liason vs. Jasam race, as I prefer J&R (what? I am a product of 90’s GH. I still ship S&B, okay?). I just don’t see Jason ever pursuing a woman. Don’t they all come to him ready to drop panties? When is the last time a man pursued a woman on this show? 2010 S&B? It took Brenda about two seconds to decide that she wanted Sonny despite the last ten years of his life being horrible. My only thought is that Brenda was like well, the sex was good, so why not? But then she married him and was sad when she realized being a mob wife isn’t that cool. People die, children fall into comas and get kidnapped, etc. Sorry tangent…..
    While I will always have my memories. I just don’t want anyone with Jason, Sonny, or Johnny until they leave the mob or decide to act like normal human beings that don’t consider women their personal property.

    • Wait, was I supposed to stop enjoying old school S&B when Sonny became a douchenozzle? Because you will pry those memories FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS. Heh.

      I am really, really hoping that this regime will change up the dynamic with all the mob men a little. I’m actually really encouraged that Jason is being allowed to look bad right now. Michael’s also become much less of a Sonny cheerleader. Sonny… is still Sonny. But Carly calling Johnny out yesterday was beautiful to me. So… fingers crossed?

      • I actually AGREED with Carly and what she said to Jason. . .wow did I really just say that? Either I’ve lost my mind or these writers can make Carly make sense! She’s right. I have no horse in JaSam vs Liason either, and that race is just plain crazy and even nasty. I want the women of PC to be happy and healthy. Jason and Sonny can make in the bed they sleep on. I’m glad that the writers aren’t writing Sam, the RAPE VICTIM, in the wrong, as Guza would have done. Sonny is Sonny. I love classic S&B, leave it to Guza to ruin a great character and ship.

  6. Loved Tracy’Alexis scenes…hilarious!
    I was wondering how Michael planned on being a big mobster like his father if he’s so tortured over killing a woman who was an actual threat to his family?

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