Main characters who AREN’T sociopaths? Are you sure this is General Hospital?

At some point, I’m assuming the novelty of the writers actually doing the things I want them to do will probably wear off. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep on getting way more excited than I probably should be about little things like this:

MAXIE: You wanted to know the truth? Surprise! The truth sucks, Matt. You know, I went to Anthony Zacchara for help and he killed someone! Which makes me an accessory, or at the very least, it means that I am involved in the murder of an innocent woman.
MATT: No, I don’t buy that. I think that Anthony was going to pin this on the first mate all along.
MAXIE: Well, we’ll never know, will we? But the first mate is dead.

THANK YOU! Was that so hard? I’m mean, I’ve only been waiting for Maxie to show some basic awareness that she’s responsible for an innocent woman’s murder for what–half a year? I mean, damn.

I did appreciate the attempt to mitigate her responsibility by implying that Anthony would have set up the first mate anyway (because… why, exactly? I guess maybe just to keep the police from suspecting him?) even if that’s kind of a load of crap. But the issue’s at least been acknowledged, and Maxie’s no longer acting like what she did was not sort of monstrous and I’m easy enough to let it go at that.

Hurray for characters showing a shred of humanity!

Hey, speaking of: Sonny finally seems to understand that his girlfriend is ten pounds of crazy in a five pound bag!

Granted, it took witnessing her having a fight with a mirror for this fact to really sink in. Even though everyone and their mother had been telling him it was true, and even though I don’t really understand how anyone who claimed to know or love Kate couldn’t have already been deeply suspicious due to her out of character behavior alone. But, WHATEVER.

The point is that his response to her visible distress was — shockingly — not to berate and belittle her, but to instinctively try to comfort her. I know! It’s almost as if he’s a human being with the capacity for empathy and compassion! How… surprising!

(I’m not saying we should start handing out cookies for meeting the minimum requirements of human decency, but with Sonny, you have to take what you can get, you know?)

If Carlivati can get me to like Sonny again, it will truly be a soap miracle. But then, look at what he’s already done to rehab Luke, a character I also thought nearly beyond redemption not too long ago:

Granted, I am super easy, as previously mentioned. So even the slightest hint that Luke — 1) noticed Tracy’s distress, and 2) was himself distressed by that fact — is enough to make me roll over and show my soft, soapy belly. I surrender, show! You’ve made me like Luke again, damn you!

In other news, I remain amused at the way Carly and Johnny both talk about their relationship like it was a forty year marriage rather than a three-week business transaction turned hook up turned quasi-dating… thing that neither of them had even really defined yet:

JOHNNY: Carly, I hate that I hurt you. Please, just give me another chance and I will spend my life making it back up to you.

Real talk, Johnny: you dated for less than a month before sleeping with another woman. Maybe cut back on the proposals?

But even though I’m generally on Team Carly for this one, the idea that she would have the balls to say this to anyone, ever, is… impressive:

CARLY: You can’t, Johnny! You can’t go backwards and you don’t get a do over!

Hey, yeah! Do overs are only allowed when you’re sleeping with someone you already slept with! Duh, Johnny!

(Somewhere, I feel like Jax just found himself smiling and suffused with Schadenfreude for no reason.)

Finally: Patrick shaved off his Grizzly Adams scruff and rejoined the land of the living!

(I really don’t know why either Epiphany or Liz would want lost-in-grief, possibly drunk mountain man Patrick to operate on anyone, but this is the same show where he was expected to operate about five minutes after watching his wife get blown up, so… SOAPS!)

But I continue to love the way his relationship with Epiphany is suddenly being treated seriously. And it was nice to see him smiling again — even though you know it won’t last, what with his brother’s impending arrest on the stupidest murder charges ever and all.

For the record, I’m not happy that we’re losing Jason Cook, especially just as it seemed like he might actually get something to do. And I’m doubly not happy that we’ll probably be losing him over the one murder in this town that was actually justified. But hopefully they’ll have him flee the country or something in a way that means he can be brought back sometime? Ugh.

(Also, all earlier awareness aside, I really, really need someone — ANYONE — to point out that Matt wouldn’t be in danger at all right now if Maxie’s idiotic false confession hadn’t forced the investigation to reopen after it had already been closed and no one was thinking about it anymore.)


16 thoughts on “Main characters who AREN’T sociopaths? Are you sure this is General Hospital?

  1. and carly has already moved on, she threw her kid under the bus as soon as another guy w/money showed up. i can see the deep abiding love she had for johnny hasn’t kept her from sniffing around todd.

    • No, Carly advised Michael to look at all sides and not to let anger rule his decision. She also pointed out that she has too often done just that.

      And sniffing around…wow, that’s an odd way to describe a conversation when two people talk about something that affects both of their lives and their children.

  2. Carly and Johnny crack me up. Sorry RC but the last time Johnny was a good person was during his relationship with Lulu early on. With Olivia Johnnys love felt real also but this just sounds way to force. I think Johnny fans should worry just in case RC makes him be responsible for Hope and whata his faces death.

    Maxie needs another Jason pep talk. Remember when everybody came to him for advice for anything? Also Spinelis glee that Matt killed Lisa is gross. He clearly doesn’t realize that Maxie will hate him forever and any ways like you said, had the dummy not said anything none of this would happen so he should be pissed at her.

    Poor JT/Patrick. We get so much Starr grieving/screaming/nose flairing and yet we get 3a minutes of footage with him just crying on the coach. Then he’s ok. I’m fine with OLTLers (I do prefer Blair over Tea but can’t win them all) but can’t RC find a balance for other characters? I also need Todd not in scenes with Sonny. Maurices acting is annoying me.

    • Re: Starr’s grief vs. Patrick’s, I think the issue is that their circumstances are just different. Focus on Starr’s grief, which I actually find tiresome, is a necessary evil because her actions as a result are driving plot. Patrick, on the other hand, is engaged in the much more realistic but quieter and less interesting work of day-to-day dealing; he has no real actions to take other than learning how to go on. So I don’t mind that we’ve checked in with him from time to time but haven’t spent day after day watching him sink into depression.

      I doubt, however, that his return to semi-functional adulthood means he’s just magically over it.

      • I get that but I rather see Patrick try to want to kill Sonny because he’s grief and hate is confusing him. Then Liz’s shiny hair would convince him not to pull the trigger. I don’t see Starr going to jail. In fact I think Michael will recant his statement and then what? I rather watch Patrick lose it. Like his surgery affects Ewen temporarely. (I don’t want him dead. He and Liz are so pretty together.) Maybe Liz and Epiphany will feel guilty for pushing him to do the surgery. Have Patrick leave Emma in the tub for a hot minute where he FINALLY realizes his actions are ruining his relationship with his daughter.

        Wow I did not mean to write a whole storyline but I rather see Starr in a light hearted storyline. If Michaels her love interest then whatever I’ll ff them. I prefered her with her gay bpyfriend James anyways. Lol

        • I’m looking forward to seeing Starr in lighter material too. I think we will once they get past this hump of finding out the shooter and sorting her legal issues. I do like her with Michael, though, so no FFing for me there. :)

  3. Ah James. I know this has been brought up before, but during the scenes in jail where Starr is telling Kate how Cole was the love of her life and how she was miserable when they broke up, I kept shouting at my screen “What about James!?” GH fans aren’t privy to the “jarr” fiasco? Those of us who watched OLTL are supposed to forget that happened? I cannot stand Starr. Bad crossover. Maybe if she didnt have that smug face every episode I might tolerate her. We all know the goal is to set Starr and Michael up, it’s the reason they killed Abby with that stupid crane (which was by far the lamest death in a long time). But I don’t see any chemistry. I found Abby made Michael likable. Not so much with Starr

    • Hah, Yeah, poor James.

      Re: Abby, I don’t think the current regime had much say in her death, since that was written several months before they started. I kept hoping Abby would get a story of her own but it was pretty clear the writers had no interest in her other than how she made Michael feel, and most of the time I found her about as interesting as watching paint dry. I do see chemistry with Starr, though, and I like that she’s actually a fully drawn character in her own right. Also: age appropriate!

      • I’ll take Michael/Starr friendship. Abby started off promising, but Guza being well. . .Guza, turned her into yet another helpless victim nedding protection. Michael has been compassionate to Starr, which is nice.

  4. I had the exact same reaction to Sonny in that scene where he watches Kate. I despise Sonny and FF him always, can’t stand MB’s phoning-it-in acting (and I was a total Sonny-Brenda shipper way back when, just loved him). Not overly fond of this Kate, either. But I was really moved by his reaction to her. I suddenly remembered that MB can actually act and that Sonny used to be likeable. Wonders never cease.

    • I thought both actors were terrific yesterday. I don’t love this Kate either, but Kelly Sullivan has really been bringing it lately.

  5. I think there is hope yet for GH< and even if it still gets cancelled, these writers have saved it from disaster. I was actually wondering if these writers can deliver something good, really good, for Sonny because MB is a good actor IMO, so I'd like to see him show his acting chops, like he did when he had his breakdowns. Sonny used to be a layered character, but Guza can't do layers. I like Starr and Michael, he helped her and showed compassion, but I'll take a friendship.
    I don't want to lose Matt, he was so underused. Luke is actually a decent human again. I think you wrote a dream or something, or these writers know what they're doing! What's next? Sympathy for Jason?

    • It makes me wonder how Brenda’s return would have been handled under RC. Something tells me we would have gotten a Sonny I could stomach.

      • I think it would have been so much better, becuase RC can write for women! Brenda of the 90s was a feisty, sassy, independent woman, and she and Sonny were steaming together! What happened this time? The story was lacking, and Brenda didn’t seem to have that same fire. A wasted opportunity. Too bad RC didn’t take over from Guza in the first place (but he still had OLTL together). Wolf started off OK, then fizzled.

        • They bungled it big time — Sonny was in the perfect place for some redemption with Brenda as a catalyst; instead they dragged her down to his level.

          • Only Guza could mess up such a wonderful pairing and great character. It’s a shame Sonny isn’t given any depth, MB is a wonderful actor. I was looking forward to Brenda’s return and they messed it up. Such a waste.

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