Week in Review: Mostly sunny with a side of WTF.

So I guess Johnny’s kind of a crazy supervillain now? Except for the part where he’s still squishy with feeelings, to the point where I really can’t tell if we’re supposed to hate him or feel bad for him or what.

ANTHONY: You surprise me, John. I didn’t think you had it in you to be so cold and calculating.
JOHNNY: Ah, c’mon, it runs in the family. You’re the one who convinced me to use Connie in the first place, right?
ANTHONY: Agreeing to a little bounce on the bed is one thing. But if Kate does what you’re suggesting, she could end up in a loony bin for rest of her life.
JOHNNY: As long as she’s out of my way.

HAHAHA… Oh, Anthony. That’s because he literally didn’t have it in him up until, like, THREE WEEKS AGO. (Hey, remember when Johnny was basically the only good man on this show? Good times.)

Anyway, Anthony’s finally dead, which is fine by me; sure, we’ve had some good times and all, but the wacky old man schtick got old a while ago. And, of course, emo feeelings Johnny is crying about all the terrible things he’s done and whining about Carly not loving him anymore while Crazy Supervillain Johnny’s busy having angry arguments with his grandfather’s ghost and framing Tracy for it instead of just — oh, I don’t know — dumping the body somewhere no one will ever find it? (Or, hey — framing Sonny for it?)

Meanwhile, the mentally ill woman he’s just conned into taking the fall for him has been in tip top form. Kudos to Kelly Sullivan — I don’t really believe that she’s Kate Howard, but I do believe that she is losing her ever-loving mind.

SONNY: Maybe she thinks I’m worth the risk.
KATE: [uncontrollable laughter] Yeah. Kate’s an idiot.

Oh, Konnie. Sometimes I really, really love you.

I was going to express my amazement at Sonny’s miraculous turn around this week, what with his actually comforting Kate, having a mature and self-aware conversation with Carly about mental illness and personal responsibility, and confessing he was wrong about Johnny.

(Seriously, the most infuriating part of this entire evil!Johnny turn of events is that the one time Sonny has actually admitted he was wrong to jump to conclusions about Johnny is also the one time when he was actually right about him. The mere thought of the smugness we’re going to be subjected to when the truth finally does come out makes me want to preemptively shoot myself in the head.)

But thankfully, before all the weird feelings of Sonny non-hate could confuse me too much, we came back to more solid ground, by which I mean DOUCHE CITY:

SONNY: We’re gonna take you out to a marsh, where it’s nice and quiet, where there’s nobody around for miles. I’m gonna use this little thing right here? And I’m going to put you out of your collective misery.
TODD: Well, I am honored that you would take the time out of your busy day to whack me personally.
SONNY: And then Milo’s gonna take what left of you to the harbor. And we’re going to throw you over the side.
TODD: So unpleasant. [Ed. note: WORD, Todd.]
SONNY: So you will never have to use that stupid little mouth of yours. You wanna know the best part? Michael and I are gonna send your daughter to prison for attempted murder and no know will ever know — not even the cops — what happened to Kate.

I love how effortlessly Todd punctures Sonny’s self-importance. If I wasn’t already quite fond of him, I could love him for that alone.

Elsewhere on the canvas… I actually don’t have much snark because I’m enjoying almost everything, even the Weekend at Bernie’s shenanigans at the Quartermaines’, because they provided an opportunity for five (five!) actors over the age of fifty to share a scene together. Granted, one of them was playing a corpse at the time, but I think it still counts.

But honestly, between: Carly showing self-awareness about her own less than faithful relationship history; Monica giving Jason a much needed kick in the ass about loving a child that isn’t biologically yours; some really lovely, back-to-basics frienship Liason scenes; Téa and John doing that comfortable brother/sister friend chemistry thing they do so well; and a new mayor who seems kickass and who loves Anna as much as I do… it’s been a pretty good week for me.

Also? Sam, finally, finally got the hug from her mother that I’ve been wanting her to get pretty much from the day she got back from her honeymoon:

And Molly, who under the previous regimes frequently made me want to beat her to death with a copy of Wuthering Heights, has suddenly become less grating and — dare I say? — grown up. She’s certainly more of a real person than a cliche now, which is nice.

And her reaction to hearing the truth about everything that happened with Franco kind of killed me:

MOLLY: I wish we could travel back in time.
SAM: Oh, yeah? Where would you go?
MOLLY: I’d go straight back to your wedding reception. That way, I could stop you from leaving. You’d never go to Hawaii and none of this would ever have happened.

It probably also helps that she now seems to hate Jason as much as I do. Oh, and instead of butting her nose into other people’s romances, she’s got one of her own.


I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I was glad to see Shawn and TJ again. I know! Crazy, right? (Also crazy? With the addition of the Mayor, we now have four African American characters on this show at one time. Getting lines and everything!)

Not to be left out, the last Davis girl showed up on Friday with a brand new face. Apparently four months at Yale can turn you from 17 to 30? If all else fails, she’s at least completely believable as the daughter of Nancy Lee Grahn and Maurice Bernard, so round of applause again for the casting department:

Since we saw NuKristina for all of five seconds on Friday, I’m reserving judgment until we see her chemistry with the rest of her family — particularly Michael — but so far, so good. She looks snotty, angry, and about to rip her father (hopefully) a new one, so… that’s Kristina, all right.

It’s sad to realize that there really are no guys she’s not related to in her age bracket right now. And hilarious to think that she and Johnny would now not seem so gross — but of course he’s only got eyes for cougars lately anyway. Maybe she and Starr can become BFFs? Frankly, both of them could use one.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m just happy to have all the Davis girls together again. And with a writer who actually liked families! (Psst, Carlivati — I demand lots of group hugs!)

14 thoughts on “Week in Review: Mostly sunny with a side of WTF.

  1. Monica slapped Jason into reality? Thank you, Monica! I wanted to slap Jason when Sam pointed out that Monica loved him despite being a product of an affair and he said it’s different. WTF, Jason, you’re acting like she cheated. Go, Monica!! Get over yourself, Jason! This baby is innocent like you were! I love you, Monica!! Monica for president, anyway? I hope she tears Heather a new one, too! Love this new kick butt Monica!

    • I don’t know that she got him back to reality but she at least got to say a lot of the things I was thinking. Which is always satisfying.

      • I’ll take that. And Anna Devane as Police Commissioner? Go Anna! I am getting tired of all the JaSammers complaining about how JaSam and Jason are being written, Jason is a freakin hit man, wake up, people! JaSam were the golden couple of Port Charles for three years, you can’t have what you want all the time (unless Guza is at the helm). I get their frustration, but come on, just because it’s not what you want doesn’t mean it’s bad. These writers have their own view of what GH should be about. Sonny had to make one return to Doucheville, or we’d think it was a different character, but I do like seeing the softer, compassionate side. I will give this new Kristina a chance, though I think it’s a shame they fired Lexi Ainsworth. The only big story she had was the abuse story. Love the Davis girls, and SamLexis especially.

        • I think it was a mistake to let LA go, but the new team asked her to come back and she declined, so what can you do?

          Re: JaSam, I don’t begrudge any fanbase from being upset at seeing their couple torn apart. But I agree that they’ve had a good, long run of things and it’s time for a shake up.

          • I understand why JaSammers are unhappy. Heck, when Lante broke up about Brenda, I was ticked off about it. And when Guza almost messed up Scrubs, with PPD then with Lisa, I was really mad. But yes, time to shake things up. It’s a soap, shake ups are part of the deal.

            I didn’t realize they asked LA to come back, too bad she said no. This new one her expression just make me think “Uh oh, TROUBLE!”.

            Luke, Anna, and Felicia’s scenes were nice, too. I really hope Matt doesn’t go to prison. Lisa was even more crazy than Kate is right now! It shouldn’t be hard to figure out its self defence. But with Anna as Commissioner now, she may decide to let Maxie go and not pursue charges, she heard about how insane Lisa was.

  2. Well, I’m on Jason side, I understand b/c it is different then Moncia situation. If you think that is the same, think again. Well Sam is another story, she was never rape. Her and Franco was in on it together. She is conning all of PC and I don’t care how sweet they want to write that con. Mollymouth need to stay out of adult business . I hate all of the Davis girl can cut all of their throat

    • Sam in on it with Franco? Are you watching a different show? Sam was drugged-we saw it. Jason saw it. And Franco had terrorized Sam before. Sam’s life right now is a living hell, thanks to the artist named Franco and Heather.

      “Cutting all their throat?” That seems a little bit drastic for soap opera characters who don’t actually exist…

    • Yeah, I don’t even really know how to respond to this. Thank you for sharing your very creative approach to reality?

      • That little jaunt into fantasy was actually on a forum where a poster said the only way she would accept Liz with Jason now was if Sam had been working with Franco. It was a pro-Sam and Jason statement. So, there’s that. But it’s not what WE saw happen. WE saw a woman devastated by a sadist who ruined the happiest time of her life for a twisted revenge.

      • I am annoyed and even disturbed by people who are hating on Sam right now. She was RAPED, she didn’t do anything wrong. She is the victim! They still hate her for what she did to Jake and hated the idea of a JaSam baby before it was even conceived, and are happy Sam is pregnant with Franco’s baby. So it’s OK to hate JaSam’s baby but not Liason baby? I don’t get it. Say what you want about Sam, but saying she deserves this is all together disgusting.

  3. I’m not seeing how being drugged, in front of a witness no less, and then being sexually penetrated while incapacitated isn’t rape. I’m not a huge Sam fan, I can go either way, and, while she’s done some lousy things in the past (what soap character hasn’t), this just isn’t one of them. Until there’s some Lucy Coe type reveal I’m believing this one.

    • Right with you, MD.
      The only mistake that Sam has made in this whole mess was not getting a rape test done immediately. And expecting Heather to be slightly human and for her husband to focus on their lives, not his guilt over not protecting her.

  4. I enjoyed Anthony’s time on the show, but I think it’s time for The Z’s to leave the show. They’ve run their course

    • Yeah, I’m pretty happy with Anthony’s departure, and Johnny’s become boring and awful lately, which makes me sad because I used to love him.

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