In which: everything is beautiful.

Oh, you guys. YOU GUYS. This episode was so super good for me.

First of all, watching both Alexis and Anna tear into Jason the last few days has been nothing short of joy-gasmic. I love how the show now seems to understand when characters suck. (With, erm, certain exceptions.)

But nothing could compare to the sheer bliss of Sam — worshipful, ride-or-die chick Sam — really, truly letting some TRUTH loose on his pathetic ass:

JASON: Sam, I wanted him out of the way. He was just going to be a problem!
SAM: No, Jason, John was not the problem! He was never the problem! It was you! You couldn’t love my baby. And instead of admitting it, you had those men beat him up to punish him for helping me!

I’m so glad she brought up the fact that Jason wasn’t punishing McBain for going after Sonny (because come on, every cop in town would have received a “warning” if that was the case) but for helping her. I mean, the dude saved his pregnant wife’s life and Jason’s response was to sneer in his face. And now this? HATE.

But the most gratifying moment of all was when she finally, FINALLY pointed out that his pain over her carrying her rapist’s baby did not actually trump her pain about the situation:

SAM: You said that you couldn’t love him. I mean, don’t you think that I had questions and doubts? I was raped. I was the one who got pregnant. Do you have any idea how that affected me?

::slow clap::

I just… really needed to her puncture his poor me pity party about HER RAPE, you know? I needed it bad, kids.

(And of course we all got Heather flashbacking and inner-monologing all over the damn place, and of course, as we all suspected, she switched the tests and it’s really Jason’s baby after all. OF COURSE.) (And somehow that fact will absolve him of being the type of violent, childish asshole who has other dudes beaten up for talking to their estranged wives. Ugh, I’m hate-clenching just imagining it.)

I was also going to throw this picture of the Davis girls up and talk about how happy I was to see them in full-on supportive mode…

… but then Kristina had to go and suck so much today that even that hug is almost tainted. (Maybe she’s just faking? For, um… reasons? I don’t even know.)

Seriously, I’m at the point now where I really need effing Michael to show up and yell some sense into her, and if I’m encouraging that kind of smugness, then you know the situation’s really gone off the rails.


30 thoughts on “In which: everything is beautiful.

  1. LOVE the Davis girls, all of them! GO SAM, Jason needs to hear it! And LOVED Anna. I’m about ready to worship at the Altar of Anna for what she said.

  2. Oooooh, Michael yelling at her. I like it. I think. Then again, she may get all sulky and I’ll want to throw things or something. Ah well, we’ll see.

  3. Well I hate all the DAVIS girls, they can jump in PC river and drown. Sam has a right to be mad at just I give her that but Sam I need to to take some of this b/c you walked away for a save motel into the woods during a storm, I’m sure you could have gotten hell from someone there.

  4. Now to your rape statement, well SAM your husband wanted to get help but you thought you were to good for the poor women there that also need help. So I don’t feel for at all but I new your sorry ass was going to throw the RAPE in Jason face at some point. The help is on you, so deal you sorry excuse of a woman.

    • Yeah, let’s blame the rape victim! That seems rational and fair. How rude of her to get raped, not handle it perfectly, and then expect a little support from her assy husband!

    • Are you hearing yourself? Sam got raped because of Jason. If she wants to throw it in his face its her right. She got raped not him. He’s not the one who had to carry her rapist baby she was the one. I get it you hate Sam or whatever but please think before you type.

  5. I have watched every day of this show since the horror in Hawaii and I’m pretty sure that Sam never said “I’m too good for the other women who have been raped.” I think it was past time for Sam to remind Jason that the person who was used as a tool for Franco’s sick revenge against Jason is Sam. Sam is the one who has gone through this pretty much alone and Sam is the one who no longer has a baby she loved and wanted.

    And please do NOT even bring up the sins of Sam’s past. Jason forgave her. He married her. He took a vow of “for better or worse.” He made it worse. The funny thing is that I thought Jason had a point of view until he ordered the beating of John McBain. Like McBain said, “if you had done it yourself, you could have seen your baby born.”

    • I agree, and Sam was RAPED, she was the victim, and bringing up her crimes to imply she deserves ANY of this is just inapprorpriate and disgusting. Sam haters right now are pissing me off, they are losing all perspective. Rape is rape. It is a horrible violation. Jason can go stew in his own juices.

        • It’s like people can’t get over a soap character’s sins. Well who in soapdom doesn’t do really bad things? Liz haters still hate her for sleeping with Jason, Sam haters hate her for what she did to Jake, etc. Seems a bit distorted

      • Excuse me ,yeah rape is rape, I don’t blame her for that. And she is right to be bad at Jason for the guys that beat up John. Now she cries rape and how she had to deal with it, she big bad Sam the person that didn’t want therapy and she could handle it so handle it. Now this isn’t about the rape it is about the motel 6 baby. Yeah I hate Sam always and always will.

        • For the record, using phrases like “cries rape” is victim blaming. And judging anyone on how they handle a traumatic situation because it doesn’t follow the script of how you think they should deal with it falls in line with that too. Hate Sam all you want, but making comments like that belittles anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault.

        • And I can’t figure out how her lack of therapy makes her less sympathetic here. She’s not having a breakdown, she’s just saying that he didn’t support her and made her rape all about him. Which is what happened.

          • because haters think EVERYTHING someone they hate is wrong, even when that character is right. The character can run into a burning building to save someone and haters will still hate. I find both ends of the spectrum equally irrational and annoying, when people hate on someone no matter what, or when they whitewash everything someone does. And Sam hasn’t really crossed any lines over the last years. Also, what is “inexcusable” in Soapdom?

            I have reservations about Johnny and Lulu partners. Johnny is completely off the cliff, I hope he doesn’t wind up dragging Lulu down.

        • “Motel 6 baby?” I honestly have no idea what that is referring to. If it’s the baby that John delivered and that was stolen, then that’s a pretty dismissive way to refer to a child who did nothing except be born and be kidnapped.

  6. I must say, Jason Cook and Jason Thompson’s scenes were absolutely fabulous. I have always enjoyed the scenes with the Drake-Hunter brothers! From Matt’s phone call to Patrick up to when Matt walked out with Patrick to tell Emma goodbye…and is it too much to hope for a family goodbye scene today with Matt, Patrick, and Emma?….Jason and Jason were sensational. And Patrick supporting Matt’s decision when Maxie told him to “do something constructive” (which by the way, was a moment when I could have smacked Maxie…and then when Spinelli interrupted M&M’s goodbye, I wanted to SCRATCH HIS BEADY EYEBALLS OUT!)…kudos all around to Jason Cook, Jason Thompson, and Jen Lilley.

    And, to get on to the theme of this blog, It was great to see Sam take Jason’s Box of Pain and smash it into a million, billion, gazillion pieces yesterday! Jason’s been a selfish ass, and it’s high time someone, and who better than the person he’s been an ass to…his wife, to call him on his boatload of crap.

    • Was that Matt’s last day? I definitely wanted to comment but only had the energy for one big event and Jason getting his ass handed to him was too big too ignore.

      • I think that was Matt’s last day. I hated that we didn’t get to see a goodbye with Patrick, Matt, & Emma on yesterday’s show. Apparently TPTB didn’t feel the need for that, which is really sad, b/c Brooklynn’s scenes with JT and with JC are terrific, and I know this would have been a fantastic, heart-breaking goodbye if they had shown Matt and Patrick trying to tell Emma why Uncle Matt had to leave. WOW!

    • I’ll miss Jason Cook. He will add his name to the list of underused, underappreciated actors like Ric Hearst, Greg Vaughan, Megan Ward, and others. I liked Matt and I wanted him with Maxie, he was never really given much except sibling rivalry with Patrick, though his scenes after RObin’s death were good. Maxie needs to realize Matt is and adult and if he feels turning himself in is the right thing to do, that’s his choice. I’m glad Mac and Felicia said no to covering it up. I can’t take anymore cover ups!

  7. Sam and Anna giving Jason the buisness was a thing of beauty. I hope Sam never has to apologize for that.

    Patrick and Matt were beautiful yesterday. I felt awful for them. Patrick needs more friends. He Dante and Ewen needs a good honest guys night out. Elizabeth and Ewen were down right adorable. I couldn’t help myself from all the smiling. When was the last time GH created an angsty free early relationship? Dante and Lulu? Speaking of I can’t believe how little they’ve been on. Dante use to dominate the episode counts. I guess thats good balance?

    • Yeah, Dante and Lulu were pretty 24/7 there for a while, so I miss them but I think it’s okay for them to be in the background for a while. I like the balance now — it was all Kate stuff for a weeks and now that’s pushed off from the center as the baby swap becomes the focus. It seems like we’ve got a good story rotation going where one thing doesn’t consume the show for months.

      • I hope the writers also show the new and improved Lulu with the new and improved Liz. More women friendships! I would say the last angst free relationship was early Lante, before Lulu’s trust issues went on overload and the writers suddenly decided she should have a problem with dating a cop.
        I love Anna, always liked her, but her telling Jason how it’s going to be was spot on! Too bad Robin can’t see what a jerk Jason is being, she gave her life up (or her freedom up) to save Jason, he is insulting his friend’s memory! I think she’d understand her mother has to question him.

  8. Oh, and Elizabeth: Please don’t go drinking Jason’s kool-aid. Please, don’t. You’re better than that and better than Jason.

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