Sometimes, a girl just has to be true to her roots.

It is my constitutional right as a soap fan to be both partisan and fickle on occasion, so I don’t feel even a little ashamed about admitting I made some embarrassing noises during today’s Liason scenes, even after all the hate I’ve lobbed in Jason’s direction lately.

I can’t help it, you guys! I mean, he’s still terrible? Obviously? But the two of them playing pool and teasing and being all insightful about each other’s feelings just stirs up all this nostalgia and affection. I HAVE SO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW.

ELIZABETH: When you love someone and you see them slipping away, sometimes you just can’t think straight. I’m not placing blame, but there was a time when Sam was so desperate to hang onto you that she watched our son be kidnapped. She watched us frantically searching for him and said nothing.
JASON: She’ll always regret that.
ELIZABETH: And you’ll always regret this.

First of all, Sam’s transgressions against Jake — which were, indeed, terrible — are such a favorite talking point from a certain section of fans that I’m surprised we couldn’t all hear the mass shriek of vindication as Liz actually brought it up. But I loved that her point was not that Sam therefore deserved any terrible thing that happens to her in turn, but that people (especially soap people) often do awful things. And often they regret them. And sometimes they get forgiven anyway.

And then with all that pesky dead baby talk out of the way, it was time for a little gossip about Ewen! Who I feel I should mention, by the way, that I no longer hate. It would be good for Liz to have a guy who’s drama free for a little while. Besides, his kiss with her the other day was seriously adorbs. And it brought us this:

ELIZABETH: He’s more than okay. He’s being released and… we kind of have a date tomorrow.
JASON: A date?
ELIZABETH: Yeah. You know, I haven’t allowed myself to think of romance but I kind of like him. I mean, he’s–he’s nice, and he’s just. He’s thoughtful and kind and he understands me.
JASON: As long he understands that if he doesn’t treat you right, he’ll answer to me.

::happy sigh::

(What? Was this girl-talk perhaps inappropriately glib, given the situation? Do I care? PARTISAN AND FICKLE, PEOPLE.)

So anyway, in honor of all the nostalgia FEELS, I felt it necessary to break out some vintage pool playing and marvel at how tall everyone’s hair was:

Daaaaaamn. I still love them. That is all.

(Don’t worry, your regular Jason hatefest will likely resume tomorrow.)


9 thoughts on “Sometimes, a girl just has to be true to her roots.

  1. Elizabeth would never say Sam deserves any of this, that’s just not who she is. She is kind, and forgiving and compassionate. Using Sam’s past misdeeds as justification for all the crap she’s currently enduring is beyond extreme and inappropriate. I do agree with you about how Sam and Liz would be better to be friends, and not bicker about Jason, and tell him to go away. Jason and Liz will always have a connection through Jake and their past friendship (they were friends long before Jake was born, after all!). I am still leary right now of any Liason reunion, but I don’t mind the occasional heart to hearts. I’m generally in agreement about how you said in a previous blog that Sam and Liz should just braid each other’s hair, be friends, and forget Jason. Their fighting over Jason got old long ago.

    • I’m not so secretly a Liz/Sam shipper above all else, so believe me, if I thought there was a chance in hell it would actually ever happen, I’d much prefer that than either of them with Jason.

      • A Sam/Liz friendship is overdue, long overdue. They touched on it, a few times, but it would be nice tot see it really happen. I think Liz’s comments about how people act when they see people slipping away wasn’t just about Sam, but indirectly about herself, and how she acted when Lucky slipped away from her.

        • I don’t have any strong feelings about E&E, but the fact that he makes Elizabeth happy, and treats her the way she deserves, with respect he gains a few points with me. It’s nice to see Elizabeth in a healthy relationship, for once, not pining over someone she can’t have (Jason, then late 2011, Lucky) or in a self-destructive affair that makes no sense (Nikolas). These writers seem to think she deserves happiness, and she does.

  2. Really love what you wrote about the Liason scenes. Hoping Ron C. has plenty more coming to elicit those embarrassing noises! (I kept rewinding it and watching again. my hubby thought I was nuts. I said, sorry but I couldn’t hear it! LOL but I heard every word… over and over again <3)

    • If nothing else, it seems like they’re definitely heading back to a place of solid friendship, which makes me happy.

  3. I agree with the first poster- Liz bringing up the Jake incident seemed so out of place. What was the point? Jason’s wife is in enough pain. Why bring that point up?

    And why was Liz so easy on Jason. At least when Carly is licking his wounds she stops long enough to straight up tell him he’s wrong. Elizabeth didn’t even flinch when he mentioned having John beaten up. So I gets she’s all cool with him. He’s just a great guy who did a bad thing that didn’t really cause the baby to die so its all good.

    Why on earth was Jason there in the first place? He neglected his wife in her time of need, he screwed up big time and missed the birth of “her son”, she’s hurt and angry so ….go shoot some pool over beers and chill out?

    Husband. of. the. year.

    MY.GOD. I hate him. But worse….I HATE Kitten Killing Jiz scenes.

    • The first poster and I are in agreement that victim blaming Sam for the rape or the loss of her baby because of things she’s done in the past is gross. And I’m pretty sure we’re also in agreement that that was not was Liz was doing; she brought up Jake’s kidnapping to remind Jason that he and Sam had worked past some really awful stuff in the past, and give him hope that they would probably work through this too. It wasn’t about causing Sam more pain, it was about trying to comfort Jason.

      Now, whether he deserved comforting at all is another matter, and I too wish that she’s been a little harder on him. Because he sucks.

    • No, that is NOT What I said, as tenney said, I said Liz would NOT blame Sam for anything, she was pointing out how people do awful things what and are often forgiven (b/c in soapdom, what is unforgiveable varies), “Kitten killing Jiz” Wow, no offence, but that’s really overblowing it. I just don’t get the fiery fandom wars that exist. I don’t think Jason deserves comfort, but I also think Elizabeth isn’t the kind to really kick someone when they’re down. She wasn’t blaming Sam for anything, she forgave Sam.

      I do want Jason to really grovel at Sam’s feet before she even considers taking him back. I think Sam is better off alone. Same with Elizabeth.

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