Tracy Quartermaine, get down with your bad self!

Okay, Sam was in some serious, no bullshit truth-telling mode again today. And my girl Elizabeth was in the thick of it, and I have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about wanting them to stop fighting and braid each other’s hair and tell Jason to fuck off and ride off into the sunset together. But! Hard as it is to believe, there are actually non-baby swap things happening on the canvas and I’m going to talk about them, damnit!

So first off: MAAAAAATTTT!

I mean, I knew Jason Cook was leaving, so Matt’s departure wasn’t really a surprise. But I was kind of hoping he would leave the country to escape legal repercussions and “nobly” free Maxie from their marriage. Maybe join Noah at Doctors Without Borders? I don’t know. Just something, anything other than the one murder that actually gets solved and punished in this town being the only one that was completely justified and accidental. Ugh.

But at least this means the Saga of Lisa Niles is finally over? I hope? If that was actually the last time we’ll see Matt, I do wish Elizabeth could have at least gotten a good bye. But Matt and Patrick got a nice, emotional moment of brotherly affection and respect before he left. And as always, the kicked puppy look on Spinelli’s face after hearing Maxie planned to stay Mrs. Hunter was joy itself.

So long, Matt Hunter! You never got half the story you deserved, but I enjoyed you all the same.

Elsewhere, Anna’s the new HBIC at the PCPD! (Which also handily frees up Mac to break out of the boring rut he’s been in pretty much for the last ten years.) And the props department is already hard at work to commemorate the occasion:

Hah! I love the idea that the general populous of Port Charles is just completely blasé about police incompetence/corruption/conflict of interest with the local criminal element at this point.

Luke and Tracy celebrated this turn of events by having a mature, adult conversation about their relationship where neither attempted to berate, belittle, or manipulate the other and she slipped him the tongue and none of it was played for a joke. I know! I was shocked, too!

This! This is how I want them to get together again, if they’re going to! I don’t want him to wear her down or scam her with a fake heart attack or steal her money and make her chase him. I just want her to decide what she wants and go after it. I want him to take her seriously. And I want her to have some freaking agency for once!

(Today made me very happy, is what I’m saying.)

In other Spencer news, Johnny continued his evil reign of evil by cozying up to Lulu while still plotting to frame her father for Anthony’s murder. And yet, I didn’t hate their scenes? It was strange. I think they had more chemistry while platonically partnering up to turn the Haunted Star into a nightclub than they did the entire time they were actually dating.

The funniest part of these scenes was Lulu casually discussing her ex-boyfriend’s romantic relationship with her much, much older cousin. But then I remembered that she use to have to deal with the fact that he was dating her mother-in-law, so she probably considers the Carly thing an upgrade on the awkwardness scale.

(I’m not even going to touch on the other Johnny news of the day, because the thought of Kate having his baby is so hilariously awful that I don’t even want to contemplate it. Although the look on Sonny’s face when he finds out might almost be worth it. Almost.)

Finally, Starr and gratuitously shirtless!Michael had a welcome reunion. Although it cracked me up when he offered her the sweaty shirt he’d had tucked down the back of his pants as a tissue. (Michael: not greatest at wooing ladies.)

As vomitrocious as the idea of her apologizing to Sonny is, I am glad to see them having conversations with a little more variety than: “You’re father killed my family!” “No, he didn’t!” “Did too!” “Did not!” “DID TOO!”

And really, hearing the various Llanview-ites casually explain how they all know not one but two people with this incredibly specific and rare mental disorder never ceases to amuse me. I really need these two to spend as much time as possible comparing the details of their crazy soapy childhoods. It brings me joy.


15 thoughts on “Tracy Quartermaine, get down with your bad self!

  1. I was especially surprised when Matt remembered the murder and turns out he just whacked her with the wrench seemingly in cold blood…maybe my memory is faulty but i thought i remembered the last time we saw Lisa alive, she and Robin were fighting, Robin was losing and then the next episode Lisa was gone and Robin was just sitting there in the same spot.
    I thought he was going to remember coming across them and whacked Lisa to save Robin making him a hero, not a murderer.

    The way they’ve been writing Luke lately I am for once down with he and Tracy getting back together, especially since i’ve been wanting them to plot and scheme together like they’ve been doing. I hated when they were supposed to be in love and plotted against each other….and lol@Tracy eating that corn!

    • Exactly — it should be Luke&Tracy against the world, not each other! I’m totally okay with them getting back together if the writing changes to be more like this.

  2. Great to see Tracy and Luke behaving like real adults, I love Tracy. And I Luke is back in decent person territory, so maybe they can get back together? Nice to see Lulu again, I’m enjoying her so much more now that she’s happy. I am a bit nervous about her association with Johnny, with how off the cliff he is, so I hope he doesn’t do anything to drag her down. I agree they have more chemistry now than when they were dating. She seemed to be so blind to him back when they dated. Ugh. Michael and Starr were nice, I like their friendship, and I am liking Michael again. Offering her his sweatshirt? LOL, not romantic, but it was a sincere gesture. Starr, don’t waste an apology on Sonny (though your whole did not did too convo made me laugh). Nice to see Michael behaving like a nice guy again and having a friendship with someone his age. Kate pregnant? NO, we do NOT want another rape pregnancy esp so soon after Sam’s.
    I will miss Matt, I agree he wasn’t given half the material he deserved, but I still liked him. I liked him and Maxie, and his friendship with Elizabeth, and his bond with Patrick and Robin. Jason Cook, add your name to the list of underused, underappreciated actors, along with Rick Hearst, Megan Ward, Greg Vaughan, and many others.
    One thing that gave me a bad taste in my mouth is Elizabeth defending Jason to Sam. I don’t blame her, she doesn’t know the full story, but I do NOT want her drinking Jason’s kool-aid. I don’t want this to be the catalyst to a Liason reunion, and start another round of JaSam vs Liason. Elizabeth is better than Jason, and Jason doesn’t deserve anyone.

    • Michael offering her the shirt was totally sweet! I love him in non-offensive and age-appropriate mode. But it was still hilariously gross. Heh.

      I don’t mind Elizabeth standing up for Jason, given their long history and all the times he’s supported her. But I don’t want to see her at odds with Sam over it. It gives me all the SADS.

      • Typical awkward guy moment. He needs to take romance tips from Dante, lol. Mabby started off well, but then Abby became a doormat. Starr showed maturity in apologizing and Michael was also showing some good maturity by not holding anything against her.

        Elizabeth can stand up for Jason, they’re friends but the promo for today (we’ll see) makes it look like she gets with Jason and I can’t help but think she’s in for another heartache if that does happen because she deserves better than Jason, and shes’ not mob material (I mean that in a good way). It just gives me that bad taste from when Guza made everyone a Jason apologist. Jason’s hurting? Elizabeth, I love you, you’re one of my favourites, but really?

        • I’m 100% certain that promo was misleading; even if they’re heading toward a Liason retread, I don’t think it will be this soon. Both Liz and Jason would look pretty crappy for jumping back together a day after Sam’s baby died! And I think Liz was sincere in not having any designs on him at the moment…

          • OK, good. I do believe Elizabeth when she said she wasn’t interested in him. Yeah it would look bad. Guza would do that, but I think these writers know better.

  3. I know I posted this on Monday, but it bears repeating for the blog about Matt…

    I must say, Jason Cook and Jason Thompson’s scenes were absolutely fabulous. I have always enjoyed the scenes with the Drake-Hunter brothers! From Matt’s phone call to Patrick up to when Matt walked out with Patrick to tell Emma goodbye…and is it too much to hope for a family goodbye scene today with Matt, Patrick, and Emma?….Jason and Jason were sensational. And Patrick supporting Matt’s decision when Maxie told him to “do something constructive” (which by the way, was a moment when I could have smacked Maxie…and then when Spinelli interrupted M&M’s goodbye, I wanted to SCRATCH HIS BEADY EYEBALLS OUT!)…kudos all around to Jason Cook, Jason Thompson, and Jen Lilley.

    And a PS…I, too, enjoyed seeing Spinelli look like the dejected little weasel he is.

  4. Is it me or did Rebecca play her scenes with Kelly as if it was hard for her to think about another dead kid (or about rape too) I love Liz but she of all people should understand where Sams coming from. I cringed at her saying Jasons hurting. All I did was picture myself coverong her mouth and dragging her out of the room. Can Carly and her BFF finally get together so Liz and Sam can move on? Bring GVs Lucky on for Sam.and keep Ewen for Liz please.

    Ahh Johnny didn’t make me want to punch him. I almost think he’s serious about turning The Haunted Star into a night club. I hope Lulus just using him. I’m not going to lie these work better now than they did when they were first going out. Oh well I guess it’s Dantes turn to feel insecure.

    Michael being shirtless makes me lol. I can’t help it. Their is nothing attractive about the character. Starr went from Gay James who was the only Ford I liked to this sad sack. Lol I want to see them angst free. I might be into them more.

    • Yeah, those Liz/Sam scenes were hella awkward. I was cringing at Liz’s bullheadedness. Girlfriend! I love that you’re trying to help but this is not the time or the place!

      • I only wish a LuSam reunion was possible :( I loved them. And Lucky could give Jason a much-needed punch. Elizabeth meant well, but her timing was seriously off. Jason is hurting? Seriously, Elizabeth? I love you, but right now is not the time to be defending Jason, listen to what Sam is saying he did before defending.

  5. “The funniest part of these scenes was Lulu casually discussing her ex-boyfriend’s romantic relationship with her much, much older cousin.”

    The one thing I wanted out of Johnny/Carly was Luke making digs about Carly dating Lulu’s ex, but not-a-one! Ah, well.

  6. I am going to miss Matt. I loved Jason Cook and Jason Thompson together. Hot doctors. Brothers. So much possibility and we got almost nothing. They were great with the little they were given to work with and I hoped we would get to see them forge a stronger bond after Robin’s “death”. But sure, why would anyone think to tell a story about two gorgeous brothers working in the same hospital on a show called GENERAL HOSPITAL for pity’s sake?

    Matt was one of three reasons I still watch this show. So, now I’m down to two.

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