Oh for the love of Christ, show.

I continue to slack on my share of the posting on this blog. There are many reasons: my toddler son, buying a new house, the departure of Robin and the end of Scrubs (for now!), and the end of Johnny as a character that I could give a crap about.

I know my co-blogger is enjoying most of the changes that have been made on the show recently. And although I agree on most counts, it isn’t enough, in my opinion, to make up for the nausea inducing/infuriating parts.

A perfect example is the conversation that happened between Kate and Johnny today:

Kate: I remember how many times you turned Connie down, how you refused to take advantage of my illness. You are a man of honor, Johnny.

Me: Can’t. Stop. Vomiting.

Seriously, this has to be a fake out, right? Kate has to have remembered that Johnny put her up to taking the blame for the murder and is plotting revenge, because otherwise I think I might need to stab my TV. It’s bad enough that we have to have Johnny running around barely feeling bad about convincing a completely innocent woman that she killed a child and her father and not really seeming to care all that much that HE RAPED HER (and yes, it was rape no matter how much the show wants to candy coat it), but now we have to hear her THANK HIM FOR IT? There are not enough synonyms for hate right now to describe how much I loathe, despise, want to barf on these writers. At least it seems pretty clear that at some point Kate will remember Johnny convincing Connie to take the blame, and at that point I hope she royally kicks his ass him square in the balls.

But still, if Kate isn’t plotting her revenge, her remembering that she didn’t kill Hope and Cole will not erase this part of their exchange. Kate is grateful that Johhny did his best to not have sex with her without her consent so many times before he actually did it? RAGE.

Oh GH, sometimes I hate so much about the things that you chose to be.


8 thoughts on “Oh for the love of Christ, show.

  1. I honestly thought KS was playing those scenes like Kate was seriously working Johnny. If it turns out she wasn’t, I will definitely share your outrage, but IDK, something about the look in her eye… it was shifty! I think she’s onto him and laying a trap.

    • That is the life line I am holding onto here, because otherwise I would choke on my rage. I just don’t trust these writers. Johnny has become so disgusting and has not seemed to care too much about what he’s done to Kate so it is hard to believe that they wouldn’t allow her to be so damned submissive. Here’s hoping some Kate empowerment comes on our screen soon!

      • Ok, so I’m not sure why she confessed yesterday, but I do still think she’s playing him somehow! Maybe? Argh! Show! Don’t be that kind of barn owl!

        • See, this is what I’m talking about. Why would she confess? To try to guilt Johnny into coming forward? Except he clearly doesn’t have conscience enough to do that. Even if she didn’t remember, but suspected and was trying to figure it out, why confess? Because Dante knew? I…this doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. I hope she is playing. It is bringing back unpleasant memories of the nauseating propping when he first came on, and he was being passed as this great guy.

  3. I agree that she’s probably playing him. And if she’s not, well then, writers, you should have had Connie literally put a gun to Johnny’s head.

    Today’s show was also pretty bad too, as it featured Jason advising Sonny not to kill Kate’s rapist, because take it from him, killing your wife’s rapist doesn’t ease your pain as much as you think it will. Poor poor Jason and Sonny, the killing doesn’t actually help the pain!

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