Let’s hear it for teamwork!


Let’s start with the miracle of soapy wonderful wackadoodle-ness that is Heather Webber. I know I’m like a broken record here, but, um… she completes me? (Seriously. I feel like my heart grows three sizes bigger every time she walks on screen.)

Are we a great team, or what?

Yes, Heather. Yes, you are.

The only thing I haven’t completely loved about Heather and Todd’s interactions thus far was the fact that he seemed so helpless against her. It was a mild quibble at best, but now that he’s figured out how to send her craziness in the direction he chooses — like the world’s most chipper and unstable attack dog — even that quibble is gone. I mean, why fight a great weapon like Heather when you can simply redirect her? Makes perfect sense.

Speaking of Todd, his relationship with Starr has always kind of been my kryptonite, so can we just pause and take a moment to wallow in the heart-meltiness that was his repeated “I love yous” to her yesterday?

Oh, Todd. OH MY HEART. I know you’re still terrible in so many ways, and I JUST DON’T CARE.

Hard to believe that it’s nearly been a year since these two were absolutely melting my brain with scenes like this:

Father/daughter Mannings forever, y’all.

Elsewhere, Maxie and Lulu did some teaming up of their own to deal with Patrick’s sudden drug problem. And although I’m almost as enthusiastic about the prospect of another addiction story on this show as I am about another dead baby or another Sonny trial… I do appreciate that this is giving Patrick something to do without rushing him into another romance or speeding him through the grieving process.

(Plus, Jason Thompson is really pretty, all desperate eyes and scruff and CRAZY DRUG ADDICT HAIR. Just sayin’.)

Lulu’s presence during the mini-intervention was a little strange at first, but I ended up really liking it. She was so good at staying on point, not getting emotional with Patrick or reacting to his antagonism in kind. The fact that she and Patrick aren’t really close ended up making her the perfect person to just go at him relentlessly. Plus, she ought to be able to put all her extensive experience dealing with addicts to some sort of good use, right?

Most of all, I straight up loved her supporting Maxie and actually being a good friend to her rather than just talking about what good friends they are. Team Lulu for the win!

And of course, at the same time across town, Elizabeth and Jason teamed up to make me regress to a squealing teenager:

JASON: You are the last person I should be taking this out on. You’re so good to me. So much better than I deserve. [Ed note: AGREED.]
ELIZABETH: Sometimes, I think about that morning I found you shot in the snow. I barely even knew you. But you were in so much pain, I just–I just wanted to help.


Ahem. Okay, in all seriousness? I have watched television before, so I am under no illusion that Sam and Jason won’t be straight back on the train to togetherness as soon as the big baby secret comes out. But until then, I’m just going to stick my fingers in my ears and enjoy the hell out of this Liason tease they’re doing.

Plus, bonus hotness point for Sam and McBain, who should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO STOP MAKING OUT:

Happy Wednesday, everyone. I’ll be in my bunk.


7 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for teamwork!

  1. As long as you’re filling injunctions – that screencap of Maxie and Lulu? Who I love as friends, but still? Back away from the eyeliner, Maxie. Far, far away.

    • I will second that motion. When you looked better when you were in prison, that’s a sign you might want to tone things down, MAXIE.

  2. This show is making you so happy lately (me too) that you might have to have a name change for the blog. Like the blog has an alter? In glasses?

  3. I liked Lulu being at the mini-intervention, I think she’s probably the only one Maxie feels comfortable talking to right now, and Lulu definitely knows the signs, I liked that she didn’t get up in Patrick’s face, she simply confronted him directly, she knows the signs of addictions, and plus, she’s married to a cop, and her friend/former-sister-in-law is a nurse, so she could have gone (Behind the scenes) and asked for confirmation. I think this shows how much she’s matured, considering she was the Queen of Denial a year ago, who didn’t get it with Luke. I think that woke her up.
    Where are they going with Liason? Are they planning another round of Liz vs Sam with this? Hope not. I like Jason and Liz as friends. I think they’re better that way. Let Sam have a good friend in McBain, and maybe a love interest.

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