Now that’s good soap.

Because I am very ego-centric, I am choosing to believe that the show heard my complaints and decided to turn things around this week. I admit, Monday was practically a perfect episode. It seemed to go on forever (in a good way!) and I don’t remember the last time this show gave me butterflies. Kuddos!

My co-blogger covered most of my praise (Sam and McBain 4-EVA!), but my favorite part was probably Todd’s reaction to Carly and Johnny making out, mostly because it mirrors my own so well:

TODD: *gagging noise* Sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Heh. Despite his history, and his current actions… and myself, I kind of, sort of love him.

The rest of the week, although not as stellar, didn’t consist much of Sonny, so I would give it an overall positive evaluation.

Although the cops couldn’t seem to take the time to search the mysterious abandoned cabin that Luke has been stashed in, they do seem 110% more effective with Anna at the helm. Despite the convoluted mess that Anthony Zacharra’s death has become, she is onto Johnny and I have hopes that eventually I won’t have to see him walking around town trying to “redeem” himself in idiotic ways. Oh, Johnny. The fact that I used to love you makes me hate you a million times more for the asshole you’ve become.

On the not so happy-making side of town: we are still getting the extreme enjoyment of hearing Jason feel sorry for himself. Jeez, he just can’t understand why not supporting his wife through her rape and pregnancy and then coming to her after the baby has “died” and saying he wanted to be part of her life and then running around town moping about her not forgiving him with the snap of his fingers wouldn’t get them back together. Make me swoon, people!

But you know what is making me swoon? Patrick “I’m moody and brooding” Drake. (Let me console you with my lady parts, Patrick! Sorry, too revealing?) Ahem. Like T, I too am not keen on more drug addiction stories, but at least it gets him out of the house and gives him more angsty material. So I will be satisfied for now.

Also in the positive column: Starr and Michael and TJ and Molly. Let’s hear it for romance on a soap opera! Go figure! There have been times when Starr and Michael have made me squirm a bit, but in both of these cases, the direction has been focusing a lot on hand touches and side glances and that is my wheel house. Non-verbal romance FTW! They are both so cute and adorable that it melts my cold, cold heart. I actually look forward to seeing more of them. What in the world is happening to me?

10 thoughts on “Now that’s good soap.

  1. jason did try to support his wife through the rape, she chose not to go the smarter route.if she wasn’t sure she was raped, she could have gone to dr. and known for sure, plus the morning after pill
    .she talked to mikey and not her husband.
    when she found out that the baby was jason’s she seemed to forget about the rape.
    SHE again chose to confide in a COP who was a total stranger and who she found out was after her husband’s partner and could try to put her husband in jail. she gave him personal info about her husband that even her husband was unaware of at the time. and in the process gave her a husband a motive for the death of franco
    .all of this while lying to her husband.
    and i do think jason had reason to be unsure if he could love a baby that was conceived from a rape by the guy that terrorized him and his family.
    she gave him the info along w/the info that she was telling mcbain all sorts of personal about jason and had been lying about it.she chose to leave and go to a skeevy motel, when other options were available to her. and SHE chose to take her “ill” NEWBORN out into a storm, when she could have taken her car to the hospital or yell for help or even gone to the office and asked for help, she managed to walk off into the woods but couldn’t go to the office. and SHE chose to plant her “ill” NEWBORN in a planter outside of the shelter she herself went into.

    all of these choices were hers not jason, all jasonsaid was he wasn’t sure he could love the kid, something she herself wasn’t sure of before , and was willing to abort or hoped at one point she would miscarry. she just dumped all this info on jason and the next day when he hesitated a bit she moved out.

    yes some of it is jason’s fault, but she needs to take responsibility for her actions and blame herself some, but she never takes responsibility for anything that she does.

    • I don’t even know where to begin with the nonsense and bile you’re spewing, let me just sum it up with this: you are an idiot.

  2. While thankfully I’ve never been raped, or even mayberaped, I don’t begrudge anyone for not thinking rationally afterwards. Which she’s acknowledged.

    However, while I can’t bring myself to hate Johnny, I find myself not wanting to stick an ice pick in my ears and then through my tv when it comes to Molly and TJ. Not hating squeeing teen love? Not hating Molly? This is all very new to me. Perhaps I’ve been drinking Heather’s tea.

    • I hate that I feel hate for what Johnny has become. I loved him so much. But I carry a grudge so until he is called out on his crappy behavior, I’m not willing to give him the opportunity to go back into the “like” column.

      Heather’s tea! A likely explanation for my current change of heart… :)

        • I drank this tea too…Normally I want to throw a brick through my tv the minute i hear Molly’s voice, but I’ve been…dare I say…enjoying her? Damn you, Heather Webber!

  3. Loved seeing Maxie & Lulu helping Patrick. Lu’s words were striking. I gotta say I get the howlies every time Todd and The Mad Hatter have a conversation. But really don’t understand the writer’s giving her so much power over Todd. He should be picking his teeth with her by now. SHEESH. I’m ambivalent about watching Jasam slap lips with other peeps though. Gotta wait see. I like Sam & McB as supportive friends. I really don’t think Jason didn’t support his wife the way he should have. JMO. (What’s with GH not showing assault victims actually getting help;SMDH) I don’t like GH messing with my Lante with this idiocy with Zachass. Rapist & murder in his own right. Now Nukris’ permanent whine makes my ears flap in annoyance. She told her pop, Trey,was better than him because HORRORS, he got her into Harvard. But he was all good with the clink-boom he almost killed her with. Idjit. So far I like Michael/Starr and Molly/TJ. Their kinda sweet.

  4. Jason hasn’t stood by Sam since the rape. Then finding out that the baby Sam was carrying was Franco’s he still couldn’t bring himself to stand by the one woman he claims to love more than life itself. He has been selfish in his actions toward her. Sam has stood by Jason through thick and thin AND hell and back. Does he ever stick by her the same way? No. When something goes awry between them it’s time for the “woe is me” attitude and he always turns to Liz. That’s BS in my book.

    As for the rest of the show it’s good right now. Liking Starr and Michael’s pairing.

    • Well, that’s Jason for you. He’s always been like that. He gets on his high horse all the time. I’m so over him ever since he wanted to be the Hanging Judge for Luke. Sam needs someone who will stand by her ALL THE TIME. You do anything against Jason’s “code” and it’s a deal-breaker, yet he kills for a living.

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