You guys, I can’t express how happy seeing Robin on my screen again makes me. And she’s actually an actual real person and not just a figment of Patrick’s imagination!

If you’ve read any of my posts in the past, you know that I kind of have an unhealthy extreme attachment to Robin. I was devastated when she was leaving and it looked like they might kill her off. And I’m so glad she’s still alive instead… but I hadn’t expected that we would see her alive again until GH was cancelled and Kimberly McCullough came back to give Robin an end to her story. (I know, I know, I’m an optimist!)

It’s so exciting that they didn’t do that. (Did I really just say exciting? About GH? I can’t help myself!) This story has great potential. Already, it’s more interesting than anything else Patrick and Robin have been given in the last few years.

*cough* Lisa *cough*

I know, I know. I should know better by now to not get so worked up. But the new upward trajectory of the show makes me think that we might actually get to see Anna kick ass and find Robin! And maybe there might be an actual mystery as to who did this and the answer might be complicated instead of “psychopath obsessed with Jason”!

(Speaking of Jason, maybe I’m just giddy because I can’t remember the last time I had to see his face on my screen? Life is full of wonders!)

Or maybe my optimism has to do with this one little thing I forgot to mention: EWEN HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH ROBIN’S FAKE DEATH! HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS!

Yes, I am seriously excited.

P.S. Yes, I know KMc is likely only on for a limited time. Don’t harsh my buzz, people!

4 thoughts on “Rooooooobbbbbiiiiiinnnnn!

  1. Today was even better!! I have not seen the end but I was yelling at the TV for Robin to use whatever strength she had to scream!!! Anna, please find her!!!!

    Also from what I read on a GH spoiler website, KMc is open to doing GH p/t depending on her schedule!!!

    Also I agree with everyone, everywhere that JT deserves an Emmy and any other award that he can have. Poor Patrick!!!

    • I think it would be great if she stayed part-time. I think this team could figure out how to use her on that type of schedule. And yes, JT is KILLING me lately.

      My first reaction to the last few days was mostly *squees* and *flails.* I am really aghast at how good it has been.

  2. I was floored by Ewan being the bad guy!. Wouldn’t have been several months ago, but they actually tricked me into believing he really was a good guy, kudos RC! Now I’m sure he’s not the mastermind behind it, I’m still thinking Helena or Faison or another team up between the 2. Jerry Jax is probably involved as I read he’ll be back soon.

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