Mob princess is dead! Long live, well…

I see what you’re up to, show! Trying to make me feel sorry for poor, old, out-of-the-loop Trey, who thinks his mother abandoned him for no reason and has no idea his beloved father is a murdering rapist mobster wannabe. After all:

JOE JR: You know, a son wants his father’s love so badly, he’ll turn a blind eye to his failings, even his crimes.

Except it’s kind of hard to feel bad for him when said father is currently guilt tripping him from a prison cell into a fake marriage to steal the mob fortune of his enemy and he STILL hasn’t caught on that maybe he’s not the nicest guy ever.


Well, it won’t work, show! I will stand firm in my hatred of Douchy McDoucherton! Even if it puts me in the uncomfortable positions of agreeing with Sonny! You just see if I don’t!

Fortunately, the rest of the Davis girls’ love lives are looking up. By which I mean there seems to be a real chance that Alexis may be on the receiving end of some hot loving after which she is neither humiliated nor betrayed:


Especially if this plan results in seeing more of Nancy Lee Grahn’s fabulous… tracks of land. I have needs, okay? SIMPLE NEEDS.

Meanwhile, Molly and TJ continue to be the cutest:

Apparently, TJ’s being recast? Which will hopefully not ruin their burgeoning cuteness, because I am enjoying it a lot right now.

And for her part, the last Davis girl managed to have a conversation with her husband that didn’t make me want to stab him in the throat. But since I’d much rather she be making out some more with John McBain, I don’t really have much to say about that. (McBAIN! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME? COME BACK!)

Also, this happened:

JASON: [Todd]’s got a history of violence! And don’t say I do too.
CARLY: I wasn’t going to.
ME: I was! But no, tell me how it’s different. Go on.
JASON: This guy has taken hostages. He’s shot somebody just because he pissed him off.

Oh! Okay. See, I thought you were going to go with something like “I’m violent for profit and Todd’s violent for kicks.” (Because killing people for money is always the morally superior choice. Clearly.) But Jason’s right — he’s totally different than Todd. After all, Jason would never dream of have a man beaten for pissing him off. Or shoot someone in cold blood for revenge.

I’m glad we settled that. I was getting worried.


11 thoughts on “Mob princess is dead! Long live, well…

  1. It’s not hatred of Douchy that makes me side with Sonny, it’s Joe. I can’t stand the way he speaks, I can’t take his doofiness. I get that he’s supposed to be the Fredo Corleone of GH but surely they want him to have some kind of menace? And they totally stripped him of any layers he may have had – caring about Trey – by basically manipulating Trey and calling Kate his “bitch mother”. In any case, I cry uncle, GH! I’m “rooting” for Sonny.

    Lord, how smoking hot is NLG?

  2. JoeJr can take a hike and take his son Trey right along with him. I don’t like this Kristina she bugs me, but besides that why is she always whining? I love Molly and Sam. And yes, for once, like you I could stand to watch Jason with Sam. Love your commentary and opionions.

  3. I believe the actor who plays TJ got another job. Damn GH for hiring talent other shows want.

    Joe Jr exists solely to make Sonny look smarter and better and less smarmier… and it’s working.

  4. Joe Jr and Trey + nukrissy =boring
    NLG is a good actress but she has no s/l and this is just-NO
    jm and his non-defense of his non violent ways -so very, very stupid why did they even have this convo it made absolutely no sense and he came off like he didn’t have a clue who he was talking about.

  5. Isn’t there some unwritten rule that in any given scene, the new cast ratio can’t be bigger than old cast? Why do I have to watch scene after scene with Joe Jr. and and Trey when I have zero connection or feelings about either? And adding nuKristina doesn’t help. Not a fan of her either. NLG on the other hand is hot as hell!!

  6. As gross as JoeJr is I refuse to root for Sonny. I’m rooting for them to kill each other. Sonny is no better than JoeJr. How many times did he call Carly a bitch when played by Tamara? And shoving drugs down Karens throat will forever kill it for me. So yes I’m rooting for death to both those douchebags. Add Jason and Carly also.

    I think Trey is gay. He doesn’t seem interested in K at all.

    • Trey being gay had occurred to me — he just looked so uncomfortable when she was coming onto him. Granted I’M gay and the idea of Kristina coming onto me is horrifying, so you know… might just be because he’s met her. Heh.

      On the other hand, while it would be nice to have a gay character, it would suck if theone and only was such an enormous douchenozzle. Plus, I have a feeling he’s going to be a spoiler for Michael/Starr. We’ll see.

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