Oh, right, you’re not. MY BAD.

(Ways to tell Dante Falconeri cannot be a real, actualfax human being: he exhibits preternatural calm, understanding, support and unconditional forgiveness while acknowledging all of his own mistakes and flaws with perfect humility. Also, he has very pretty eyes. Maybe he’s a robot, sent from future to make all other significant others look bad in comparison?)


LULU: You don’t owe me anything.
DANTE: I’m your husband. If you’re happy, I’m going my job; if you’re miserable–
LULU: I’m not miserable! I’m not miserable. And my problems are mine.
DANTE: You don’t have problems. You were living your life. I just got a little bit controlling.
LULU: Okay, you were a little controlling. But I, you know, I was the same way. When you were shot, I was upset that you were going back to work so soon.
DANTE: I should have remembered that, and how much I didn’t like that and know that you wouldn’t like it either.
LULU: Dante… oh my God, you’re allowed to have an opinion!
DANTE: Here’s my opinion. I will support you through all your plans, and all your dreams. Just like you support me through mine. Our marriage isn’t perfect. I don’t know whose is. But if you–if you are willing to work at this a little bit, then give it a try. I think we’ll have an amazing life together.

(See? ROBOT.)

So anyway, consider this your official Dante Falconeri appreciation post. I haven’t actually written much about Dante and Lulu for a while — not out of any particular lack of interest or anything. They’ve just been kind of doing their solid, back burner thing, and that’s fine. Everyone can’t have a major story all the time.

But I won’t lie: their growing marital distance has made me a little sad. And when Lulu hid Heather’s letter from him the other day, I literally facepalmed, because I could see more contrived drama coming a mile away.

Except, no! Instead we such a lovely and surprisingly honest, mature conversation (one of these days, I’m sure the words “mature conversation” and “General Hospital” in close proximity will cease to be shocking and strange, but… today is not that day) culminating in mutual apologies and recommittment to making their relationship work. And readers, seriously, I think my heart grew three sizes while Dante was speechifying about being there for her and reminiscing about back when they met.

Lulu was really good in these scenes, too, I should say. She took responsibility for her part in their recent troubles, opened up about her fears and neuroses, and Julie Marie Berman acted the hell out of her distress in a way that made me care a little bit about Lulu’s stupid adrenaline junky angst for the first time. But let’s face it: this show has a surplus of brave, emotionally open ladies who I love. And yet we’re still a little short on romantic heroes consistently worthy of the name.

So, here’s to Dante! This show’s most dreamily respectful robot man, three year’s running.

In other news, Rebeccca Herbst: still almost inhumanly pretty!

(I know. I was shocked, too.)


  1. Okay, I teared up. Teared up! I had been kind of bored by them lately, especially because of Lulu’s fake “adrenaline junkie” plot point. I’m all about her finding herself, but this “Spencer gene” thing is lazy. How about, she just hasn’t found her passion yet? Why does it have to be desire for danger and the need to be able to drop family at the drop of the hat? I’m glad they seem to be backing away from that a bit.
    And yes, Dante continues to be one of the bestest. Trufax.

  2. It takes a lot to make me squeal and “aw” at my screen, but that did it. Just love them. And all the time I was wondering how this man could possibly be related to Sonny. Those Falconeri genes and childraising have beaten those Corinthos genes to a pulp.

  3. I was eating up their scenes. For a minute I thought Ron didn’t know how to write for them then we get the past two days where I’m reminded why I fell in love with them in the first place. I still maintain that Dante is not a real soap character. No man would admit he was jealous. In fact with Guza Lulu would be the jealous one but at least Lulu is honest with him to admit she is. She did with Brooke and Brenda. But RC had Dante whose pretty honedt admit that he’s insecure about Johnny. I really can’t see either of them cheating on the other. If Lante ever breaks up it’s because they realize though they love each other getting married might’ve been to soon or something.

    Rebecca Herbst might have a crappy storyline but my god her beauty is not humanly possible. I want a love scene between Liz and Ewen. So much pretty

    • Those scenes felt very old school soap to me, by which I mean talky and very character/emotion-oriented with a definite focus on female PoV/wish-fulfillment. BIG contrast to Guza’s “manly men are assholes and women love it!” SOP.

      I do think that Dante and Lulu, like Patrick and Robin, are the type of couple who work best as stable and long-term. They can have occasional issues and stumbling blocks, of course. But there’s no need for them to break up to have them drive or support story. Seems like RC gets that.

  4. Love, love, love this couple and especially Dante! Love your comments, too. I tear up every time I see that see that man with tears in his beautiful eyes and the choked up voice. He is so freaking loving and sincere. Yes, men like him do exist, I’m married to one, but it took us many years to get to that point with lots more fighting and negotiating. Olivia raised him right. Kudos to the writers for not falling into the soap opera cliches with this couple and keeping it real. Hats off to the Falconeris for showing us how it should be done!

    • Hah, yeah, I realized after I posted that it might seem like I’m implying good men don’t really exist in real life, but of course they do.

  5. “But I won’t lie: their growing marital distance has made me a little sad. And when Lulu hid Heather’s letter from him the other day, I literally facepalmed, because I could see more contrived drama coming a mile away.”

    I was pleasantly surprised as well that Lulu copped to helping Patrick out with rehab, and earlier in June pretty much immediately told Dante that Luke and Tracy hid Anthony’s body.

    I actually wonder where Dante got his instincts from because it’s not from Olivia either – what I facepalmed at was Olivia’s *awful* romantic advice the other week, telling Dante to storm in to the Haunted Star and make Lulu go to dinner. Oh Olivia.

    Also I loved that scene two weeks ago where Dante pretended to be an Italian waiter.

    Basically Lante = adorable. I’m just really glad that RC hasn’t turned Dante all Sonny, because there was one moment where he stormed into the loft and he started throwing out the dinner he had planned that I feared for any glassware they may have had.

    • oh, and yes, I’m pretty sure there’s no GH related website I’ve been to that hasn’t been filled with “Liz looks amazing in red” comments!

      • If I were Rebecca Herbst, I would wear red ALL THE TIME. (And — let’s be awesome — also probably spend a lot of time just staring at myself in the mirror.)

        And yeah, Olivia’s romantic advice is the worst. Dante should know now to never listen to her.

  6. Between this, and Lulu’s involvement in Patrick’s drug issues, JMB sure has been getting the good honest moments lately, hasn’t she?

    Oh, and if you could buy me a Dante for Christmas, that would be lovely. I mean, it’s only August, so I’ve given you plenty of time to shop.

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