What can I say? When he’s right, he’s right.

Brace yourselves. I’m about to give Jason Morgan a virtual HIGH FIVE, BROTHER and that is not a thing that has happened a lot lately:

ELIZABETH: Ewen pulled me out of the water the night Lisa Niles was killed. And he didn’t tell me about it until months later.
JASON: Wait–wait. You almost drowned, and he left you there on the beach?
ELIZABETH: He got me breathing and said I was going to be okay–
JASON: If you found somebody in the water, wouldn’t you call for help or take somebody inside or at least put a blanket on them?
ELIZABETH: He had a patient. He said… he had a patient.
JASON: Oh, okay, what about an anonymous 911 call?
ELIZABETH: Okay, I know, I know. But this doesn’t matter because Spinelli showed up, he took me to the hospital and everything was fine.
JASON: No, it does matter. Why keep it a secret? Unless Dr. Keenan didn’t want you to know he was out at Wyndemere.
ELIZABETH: He told me his mother said it was bad manners to take credit for a good deed.
JASON: [epic WTF face]

I mean, right? WE ARE ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH HERE. I love snarky Jason! He would totally have fit in as a guest writer on the blog a few months ago.

But wait, there’s more!

ELIZABETH: The night I checked myself into Shadybrooke? I thought he was a fellow patient and not the doctor who was supposed to be treating me.
JASON: [beautifully dubious expression] Isn’t it important for you to know that?

So, finally! Just when I thought we were all going to wipe our hands and pretend it never happened, Dr. Ewen McSketchypants’ SUPER SKETCHY BEHAVIOR is getting the reaction it deserves.

And how much do I love that Jason and Elizabeth are back in true friends mode, all confiding and supportive and gossipy? SO MUCH. I don’t even think Elizabeth was trying to make Jason jealous in those scenes. She has truly decided to give Ewen a chance, but of course now Jason is honestly (and rightly) concerned and it give me all the FEELS, guys, it really does.

Which is good timing, because Jerry Jacks is not only not dead (shocker!) but working with Ewen as the mastermind behind Robin’s “death”! And he’s already making not-so-veiled threats against Jason and Elizabeth both, which I can only assume means things I will enjoy are probably coming soon.

It’s strange, because not too long ago, I would have greeted the prospect of Jerry taking another Evil Tour of Evil around Port Charles with, um… slightly less enthusiasm. But given how stellar things have been lately, I’m kind of curious to see what the new team can do with him. Plus, this show has already proven that all Australians know each other, so who else could possibly be pulling Ewen’s strings?

(Well, I still have hope for Faison or some other 80s villain’s involvement. Super villain team up! But this will do for now.)

And with Jerry back, word on the street says that Jax can’t be far behind. I would really, really, really like it if RC cleaned up that whole “Jax had to abandon his daughter because Sonny will kill him on sight because he gave his ex-wife a lift out of town” thing. Seriously. Dear writers: I don’t care if Ingo Rademacher isn’t staying on long term. Let’s not create another Felicia “I’m suddenly a deadbeat because the writers were too lazy to throw in a line about off-screen visits now and then” Jones. Capiche?

In other news, Jerry’s not the only welcome arrival in town. My BFF, John McBain, is baaaaaaack!

And, I hate to say it, because you know little cartoon hearts pretty much pop up around his head whenever I see him, but he was kind of a self righteous dick for a man who just got caught with his tongue down another woman’s mouth, you know? I mean, not that Todd is in any position to throw morality stones or anything. But seriously, John. It’s not like Todd faked that picture. You gotta own that shit!

(Also: dear Sam, kissing is cheating. Especially kissing that hot.)


Oh, whatever, I just want those crazy kids to make it work somehow. Cheat like the wind, my sexy butterflies!

17 thoughts on “What can I say? When he’s right, he’s right.

  1. Kissing is cheating, but Jason spared no time in running to Liz. So I guess Jason was cheating too. Afterall, again we have Jason running out on Sam or shoving her away so far that she does happen to hit a stumbling block. And yes, for a while there we had Jason the condescending husband taking no responsibility for how he acted. It takes two to tango.

    • There was one Jason face that especially cracked me up. It was after Aidan choked, and then Jason said, “see? he’s fine?” paused, and then said, “right?” and then stared right into his face like he was trying to will Aidan into replying, heh.

    • Who said anything about Jason? I mean, yes, I agree — he was an ass to Sam and as far as I’m concerned, deserved what he got by her turning to John. And they’re both guilty of kissing other people while technically kind of on a break, so… whatever.

      But we’re talking about Natalie here. Sam made the claim that Natalie didn’t get cheated on because it was “just a kiss.” And that’s kind of bullshit. And she knew it. (If kisses don’t matter, she wouldn’t have been upset about Jason and Liz…) That’s all.

  2. Jason didn’t run to Liz. Liz just showed up at the place Jason always goes to to think-Robin’s and his place.

    Yeah, John acts like Todd photo-shopped the picture.

  3. You obviously don’t know the McDouche very well, despite the fact that he is always shoving his tongue down somebody else’s throat when he is a relationship.. his partner isn’t supposed to get mad at him. She is supposed to get sad and tell him how he is so much better than she is and obviously the other women is a much better partner to him.. McDouche is just pissed that for the 3rd time Nat ain’t soing it.

    • Eh, Melissa Archer isn’t coming, so you have to do something. Clearly, kissing another woman isn’t the best thing, but it’s soapy. Same with beating up Todd. Generally, if you’re not cheating, or tragically widowed or presumed widowed, you’re just back burner. That’s not where John is right now.

      I’m going to call everyone I see today Dr. McSketchypants, Doctor or not. Thanks, T!

  4. So excited Seb is back, I loved Jerry Jacks. While he did some evil things and all, I never found him as disgusting as Franco. He’s more fun, too.

    • I adore Sebastian Roche; I wish Jerry had been handled differently in the past. He worked much better for me as Mr. Craig, international terrorist for hire than as Jerry Jacks. But I’m hopeful this time he might be more fun for me.

      • Yeah, me too. He was the reason for me to start watching in the first place, the Metro Court Hostage Crisis was just cool. And Carly and Jerry scenes are the best :D

        • The decision to retcon him into Jerry Jacks was just so stupid. First, because the original Jerry was not only completely different physically but completely different in personality, and actually friends with many of the people Mr. Craig terrorized during the MetroCourt crisis. Why not just make him a random Jacks brother or cousin instead?

          And don’t even get me started on the way they bungled his relationship with Alexis by having her know who he was almost immediately and having him consistently menace her daughter… ugh. I really want RC to make him soapily awesome this time.

  5. Sam is coming off looking like the hypocrite she is. Getting all self righteous and upset when she found out Jason kissed Liz , when she was just smacking on John and let us NOT forget she has FEELING for John. Sam really is in no position to judge anyone. So love Jerry back and reminding of Jason and Liz’s history. No doubt Ewen is a pawn and feels guilty. About time Liz had 2 men who truly care for her. Also thinking Ewen is going to be connected to Lady Jax, hence the comment about “bad manners”. Can’t wait for more of this story to unfold. First time in years I am liking GH.

    • Eh, Sam would have to be fairly inhuman not to have a negative reaction to her estranged husband kissing his ex. I agree that she hasn’t much of a leg to stand on in this case, but I think she’s well within her rights to feel bothered by it. And Jason, of course, has a right to be bothered by her kissing McBain. (Although I would pay cash money to hear Carly explain her theory of “cheating with an ex isn’t cheating because you’ve already done it before” to Sam, because that would be hilarious.)

      I’m sure Jerry has something on Ewen. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in terms of his ultimate moral culpability.

  6. When Jason’s right, he is spot on (which isn’t too often lately), but I feel for Liz. Is it so much to ask she finds a good, decent, stable man who will put her first and doesn’t have a dark secrets? Or is she drawn to bad boys (I hope not, she’s better than them).

    • Well, too stable, nice and decent might be hard on a soap opera. We need some kind of edge to make things interesting! But yes, I agree it would be nice for Liz to have a someone who makes her the top priority.

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