Personal growth? Didn’t they outlaw that in Port Charles?

Is is just me, or is has Carly gotten way more tolerable lately? And I realize we’re talking about the same Carly who earlier this week reacted to the news of Jason and Sam’s divorce with disgust that Sam — who’s been shot in the babymaker, kidnapped multiple times, raped, impregnated, and lost her baby because of her association with Jason — would wimp out and give up after the first teeny, tiny, little bump in the road. Yes, that Carly. (I know.)

But! Other than that minor slip to previous obnoxious form, Carly’s been surprisingly not horrible since the new team took over. Snarkily befriending Todd, calling Johnny out for being a rapist… and okay, she did still get back together with him afterward, but even that was sort of a sign of growth, right? I mean, she realized she was hardly in a place to throw stones when it comes to despicable behavior!

And then, there’s this:

CARLY: You know, Elizabeth helped a lot. You know how we talk about Jake and how Jake helped you get better? And now you have a piece of him inside of you? This is Jake’s mommy. We’re really grateful.
ELIZABETH: [visibly struggling to hold it together] You’re welcome.

Remember when Tony got to lay his head to Maxie’s chest to hear BJ’s heart? And remember how, instead, the show pretty much forgot about Josslyn and Jake’s connection the second the the sutures were dry? Right. So, yeah, I have needed to see Elizabeth with Joss and hear Carly say something like that for a long time. A LONG TIME.

On a less heartrending note, the virus story has also brought us a new TJ! We haven’t really seen enough of him to make a judgment, but I like him so far. Although, I’ve got to be honest, his main claim to fame in my eyes is twofold — first, VICKERMAN SHOUT OUT!

TJ: Are you hearing this? Nice? Not that bad? Distinctive? Even Vickerman got better reviews!


And second, he inadvertently prompted Shawn to fantasize about Alexis, which literally made me hop up and down and squeal in an embarrassing manner. We have not one, but TWO men on the canvas right now who recognize Alexis is the hotness, guys! Two! It’s like a smorgasbord of Alexis-loving dudes! It makes me so happy.

In other news, I feel like I haven’t ranted in a while, and I kind of miss it. It’s just, ever since the show ceased pretending to be a soap opera and started actually being a soap opera, it’s been a lot harder to find things to complain about.

Thank goodness Starr is ready to step up to the plate!

STARR: Look Trey, if you want me to keep this secret for you, you owe me an explanation.

Um… no? He totally doesn’t. You know why, Starr? BECAUSE IT’S NONE OF YOUR EFFING BUSINESS.

I mean, yes, we all know that his real secret is actually something that will affect Michael, but since Starr has no idea that Trey’s dad is connected to anyone else in Port Charles, her insistence that not only does she have the right to know every detail, but it is her sworn duty to tell her boyfriend (because… he’d care? So much? About her roommate’s father’s legal troubles?) is just eye-rollingly contrived and obnoxious.

Don’t make me side with Trey, Starr. That’s just not right.


4 thoughts on “Personal growth? Didn’t they outlaw that in Port Charles?

  1. Once again, you are on the money :). I used to FF every scene with Carly in it — could not stand her. And now I look forward to her and Todd. I even like her with Johnny. And, OMG, you made me go back and YouTube that Tony/Maxie moment **sniff**. So nice to see Carly humanized and Elizabeth’s pain acknowledged. As long as they don’t give Carly much interaction with Sonny — that I would still have to FF.

  2. Carly has been human, whodathunk? It’s hard not to feel her pain about Josslyn and her thanking Liz was huge. Thank you, writers, for doing that. It’s like Guza didn’t want to bother with emotion, but for the first time, I wanna go and comfort Carly. What’s come over me? Joss and Alexis better not die, and I hope when Carly finds out, she will lay into Jerry and go all Mamabear!

  3. Oh, you can best believe she will! She will revert back in a milisecond and be a raving lunatic yet again. Wait, perhaps not, now that Carly is being steered into the Todd direction AND rumor has it that Jax is returning. Perhaps she will have her own triangle to deal with. I’m still not feeling her and Johnny. It just never felt right to me. I guess I was too much of a Jolivia fan.

    But still, it was good to see Carly be nice to Liz and to express gratitude for what she did for her daughter…FINALLY!!

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