Just sayin’…

You know what’s tiresome? Yet another child in peril.

Thankfully, as my co-blogger suspected, Josslyn wasn’t really in danger. Psyche! And also, we got to see the new actress make this face for a few episodes:

So cute! It’s like she’s thinking: “I really am sick. I really am sick. I really am sick…” Hee.

Know what else is tiresome? Having to listen to Johnny lament killing Starr’s kid and boyfriend for the millionth time while he continues to hide the truth from everyone he says he cares about. Also, dudes going to the chapel to talk to God whenever it seems like karma might bite them in the ass. (I’m looking at you, Sonny.)

Also, faking us out that they might just put us out of our seething-Johnny-hate misery by having him actually fess up to Starr is not cool.

And — AND! — having to listen to Jason be sanctimonious about Ewen to Liz knowing all the while that he is actually right is not one of my favorite things. OH THE PAIN. OH THE SMUGNESS THAT WE WILL HAVE TO ENDURE. WOE.

(Is it bad that I still kind of like Ewen better than Jason at this point? I know, I know. He potentially put a child in danger, but he feels REALLY bad about it! What? You think what he did is kind of similar to what Johnny did and I am constantly imagining him getting hit in the family jewels with a baseball bat for that? You think my hypocrisy is unreasonable? Um, well, so’s your face!)

But, it is all worth it to see the Davis girls like this:


Also happy-making from this situation, Shawn running to Alexis’ bedside:


When will I get to see this hotness? I am an impatient woman and I have NEEDS.

I’m just hoping that this new Jerry Jacks crisis is as entertaining as the MetroCourt hostage crisis and not just a regurgitation of the countless previous Port Charles crises. Considering that the cast is more integrated than it has been in years, I think there just might be hope.


6 thoughts on “Just sayin’…

  1. I feel you in regards to Super-Jason with the hard on he has for Ewen, just because he’s interested in Elizabeth. He’s right but, so what! He still dumped his wifey when she needed him.
    I see that I’m not alone regarding Shawn’s Lick-ability factor. He seriously causes my tongue to have carpet burn from the dragging it does when he is own. Whoa Mama. I think he & Alexis would be a hoot and surprisingly sweet: something completely different. I thought Alexis & Mac were like warmed over oatmeal. That strip pool game between them was a winner.
    This version of Josslyn is taking me awhile to warm up to. It doesn’t help when you see freaking adorable Emma act in a scene before you flash to Josslyn. I did like how she responded to Michael.
    I love the deliciously evil Voldemort (I mean Jerry). He is so snarkily evil. I am actually looking forward to “the plot”. What is he holding out over Ewen ? Is this another Dr.Steve redux? He isn’t as scuzzy as Johnny (chapel should have exploded) Zacchara. But I never warmed up to him after he left Elizabeth on the beach after “saving her”. WTH was that?

    • Oh yeah, Ewen is super sketchy and I have to say that I thought of him more as wall paper than anything else until Jerry Jax came back. Now I just feel very bad for him despite the fact that I really shouldn’t. I think Sebastian Roche’s menace makes anyone more likable.

      I really, really, really want to see some hot Alexis and Shawn action. STAT!

  2. Jason isn’t INTERESTED in Liz. He’s telling her to warn her. And her snippy remark back to him about being Sam’s hero was just her being jealous as usual. He loves Sam and he always will, whether they said their goodbyes or not. He will always love Sam. She’s his heart.

    • The show is clearly teasing a Jason/Liz redux right now. Whether they go through with it or not… we’ll see. But either way, I think it’s clear at this point that he has legitimate feelings for both women, regardless of which one he’s officially with at the time.

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