What a difference a week makes.

Look, Starr and Johnny having endless “ironic” conversations about trust is pretty much my definition of NOT INTERESTED. And the Scully boys in scenes with characters I actually care about is bad enough — alone with each other? Go ahead and shoot me now. So today’s episode was not the most thrilling hour of afternoon television ever.

Thankfully, it also had a shiny silver lining in Lulu and Dante! Who rocked it out of the park after getting the news that they’re not pregnant after all:

LULU: When Maxie first suggested that I might be pregnant, I latched onto all the negatives. I don’t have time to have a baby, I just launched a new business, I… our budget is tight. I mean, we don’t even have the space in our apartment for a baby, barely space for us. And most of all I was thinking I can’t handle this responsibility. It’s a big commitment.
DANTE: So… so you are relieved.
LULU: I feel like I lost something wonderful… before I got a chance to know it.

Word, Lulu. When the pregnancy plot started last week, I admit it felt rushed and out of nowhere. But then they were so happy! And this show hasn’t had any happy baby news in a long time! And I kind of found myself invested more than I’d expected. So in one sense, these were sad scenes.

But this false alarm actually worked perfectly as an organic catalyst for them to decide to start trying. And I like that Lulu, who’s been pregnant before and reacted very differently, got a chance to process through her reactions and realize this was something she was ready for now. I like that the next time she gets pregnant, it will actually be by conscious choice and not a happy (or unhappy) accident.

(Although I had to laugh at her assurance that they’d have good insurance through the PCPD. I thought everyone knew that in Port Charles, neither nurses nor cops make a living wage or have decent medical coverage.)

The other thing I appreciate about this story is the introduction of a new OG/GYN, who is not only RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE, but also seems competent in a way that Kelly “I once let a patient nearly carry a pillow to full term” Lee never quite seemed to master.

Did I mention NuDoc is incredibly adorable? Because I think I might have drooled a little through those scenes, which kind of distracted from the seriousness. MORE DOCTOR HOTNESS, PLEASE, RC.

Elsewhere, Sonny and Kate had one of those romantic conversations every woman dreams of having with her fiancé:

SONNY: You want us to kill Joe Jr.?
KATE: Not literally. I want to banish his from out lives.
SONNY: Well, don’t get my hopes up. For a second there, I thought you were gonna let me take him out.

AHAHAHAHA… and for a second there, I thought that actual victim of an act of violence might get to be the one to take her own revenge. Getting my hopes up, indeed.


9 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes.

  1. I’m a few days behind…I just know I’m going to get all weepy about the non-pregnancy. Just looking at the screencap of Lulu made my eyes water. Those two have been rocking their scenes.

    LOL at the Sonny and Kate exchange. I always FF them, so thanks for enduring their scenes for me.

  2. I would have preferred that the reveal that she wasn’t pregnant had come a bit sooner (especially because I actually didn’t believe it when I saw the promo with Dante saying they were pregnant and thought Dante was jumping the gun, but then I believed it, so now my reputation as jaded soap viewer has been tarnished because the writers tricked me, heh) but those scenes were adorabe yesterday, so now I am mollified.

    The other thing that ‘amused’ me about Sonny/Kate was um, Kate, you can’t really blame Sonny for thinking you wanted Joe dead because you just said you wanted to get rid of him in the most menacing voice possible.

    the actor who plays Joe Jr looks like someone you’d cast if you wanted to make a movie about Superman who retired and let himself go a bit. So that’s another reason I can’t take any of his scenes seriously at all.

    oooh, also I’m very happy that Lulu’s not being pregnant had anything to do with complications from her abortion. I was afraid they would go there.

    • Sorry for babbling so much, but I forgot to add, seriously, what are they doing to poor Johnny? First they made him the evilz and now they are making him wear badly fitted vests and caring way too much about the boring secrets of post-adolescents.

  3. Okay, partially caught up.

    Lulu wore me out. Crying and snotting I was and just as disappointed as they were that she wasnt pregnant. Julie Berman when not written as shrill, and another Carly in training, is so much more likable. And when she does that quivering lip and watery eyes thing, oh, it just gets me, every time.

    I am really enjoying how Lante is being written, so mature. They are going to plan to get pregnant, plan to save money, and a baby shower! Can you just imagine all those loud Falconeri women at a shower? It would be awesome!

    Dr. V is adorbs. And competent. Dr. Lee got an honorable mention. I like how they tie up alot of loose ends now with throw away lines.

    My Todd returned and he was so cute being supportive and upset with Carly for not calling him. Todd’s jealousy/dislike/disdain for all those Johnny is entertaining. And Johnny picking with him is just as hilarious. “Hi Todd!..Bye Todd!” They are the funniest when they are being blatantly immature.

    Todd sadly realized that he was behind a long list of guys in Carly’s best friend line. behind the hitman (everyone is behind the hitman), her many ex’s, her current bed bunny. I mean Todd the line is long give it a rest. Him practically begging for her friendship befuddles me a bit. It doesn’t sit well with TODD from OLTL, but the portrayal is so comical that I’m going to just go with it. I like their gradually slow forming blossoming, budding, interest in one another.

    Ohhh!! Carly said a line today (yesterday??) and I swore she sounded JUST LIKE BLAIR…I seriously waited for the camera to pan to Kassie Depaiva.

    SHAWN IS FREAKIN FINE…I’m sorry. Why does he have to beg Alexis to go out on a date with him? Its cute but still. I like the pairing, he’s stable and her and all her neurosys’ (es??) will be fun to watch. And, with his military training and security background he will come in handy when her crazy Cassadine relatives resurface.

    LOLed at NLG’s line: “Your feeling obligated because you saw me in my whoo whoo!”

    I do not LOVE McBain (the cop!) asking Jason (the hitman and mob enforcer) if he has any leads on Wyndemere.

    I do love however, McBain’s continuous snide remarks to Jason and Sonny. Blatant disrespect of them, its wonderful. Haven’t seen that since Diane, the lawyer.

    Spinelli struggling with that big bear was funneee! I enjoy Bradford Andersen so much more when they dial back the Spinellisms

    Lastly..I tried to watch some Kate and Sonny..and the little bit I saw was just…ugh.

    Kate telling Dr. Keenan how GREAT Sonny is for her, I just ..Does she not remember being shot in her gut at the last wedding??

  4. As usual tenillypo, you have grabbed the perfect screencaps. The one of LuLu was the very split-second expression that touched me most, and reaffirmed my belief that JMB has some serious acting chops. She brings the emotion when it’s called for, in a very real way, without a lot of scenery chewing. Good recap!

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