Today’s insightful commentary brought to you by the letter Reisling.

I’m sure some plot related things happened today, but many of them involved phrases like “Milo’s a really committed bodyguard” and seemed really wedded to the idea that Trey getting a fake marriage of convenience with Kristina will magically protect him from Sonny’s wrath and also automatically grant him the entire Corinthos fortune. Which is pretty much an underpants gnome level of profit plan, and frankly, I just can’t be bothered to care about any of it.

Also, I may have had a few glasses of wine. Which means there are only two things on my mind right now:


Do you know how happy it makes me to get confirmation that Lucy Coe still exists somewhere in the fictional world? Do you? Because I loved her so much.

Let’s all watch one of her finest moments and cry about how awesome Lynn Herring is while dreaming up elaborate plot scenarios for how Kevin and Lucy could return to Port Charles in triumph:


Look. It is bad enough that Johnny now seems to shop exclusively at Vests R’ Us. And I am reliably informed that Kate’s teal purse/navy blue sequined top combo is a Thing That Should Not Be.

But et tu, Sam?

I mean, what is that top? I can’t even… I guess from the front it’s kind of an oversized, frumpy hippie vest? Which shows great cleavage but makes poor Kelly Monaco look like she’s got a much larger waist than she actually does. But then she turns around and I don’t even understand what is happening there. There’s a sloppy bow? And the whole thing cuts in like it’s three sizes too small and all of the cami is visible?

WHY? WHY WOULD YOU WEAR THAT? It’s like the mullet of tops. (I may need more wine to deal with this trauma.)

2 thoughts on “Today’s insightful commentary brought to you by the letter Reisling.

  1. I’m glad that you are willing to take on the big issues on our blog. :P

    I didn’t have time to finish yesterday’s episode yet, but I have two bottles of Reisling waiting for me after our house warming party and you have inspired me to break into them when I get a chance to catch up. :)

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