Oh, Jax!

Jax was never my favorite, but I was pretty damn fond of him and I was pretty damn pissed about the way they wrote him out. So I may have squealed a bit when I saw Ingo Rademacher on Thursday.

We’ve lost so many characters that give me warm fuzzies! It’s nice to have one of them back, even if it may only be for a little while. And he was so sweet with his daughter! Also, Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright continue to have good chemistry together. I find their dynamic refreshing, instead of uncomfortable and gross, like Carly and Johnny. (Did I mention I hate Carly and Johnny?)

I also may have been maniacally rubbing my hands together at the thought of Jax’s head exploding when he finds out that he left his daughter for her safety and she’s been spending her nights with Johnny Zacharra. And although Jax didn’t have the epic meltdown I was hoping he would have, his WTF face was still well worth it:

But as always with Port Charles, I have to pay for my glee with something, well, gross. It seems as though Tracy is going to being involved with yet another man who will treat her like crap. Good times! Sorry show, but I don’t have any interest in a meet cute and a tryst between a rapist and, well… anybody. But especially someone as awesome as Tracy. Just. Don’t.

And can we stop seeing her bend over backwards to do nice things for Luke? It’s getting tired, and Tracy is too amazing to continue doing this. So if she can have some meaningless sex and drop this jack-off, I’ll be okay with this situation for now. But I highly doubt that will happen. It just seems like Tracy is getting set up to get stomped on yet again. *sigh*

But hey, it looks like we might get some movement on the Robin’s fake death plot! And that makes me super excited. I can’t say that I am 100% happy with everything RC has been doing, but the plots aren’t overly drawn out. There is movement and that, my friends, makes this show a million times more interesting than it was last year at this time.


7 thoughts on “Oh, Jax!

  1. How about some movement with Sam’s baby….getting old. And movement with the reveal that Johnny shot out Anthony’s tires. Let’s get on with it RC!

  2. Well, it is all relative. I agree that I want those stories over and done with, but in soap time we just found out those secrets. “Jake is Jason’s son” took over a year to completely unfold. And I have faith that these will come out soon. But honestly, I don’t really care much about the results of either of those stories anymore. I’m so done with Johnny and Jason right now. I do want Sam to get her baby back, but I like Todd now and know that the fall out from that will make me not like him as much. Right now I am just using the sick your fingers in your ears and say “la la la” way of dealing with it.

  3. Tracy and Joe Jr are so silly. After hearing a word out of his mouth Tracy would turn and walk away. And the Tracy saying “this isn’t like me” doesn’t absolve the fact that it is indeed not like her, GH writers.

  4. Joe is a disgusting human being but he and Tracy had chemistry. I’d be ok with this being a 1NS. I don’t mind Tracy getting her walls cleared up. lol

    Jax is so beautiful. I’m going to need him to beat the snot out of Johnny. I just can’t stand that kid. I don’t know what anyone sees in him. Maybe the Johnny who risked his life for Lulu but that Johnny is long gone. He might not be as gross as the trio of suck but he’s still annoying to me. I just aldo want Jax to win one from any mobster at this point. I need him to take his creepy kid away from Carly too. She’s so gross except I think LW shines with IR. He makes her eyes twinkle and it’s the only time where I don’t hate her and I hate myself for that.

    Anna in spy mode is so hot. Finola is flawless.

  5. Yeah for the SHIRTLESS SHOW!!!

    Ingo Rademacher is yummy. I had an uncle (through marriage) named Ingo, he was NOT yummy..

    Anyhoo…Agree with Dan about Carly and Johnny it just doesn’t work for me either. I guess they’ve ruined Johnny for me but he just doesn’t have chemistry with Carly. I don’t why it looks gross (pedophile-ish) when he’s with Carly but I enjoyed him and Olivia. I dunno…

    All I’m saying is Jax is back so get ta stepping Johnny. And carly and Johnny face to face with Jax trying to justify their relationship made it even more sickening. Johnny (the character) does not hold a candle to Jax. Brandon Barash is all kinds of fine on his own, don’t get me wrong, but he is absolutely no competition to Jasper Jax in the romance department. Johnny looked like a little boy trying to hold his own with Jax, who I might add, simply looked at him and appeared to shrug him off.

    I cannot justify Jax loving Carly. there is no sane rationale for that one, she’s all kinds of skeevy, but I don’t care, they are great together! IR and LW have chemistry for days and the eyes! What is with the eyes lighting up when they are in scenes together. It works. I tell ya, it works. But I’m still liking Carly and Todd as well and think that that would be an interesting triangle to explore.

    Speaking of that, other sites are all in an uproar about Steve Burton (Jason) possibly exiting the show, and some of the comments said that the character has basically been replaced by the OLTL transports and I gotta say, I SAW that today. When Carly ran to TODD to talk, and they kept clubbing us over the head with the fact that he is trying to be such a great friend to her, I said out loud..”Oh my gosh he totally is replacing Jason in her life.” AND he is 100 times a better friend to her than Jason ever was! Jason always acted like Carly was a pain in the butt ( I mean she is – but still way to be supportive bestey). And McBain has replaced the Jase as Sam’s new love, so where does that leave Jason. Even John McBain and Sonny have an ebb and flow that’s fun to watch…ut oh…

  6. ….sorry forgot to add.. Alexis and McBain kinda have chemistry too. NLG stole that scene from her daughter, Sam, and Mcbain was lost in the cleavage that is Alexis for a few minutes at the beginning of their conversation!

    Now that would be GREAT PAYBACK!! If Alexis would end up swiping McBain from Sam (flashback to Sam boinking her mothers husband on the living room floor!)

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