HOLY FREAKING CRAP, YOU GUYS. I’m actually quite flabbergasted and conflicted over the news that those persistent rumors of Steve Burton leaving the show are apparently true this time.

On the one hand, you all know that my feelings toward Jason have been less than complimentary of late. And his centrality to the canvas has been a huge problem for years. Losing SuperJason, the town saint, (assuming they don’t recast) is pretty much one of the few things that actually could change GH forever.

It also opens the door to John/Sam getting a serious shot regardless of how/when the paternity secret comes out, and that is a thing that I would very much enjoy.

On the other hand… this means that once again, just as it seemed like we might be getting a shot at a real, well-written Liason story, outside forces are screwing it up. And despite all my problems with him at times, Jason is a hugely important legacy character with connections all over the canvas that I was hoping RC would explore more. Particularly with the Q’s. And now that chance will be lost. Plus, you know, there was a time when I genuinely loved him! And it will be weird to contemplate a Port Charles without him in it…

If he “dies,” they’ll clearly leave the door open for a return. If he goes to jail? I would pretty much die happy, actually. But with Jason gone, so many opportunities open up for other characters to shine — and this will affect pretty much everyone in some way or another. Many of the writers have gotten really comfortable with the patterns of his interactions. Shaking that up can only be a good thing.

(YOU GUYS! Who will all the ladies fantasize about now? Who will listen to all Carly’s problems? Who will save the town from every catastrophe? What will Liz/Sam fans fight about? WHO WILL BLOW SONNY’S NOSE FOR HIM?)

See what I mean? CONFLICTED! But holy crap, this is huge.


21 thoughts on “Whoah.

  1. I really don’t want him to die (I might make an exception for something bizarre like hunting for Carly’s mood ring in the woods and getting stung by bees or another crane landing) because we already had Robin, and the ludicrous explanations that will come if he comes back, and Spinelli crying. Hopefully he will go to prison, not even because I hate him that much because how fantastic for once would a trial be where he was found guilty at the end! And all the characters with the exception of the people who loved Jason would actually be in character and testify honestly to his crimes?

    Perfect picture of Jason to use!

    • I don’t want him to die either. Or even “die”. We’ve already got Robin to deal with and you know Jason dying would result in an orgy of grief from everyone in town that would just eat the canvas alive for months. Prison would be perfect — he can come back whenever they decide to recast or SBu changes his mind. (Or wants a temp visit.) Characters can go see him off screen and still get on with their lives. Plus it would just be nice to see one of Sonny or Jason reap what they’ve sown after years of flagrant law-breaking.

  2. I love that you acknowledged that there was a time when you genuinely loved him. So did I. Oh boy, did I love him with Robin. Which is what made me then hate so much what Guza did to him. I actually don’t terribly much care what happens to him, but I don’t want him to die, only because I could not stand to see Monica lose yet another child.

    On a positive note, can Jthis open the door to Jason Thompson now become a leading man? Pretty please?

    • I loved both Jason and Sonny at one time. So it’s always bittersweet when I think of those days and then compare to my feelings now. This news honestly makes me feel very conflicted! I think it could be great for the show, but I’d rather have seen Jason stick around but get less/more balanced screen time instead.

  3. Where do you find this? I don’t know, I mean Jason can get on my nerves so badly but him LEAVING? I can’t imagine GH without Jason, he does have a place on Port Charles, plus Steve Burton is a great actor. Like many, my problem with Jason is that under Guza he became a creator’s pet who could no wrong, instead of the more nuanced character he was meant to be. I don’t blame Steve Burton for that, I blame the writers, and I’ll miss hin. But, he had a great run on GH

    • It sounds like a very amicable split that is 100% because Steve Burton would like a change of pace. So if they play their cards right and write an exit that allows for it, maybe we’ll get him back for visits now and again?

  4. Ohhh tenillypo… I am so conflicted as well. Kinda happy about it, kinda sad. I lovedddd(ed) Jason for so long and still kinda liked him despite all the horrible writing over the last few years.

    But Carly’s new BFF will be Todd.

    Sam’s got McBain (though I’m hoping Alexis gives her a run for her money on that one).

    Sonny has been vibing with McBain too, and if Jax returns he’ll just continue to spar with him, no need for Jason. Sonny can have man crushes on a blond and brunette.

    They have hired a new actor for ANOTHER cop role. Anna and Dante and McBain are now competent so the police will now actually start rescuing people and solving crimes instead of the local hitman.

    The only real tragedy will be Jasam and Liason wars will now lessen. Not cease, mind you because they will still rage on in fanfiction land but will either side get any closure.

    As a Liason fan, I was hoping for some eventual redemption, even if just a recognition that they did love each other beyond friendship, and a return of Jake. Now what? That kinda hurts.

    And we were TEASED so often about a possible Jason Quartermaine memory reversal, or return, or some such nonsense and we NEVER GOT IT. That’s depressing.

    On another site I said I wanted a big funeral with appropriate fanfare but on second thought your right, let him just ride out of town quietly so that we can leave the door open for an eventual return (after Phelps tanks Y&R!),

    Still conflicted…

    • Hey, there’s a thought — what if he bumps his head and gets all of Jason Q’s memories back (because that’s how brains work, right?) and the cognitive dissonance and guilt and trauma for all the murder mayhem drives him CRAAAAAAZy and he gets shipped off to a loony bin?

      • ohh thats good. Men never get sent to Shady Brooke only the ladies. Let Jason be the first. He can return a reformed man. After he is acquitted for all crimes because they were done under his alter Jason Morgan…OH wait…That’s it. Jason has DID!!!! You know FV/RC like to have 3-4 DID stories going at once!

  5. I know I am in the minority, but I will not be sad to see him go. I actually liked Jason Quartermaine, but I never got into the whole hitman with a heart of gold routine. I was not a Jasam nor a Liason fan. I also didn’t like the way he dominated the show. I could really see a show where they return the good guys to be the heroes (remember Frisco and Robert and Anna as cops and as spies?) I am a Dante (and Lante) fan so I would love to see them get the screentime they deserve. I agree I would love to see a competent police force of Dante, Anna and McBain (as long as he doesn’t continue the super saint role that Jason will be giving up) . I think Carly torn between Jax and Todd would be fun (forget Jas), hope he stays. I think prison would be the way to go (though they probably won’t) I too am tired of these guys never paying for their crimes-hear that Johnny?

    • I get where you’re coming from, I’m also tired of St Jason The Voice of Moral Condemnation, it got old, fast. However, Jason still had a place on GH as a core character like many. Jason got away with everything and never faced consequences, he kills in cold blood and has the right to judge? SBu, however, was a good actor. I wish Jason was written with more nuance, but Guza didn’t know how to do layers and Jason got stuck in the hitman with a heart of gold act.

      • Yeah, it’s too bad he’s leaving just as a writer arrives who actually does nuance. I, too, liked Jason Quartermaine. He and Keesha were cute together. And I liked his long hair.

  6. Oh wow. Work has been busy so I didn’t see this. I had heard rumors, but hard to believe this is true. I also am very mixed. I loved, loved, loved Jason at one time and had hopes that he would become a more interesting character again, or regain his memory of being JQ eventually. *sigh* I agree, here’s to hoping he doesn’t die or have a fake death. The entire freaking town would need to shut down for six months.

    • Can you imagine his funeral? Carly would throw herself on the coffin, half the town would be wailing and rending their clothes. Hilarity.

  7. I just hope they make things right with JaSam and the baby before he’s gone. I really do think GH missed out on a genuine, contemporary, adventuring supercouple with these two, because the writers were too busy trying to remind us how great the show was in the ’80s by trotting out actors from the era instead of using that spirit to write the same type of stories with the current cast. (Note: this does not apply to Robin Mattson, who can bring Crazy Heather back to Port Charles any time, all the time.)

    • Robert, who was on for one week? Holly, who was on for three days? Yeah, that impacted the hell out of Jason and Sam. Anna was desperately needed for the Robin story and keeping FH was just brilliant , IMO.

      I think the writing has been so much more balanced since RC and his team got here. The show really gave Steve Bu and KeMo some incredible stuff to do. But I do hope and believe that there will be a satisfying wrap-up to the baby story that somehow allows Todd to stay free.

      • Nothing against the ’80s folks who were/are back (except maybe Kristina Wagner, who seems to be around largely to make concerned faces and mispronounce things). You’re right that the Robin story would be sadly lacking without Anna there. I just feel like JaSam’s potential for kicking ass and taking names was wasted. Where’s my Sam who jumped off the ledge of the Metro Court like a tiny superhero? Where’s my couple who kicked the crap out of a bunch of Russian gangsters? Where’s my fainting couch? I have the vapors.

        Agreed that Todd must not go to jail. In fact, if they could find a way to work Todd into every scene, maybe with a parrot-sized Heather Webber perched on his shoulder at all times, I would be very pleased indeed.

  8. I am thrilled that the character of Jason is leaving. Freakin’ thrilled! I always wanted a Jason/Sonny murder-suicide, but I’ll take this!
    No offense to Steve Burton, but Jason Morgan is a deplorable, one-note, over-used, tiresome character. I was a Jason/Robin fan for about ten minutes, then he became a complete a$$ and I have never liked him or any of his pairings since.
    Goodbye and good riddance.
    Please, please, please – no recast!

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