She’s baaaaaaaack!

Oh, kittens. Very few soapy things in this world make me happier than the sight of this bright, beautiful, totally nutso face on my tv screen:


So, Heather’s back! My world is complete once more! And she’s in Llanview, which means TÉA! and BABY DRAMA! and all sorts of goodness to come.

(Oh, and there was a whole lot of Sam/Jason schmoopy fantasyland, which isn’t really my cup of tea, but more power to those for who are into that kind of thing! I did enjoy seeing everyone so happy for once, and I appreciated the Sam/Alexis and Monica/Jason scenes — as well as our second AJ reference in as many weeks. CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER.)

But before all that, RC was nice enough to balance the scales with even more Liz/Jason and Sam/John action and sweet holy hell they were hot:

I mean, really! How’s a girl supposed to cope with John cradling Sam’s face and giving her the sex eyes? Or Jason doing that old school thing where he just knows that Liz is upset even though she’s trying hide it and he looks all intense while he comforts her. How?

(Well, if you’re this girl, you drink another glass of wine and flail your hands around excitedly making embarrassing high pitched cooing noises. Don’t judge! I have needs! Sexy needs!)

Although there was this bit of eye-rolling hilarity thrown in:

ELIZABETH: You know what’s ironic? That everyone kept telling me how wonderful Ewen was… and that you were this killer. Turned out it was the other way around.

Well, half of that statement is true! (Liz, I love you, truly. But Jason’s business card literally says ‘KILLER FOR HIRE.’ He just finished KILLING A MAN right in front of you. Come on.)

Of course, she was just about to admit her interest in Ewen was a distraction from someone else (I WONDER WHO?) when Sam and John came in, leading to some bonus action from the pairing that dare not speak it’s name — aka my sweet, sweet SIZZLE:

Can these two to become flirty frenemies who go on Jason-less adventures together when Steve Burton leaves? Please? It was so hot refreshing the last time that happened:

::happy sigh:: Oh, ladies. Be still my big, old, sappy, gay heart.

In other news, Kirsten Storms is back! Which is awesome both because it means her health has improved and because I really missed her Maxie. Jen Lilley was lovely and did a great job in an difficult situation with some truly awful material, and I’d be happy to see her back on the show in another role, but Storms’ Maxie is a little more brittle and less ditzy and I’m looking forward to having her back:

Her quiet regret with Patrick was lovely — using her first scenes to revisit Robin’s death was a wise way for Storms’ Maxie to make a connection with that story. I’m less crazy about the Spinelli revisit today, which I sincerely do not want (but with little hope) to be a sign of things to come. God, those two need more time apart. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE TIME APART.

Still — Maxie! Heather! Téa! It’s going to be a good Friday. I can feel it.


20 thoughts on “She’s baaaaaaaack!

  1. Sam and John were amazing! MCBAM! Loooooooooooooooove them!

    Very happy KS is back and I truly like her with Patrick, they should definitely become a couple!

    The other day at the PCPD Sam was there with John, Jerry, Jax and Todd… who cares about the deadly virus, who wouldn’t want to be Sam? :)

    So tired of the Liason vs. JaSam war… couldn’t Sam hook up with Liz and Jason do the same with Sonny (his one true love)? LOL I loved those 2008 scenes …

  2. Three specific things bugged me about the Jasam fantasy (and I have no horse in that race; I actually dislike the way they write Jason romances a lot and don’t want any character I like paired with him)

    Both kids looked like Jason; what the heck.

    Of course it’s “if only I didn’t go to Heather” and not “if only I wasn’t raped and you became consumed with Franco instead of focusing on me”

    Spixie reunion was a “finally Maxie realize she didn’t appreciate ‘nice guy’ Spinelli.” argh. i’m surprised spinelli hasn’t sung out a rendition of “On My Own” by now.

    I was surprised by how much I missed Kirsten Storms. I’m not a big fan of the ditzy stereotype but when she gone I really felt her absence. I’m glad she’s back only if because it means she’s doing better.

    • The prospect of a Spixie redux strikes such dread in my heart… I’m not going to rant about it in a fantasy to spare my blood pressure, but oh, there will be ranting when/if it happens for real…

      And yeah, the conflation of Sam’s 20/20 hindsight regret over having investigated the Franco DVD and Jason’s legit TERRIBLE actions was kind of ragey.

      • I’ll be able to deal if they manage to make it that Spinelli somehow realizes that just because he waits on the sidelines like a chump it doesn’t make him a martyr and it doesn’t mean Maxie is obligated to like him back. I actually have a teensy bit of hope of this happening?

  3. Well, you know how I feel about all this. More crisis, less melodrama over JaSam! I used to love them at one point, but they have never been my favorite. I just would rather see plot developments than fantasies that don’t move along character development and make me see Maxie and Spinelli. DO NOT WANT. Also do not want, Patrick and Maxie. No, no, no! I am hoping that now that Jason is going and Ewen is a creep they will slow build a Liz/Patrick relationship and then Robin will turn up alive just in time to shake everything up. Classic soap!

    • Liz/Patrick makes a lot of sense and would be super soapy if they did it right, exactly like your describing. Slow, slow build with lots of friendship and helping each other move on from their various recent losses (depending on how SBu leaves, I guess…) and then — just as they’re finally ready to admit their feelings aren’t platonic any more — BOOM, Robin’s back.


    I’d go for a Patrick Maxie pairing. Paxie?..I think they would make sense and if they had a nice slow build, it would be a great spoiler for Robin’s return. Maxie is her cousin and sort of like a little sister.

    I admit, I kinda fast forwarded through most of Jen Lilley’s performances missing most of her turn as Maxie, so I can’t compare the acting, but I can say this I love Kirsten Storms as Maxie!! I think she’s adorable. She plays subtle nuances to a T. She puts her foot in her mouth and quickly retracts (see her interchange with Tracy Quartermaine-love) and she plays the regret and guilt over Robin’s dead so sweetly. She’s less ditzy and more self absorbed diva-ish in my opinion, and I like it. I even like the fact that she changes her hairstyles so often. Others hated the new do, I thought she looked cute.

    MCBAIN! Okay when he cupped Sam’s head and drew her close to him. SWOON. I was like wow. Sam flirting with McBain at the hospital in front of Jason THAT was awkward to me. I didn’t like that. I’m not a Jasam fan, but even I thought that Jason should have been a bit more concerned for Sam, and a lot less glaring at Mcbain but whatever.

    Liason affection and history, is always so nice to see. The new regime can’t completely rectify the destruction done to this couple via the old crew, but I do like that they are trying hard to correct alot of wrongs before SBu departs. There were rumors of some Liason sex upcoming but I hope thats been scratched now that he’s leaving. It would be pointless and it would leave Liz hanging whilst Sam his most recent companion has already moved on to another coupling. So if they don’t go the Patrick/Maxie route I’d go for Patrick/Liz.

    • I just don’t think I can get on board with any sort of romantic Patrick/Maxie relationship. I love them as supportive family, but she’s just such a little sister to him. As I said in a comment above, Patrick/Liz make more sense to me. They’re in each other’s age group, they have a long history of friendship, Robin practically gave them her blessing, and neither really has any other prospects on the canvas right now…

      I really didn’t expect to see this much chemistry between McBain and Sam — actors who’ve worked with other characters never seem to translate that chem to new ones, but they are blowing me away. I’m really hoping SBu leaving means they’ll actually get a real shot now.

      • But there doesn’t seem to be any angst in a Liz/Patrick pairing.

        I know we viewers don’t always want a couple to have immediate drama but TPTB don’t seem to put anyone together unless there is already some sort of underlying obstacle that needs to be overcome. Maxie/Patrick lends towards more drama and angst and blacklash (Spinelli heartbroken, Mac furious, Robin -upon return- shattered) whereas Liz and Patrick ARE hot and pretty together, yes we all agree, but just, uhh not much else.

        • *shrugs* Honestly, the idea of Maxie and Patrick together really grosses me out. They’re at such different maturity levels and he treats her like an annoying child half the time (for good reason). I just don’t see it, sorry.

          With Liz/Patrick, the underlying obstacle is the fact that Robin’s alive and presumably they’d find out about at the most soapy moment possible, i.e. just as they were progressing to a romantic relationship. In the meantime, I’d say Patrick’s grief and Liz’s sense of guilt over having feelings for her dead friend’s husband would be enough of a source of angst/conflict.

        • Not to mention that for now we know that it was Maxie’s fault that Robin died… How is that for angst?

          Anyway, did you guys see the latest spoilers? Apparently, Liz will kiss jason; plus,
          After Sam shares her “What If” fantasies with Molly, her sister wants to know which man Sam would rather be with.
          Jason’s latest act forces Sam to make a choice about her future.
          Sam witnesses something that will change her future

          What do you think? Do you think Sam will choose Jason but then will see jason and Liz kissing and will turn to McBain? I am a huge McBam fan but I wouldn’t want Sam to choose McBain for the wrong reason…

  5. I think Jason and Liz are about as exciting as cold chicken soup together. But Sam and Liz? Yowza! Forget frenemies – let’s have a full-on sweaty romance! Cam, Aiden, and Li’l Lost Baby can have two mommies.

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