Hit men: Now doing the job of doctors too.

So the PC crisis continues, but now with sunlight!

And we’ve had some great moments so far, but my favorite has to be Shawn desperately trying to save Alexis.

SHAWN: I got news for you, Jerry. Alexis doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.
JERRY: Oh, don’t worry, she’ll change her mind. Why do you think I went through all the trouble to save her life? Alexis is coming with me.
SHAWN: You know I can’t let that happen.

Awesome! I love how this story has gone — so what if despite being a feminist I also enjoy a good rescue fantasy? Sue me!

You know what else I love? Molly and TJ. I continue to want to draw pink and purple hearts around them:

(But I have to say these guys are not acting a whole lot like real teenagers. Make love? What teenager says “make love”? And even if you were worried about getting pregnant, wouldn’t you at least enjoy some hard core making out? Just sayin’.)

But as much as I’m enjoying the romance portion of the show, there are plenty of moments that make my brain break.

First there was Ewen dying right as he was trying to tell Patrick that Robin was alive.

Of course we all knew this would happen, but it still stung. I know that keeping this secret longer will lead to more good soap, but I can’t help but want it to come out!

Then there’s Johnny, laying this gem on us when talking to Todd about their respective secrets:

JOHNNY: Okay so call Sam instead. Maybe she’ll be so grateful to you that her kid’s alive that she won’t ask too many questions.

What? It would be comforting for Sam to know as she is dying that her baby is alive and that she missed out on any time she could have spent with him? Sure, she’ll be grateful. I think Johnny’s bad hair must be interfering with his brain functioning. And I know my co-blogger has mentioned the horror that is his hair, but I can’t help repeating the sentiment:

Johnny, 1990 called and wants its hair back.

But seriously, guys. Please just spill your guts. Not that there’s any way to save Johnny in my eyes at this point, but you all are just being real dirt bags at this point. You think you’re going to die! Come clean already!

But not to worry about Sam, because Jason is going to unveil her baby secret single-handedly. He took one look at her supposed baby’s medical records and discovered what no other doctor or nurse could have noticed: the mom and dad’s blood types do not jive with the baby’s.

Phew. Glad Jason Morgan is around to solve this one too. What in the hell will we do with out him?


15 thoughts on “Hit men: Now doing the job of doctors too.

  1. Johnny’s hair has become so physically painful for me that I can’t even look at it. WHY, JOHNNY, WHY?

    TJ and Molly are ADORBS, but I crack up every time one of them uses the phrase “make love.” I can only take it as a sign TJ knows Molly so well he knew that was the only shot he had…

  2. I remain convinced that TR wrote “make love” because he was hoping to actually get some, and knew that’s what Molly would call it. Not because he’s a bad guy, but because he’s, you know, a teenage boy. Can’t believe how completely these two have won me over – usually happy-in-love teen pairings on soaps make me gag or bore me, or both.

    Jerry/Alexis/Shawn is by far shaping up to be my favorite part of this story – well, in hot competition with Todd, who is simply hilarious. Keep him single, sarcastic and around all the time, RC!

    • My co-blogger also suggested that about TJ choosing words Molly would use. I like that idea. I still feel uncomfortable hearing them say it, but it makes sense!

  3. Okay so not to defend St. Jason ever, but for my sanity (and because I want to give the show the benefit of doubt right now since it’s been so good lately), but I’m thinking it’s possible that only the baby’s blood type was listed in the file, and Jason just happens to know Sam’s and Franco’s. Unless I missed something in that scene which is more than possible, lol.

    • It is possible, but the doctors would definitely have the mom’s blood type info available when Sam came to the hospital with the still born baby. They were crazy about that kind of thing when I had my son. I don’t think Franco or Sam’s blood type has anything to do with the paternity test so I’m not sure why Jason would know them. I guess it could be part of the test? But then wouldn’t Sam’s actual baby’s blood type be on that too? I dunno. I didn’t even know my own blood type until I had tests when I was pregnant so I guess I’m not the best judge of that.

  4. I actually do think it would comfort Sam to know her baby’s alive. Extremely hard as well, yes, but I think she’d be happier overall knowing he’s alive and being taken care of.

    • *shrugs* I just don’t see any comfort in that, but my point really is that I can’t see Sam being anything but furious if she found out the truth and not at all grateful.

  5. We’re speculating that something of Jason’s pre- dashboard brain/pre-med past has surfaced and that just before Steve Burton shuffles off to Nashville his character will have a transformation and become the guy who shoots people and then operates them on the spot to save their lives…

    • Okay, I know you are joking, but that is my greatest sadness that SBu is leaving without the chance to finally have a story line where Jason Morgan remembers being Jason Q. I so wanted to see that!

  6. This has absolutely nothing to do with today’s topic, but something just hit me. We were led to believe that Duke Lavery was part of the plot to kidnap Robin, but after thinking about it for awhile, I think he is actually the first in the supposedly long list of dead PC residents that have been stashed away by ‘someone’. I think he’s in the same boat as Robin (and hopefully Alan, AJ, Emily etc. etc etc….)

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