If there’s an award for quietly breaking my heart, Jason Thompson and John Ingle double teamed to win it today:

EMMA: Daddy?
PATRICK: Yes, baby?
EMMA: If we don’t get better, will we get to see Mommy?
PATRICK: I really hope so.

OH MY GOD, THAT CHILD. AND HER FREAKING KOALA. Patrick’s face throughout that entire scene just killed me. But that was nothing to seeing Edward’s shaky thumbs up gesture as Emma received the only dose of the cure.

I knew John Ingle was ill, but seeing him look and sound so frail was still shocking. It’s likely this was his last appearance on the show, and if that turns out to be true, then extra kudos to the writing team for finding a way to work around the actor’s clearly weakened condition to give him a last scene worthy of the character’s long history on the show.

Farewell, John Ingle. You will be missed.

Honoring Edward’s affection for Robin was a lovely way to say goodbye. And seeing one last “I love you” between him and Tracy? Yeah, I’m kind of blubbering right now just thinking about it.

TRACY: Forget protocol. We’re playing by Quartermaine rules now, and if a Quartermaine steals it, a Quartermaine owns it, so I stole it for daddy and daddy wants Emma to have it.

(Is there a word for laughing and sobbing at the same time? “Hystericry,” maybe?)

And we got a bonus Dillon and Ned reference! And Tracy opened a tender emotional moment with Monica by calling her a “promiscuous social climber”! Then she ended the episode with a monologue about the long, fulfilling life Edward has lived that had me in tears again! Jane Elliot owns my soul, people. Trufax. She’s just that awesome.

Meanwhile, across town — where there is actual SUNLIGHT and EXPLOSIONS and absolutely zero Jason Morgan (seriously, how amazing is it that we’ve had two days of gun battles and bomb diffusing and the town saint has been sitting on his ass at the hospital playing amateur geneticist? SO AMAZING) — Alexis and Jerry continued to simmer with dirtybadwrong chemistry:

JAX: What are you going to do Jerry? Are you going to force her to stay with you?
JERRY: Well, I have high hopes for us, you know, once the Stockholm Syndrome sets in.

You guys! He just wants a fresh start! Is that so much to ask? Can’t an international terrorist just tie up the lady he loves and sail off into the sunset in peace? It continues to amaze and delight me that Alexis — of all people — is not only the focus of attention and object of desire here, but also getting to be all calm and nobly self-sacrificing:

ALEXIS: I’ve changed my mind. I will go with you. Freely. With my full cooperation.
JERRY: I knew you’d come around.
ALEXIS: Because I know that if I go with you willingly, you will save my children. Even if I never get to see them again, I know that they’ll be alive. So you take me, you take you money. And we’ll all disappear. But I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing everybody is safe. And that’s enough for me.

An woman over-fifty sought after by multiple dudes, getting to be heroic? It’s like I’m in some bizarro land where everything is opposite and wonderful! (I hope Bob Guza is watching and crying angry tears into his “Jason Morgan Is My Lord and Savior” t-shirt.)

But see, that’s the funny thing that happens when Jason is forced to sit out a crisis on the sidelines: other characters get to be awesome. Lots of other characters! Dante, Shawn, and John’s gun battle with Jerry’s henchmen yesterday was hilariously ridiculous and beautiful, from Dante’s (and what looked like Dominic Zamprogna’s?) fabulous kicking skills to John’s drop and roll.

And then, today, Lulu got to step up, stand by her man, and help with the bomb diffusing! John prepared to sacrifice himself! And Sonny and Jax took on Jerry while Shawn rescued Alexis. WITH HIS TONGUE:

Those two had better get a steamy love scene after all this is over, is all I have to say about that.

Alexis is, of course, reliably one of the only people that can make Sonny palatable to me anymore, so his determination not to let Jerry take her was really good for me:

SONNY: Let me tell you something, Jax, anything happens to my little girl’s mother, I’m gonna kill you myself.

See? Normally, that kind of stupid, macho posturing from him would drive me up the wall, but he remembered that Alexis is the mother of one of his children and… yeah. Heart? Melted.

Likewise, the only time I really like Jason is when he’s getting righteously indignant over things that also annoy me, so I particularly appreciated his outrage over Kelly’s incompetence the other day:

JASON: Why didn’t Doctor Lee catch it, then? She went over the chart with Sam!
ELIZABETH: It’s possible she wasn’t even looking at the blood type because it wasn’t relevant at that moment.
JASON: She told Sam the baby had hemophilia — how could the blood type not be relevant?

Jason, Jason, Jason… it’s cute that you think a doctor who didn’t notice when when Maxie miscarried a pillow would notice a petty little detail like the blood type of a child with a blood disease who died under slightly suspicious circumstances not matching that of his parents. Silly little hit man!


17 thoughts on “OH MY HEART.

  1. I’m pretty sure that kick was done by DZ, since Sebastian Roche said they did all their own stunts, it looked like DZ, and his parents own a dance school which he attended as a kid, so I attributed the kick to dance school, haha. (And I think Dante and Lulu finally got their madcap adventure here!, first referred to in this post: https://despairintheafternoon.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/prescription-needs-more-madcap/)

    That koala kills me every damn time. And they know it, damn it.

    Not gonna lie, it totally amuses me to picture Guza feeling faint at the thought of Jason not being included.

  2. Guza must also be feeling faint over the presence of three competent, clear-thinking women over fifty appearing in one episode, and with two of them being drooled over by men. I don’t know how often Leslie Charleson will be available in future, but if she is, Monica needs to get some lovin’, too. It’s only fair. And of course there’s Anna — my God, four sexy women over fifty on this show. He must be practically on his deathbed.

    Loved Todd’s “wait, wait”. RH’s delivery is priceless.

  3. Thats the TODD I love! Trying to smother Johnny as he lay dying from a gunshot wound. The Todd I hate to love, WOULD definitely beat a battered man when he’s already down. RH’s delivery is awesome. I liked when Jerry was telling the 1%ers that they were all “boring, annoying and certain forms of tedious” and Todd said hey don’t lump me in with these guys.

    McBain’s pause…think it through in his head..then kinda bounce-roll was hilarious, and I loved it! Plus he’s as good a shot as the “ultimate sharpshooter” JASON. OMGosh…

    DZ’s action skills were FUN. Yeah the kick had a flair of dance to it, but his fight sequence was awesome. I was cracking up and cheering at the same time. Someone else said this scene reminded them of Charlies Angels. I agree. Shawn, McBain, and Dante were awesome as the heroes! Even Jax and Sonny semi-tolerating each other was good, whilst they tried to save Alexis.

    I’m crushing on Shawn. Hard. He’s got swag and sensitivity, and HE LIKES ALEXIS. LOVES HIM.

    My Alexis. Men want her, men are trying to save her, she’s self-sacrificing. How much am I loving the show right now. Add into it some powerhouse JE scenes on the other side of town, and I’m pure jello.

    other things I liked: Carly peeling into the scene in her BMW and Lulu (who appears outta no where?? – just sayin’) coming to the rescue.

    This is freakin’ awesome!!!

    • One of the things this show that pisses me off is how incompetent, corrupt or a combo of both they making everyone else look except Jason and his crew. I am the only that is pissed off that they write Kelly Lee and Lainey Winters to be such hacks, that Dr.Ewen was proved to be crazy, Dr. Webber killed a man to give his organs to someone else, Lisa Niles was a pyscho, Dr. Devlin was an amateur hit man. I think that Patrick Drake is actually one of the few doctors that is great in his professional life, but kind of sucks at his personal life (which is what it should be.

    • I loved Carly’s screeching up in that car — wasn’t there a long-running plot about how she didn’t know how to drive/was a terrible driver years ago? Did I make that up?

      • No, your right!

        At first Carly was supposedly afraid to drive (I believe), so Sonny always ordered her to be chauffered around. Then the “she’s a horrible driver” was the excuse used when she drove off a cliff – but was actually faking her death because she had seen Alexis and Sonny in bed. But when LW assumed the role, the writers acted like her driving phobia/horrible driving was never a plot point, because suddenly she was just snatching up keys driving Morgan to play dates left and right.

  4. LOVED this entire episode for all the reasons stated above. I felt like Edward wasn’t going to be around much longer also, between John Ingle’s health and that speech Tracy gave at the end like even she was prepared for it. I’m sure Ron C doesn’t really want to kill off any more Q’s, but it would be ridiculous to recast Edward at his age. Maybe the Dillon/Ned references mean they’ll be coming back for the sad event and we’ll have some more Q’s in the house.

    • Yeah, I hate to lose another Q as much as anyone, but recasting Edward would be ridiculous and pointless – the character was old in the 70s, for goodness sake! It’s time to let him go. Hopefully, whatever happens with Ingle, when and if they kill off Edward, it will be quietly off screen with a respectful celebration of his life after — like they did with Lila.

      A recast Dillon would be a great addition to the canvas. And I would love to see Ned again.

  5. Edward’s exit was heartbreaking but well done, he didn’t get a lame send off by being murdered, they honoured his history, and so the character leaves with dignity. No recast, please. I hate losing another Q (I put the Qs dying off on Guza) but Edward is old, I think he’s probably in his 80s. This exit makes sense. Edward may act like a curmudgeon but he was a softy.

    • Ingle’s in his 80s… I’m pretty sure Edward is much, much older. I’ll be happy if the character gets a quiet, respectful death off-screen.

  6. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming to see John Ingle. I loved that Edward wanted Robin’s daughter to be cured. The thought of Emma and Patrick thinking that by dying they could join Robin and that seemed okay with them broke my heart, too. All these actors deserve awards.

    I’m still fuming that Jason gets compared to Ewen as though they can’t BOTH BE BAD PEOPLE! Oh, this show.

    I just can’t get into Sean. Neither the actor nor the character. But I am loving that Jax is back. He makes Sonny seem even more of a childish little prat.

    • Shawn is kind of dull, but I like that he’s a hot, younger man who’s genuinely interested in Alexis and isn’t an asshole. And he has a bit more bite than Mac.

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