Oh, damn it all.

Hey, remember the other day when everything was all sparkly wonderful and I said I’d be happy even if these were the last Liason scenes we ever got? And then they went and gave us more and they were also wonderful? And then she thought she was about to die, so Liz was finally honest about all her Jason feels, and that was kind of awesome too:

STEVE: I mean Jason did save your life. Maybe what you’re feeling is gratitude.
ELIZABETH: He’s saved my life before, and I’ve saved his. We have a lot of history.
STEVE: That’s one way of putting it.
ELIZABETH: I’m not talking just about Jake. This goes years back. When I was grieving for Lucky, Jason was the only person I could talk to. He was the only one who listened to me without trying to fix things or diminish how I felt. It’s always been like that. We go in and out of each other lives… and my feelings for him never really go away.

What an accurate yet concise summary of their entire relationship! And of the unsatisfied frustrations of every Liason fan!

So, yeah. I should have known all this goodness was too good to be true. Because the last couple days were a total reverse course back into Guza-type Ladies Love Cool Jason/Liz Has Lost Her Damn Mind crap. And I am annoyed. But hey — hot kissage!

My problem is this: Elizabeth should never be the one pursuing Jason. This is the exact same thing that happened last time around, and one of the major reasons it didn’t work. He should be the one pursuing her, and she should be wary and fighting it because of the all the very good reasons Jason laid out in their conversation yesterday. This is soap 101.

Having her ignore all that once again makes her look like an idiot and a terrible, Carly-style mother. And reducing her to groveling for scraps of his affection in the service of making Jason look all noble and self-sacrificing is just pathetic. DO NOT WANT.

Jason’s response to her overtures was actually great — he clearly still has feelings, and is still trying to protect her. (Rightly.) I just hate that they went there with this dynamic again, you know? Why couldn’t they just leave it all happy rescues and hurt/comfort nostalgia? Or, at the very least, let them have this conversation while they thought they were about to die and had nothing else to lose — more a last fling than Liz deciding that she’ll happily put her kids in danger again? Come on, RC. You’re better than this.

I mean, the rest of the show was full of great soap. Konnie! I missed you, you badly accented, over-acting, ball of awesome! (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am desperately looking forward to today’s Trey scenes. His little face when she gleefully told him she wanted to abort him! So good!) And Heather continues to delight me with her every breath, Alexis had a lovely talk with her most annoying daughter, and Todd mentioned Blair breaking his heart, which is always a good thing in my book. All that was lovely! I just wish this one plot line hadn’t been so clumsy and annoying.

ANYWAY. I would be remiss if I didn’t commemorate the hotness of the end of the poisoned water crisis (you know what I love more than attractive people, sweating attractively? Attractive, sweaty wet people, making out):

Also, this happened.


Finally, John Ingle’s passing yesterday, while not entirely unexpected, was still immensely sad. His cantankerous yet loveable blowhard was the only Edward I’ve ever known. The comments from his cast mates make it clear that he was a wonderful person as well as a fine actor, and his presence on the canvas will be greatly missed. I’m so glad that the show was able to work out a way for him to come in and have those last lovely scenes. They were a perfect tribute to his legacy on this show. RIP, Mr. Ingle.

(ETA: Just saw this report of Ingle’s last day on the set:

“His scene was small and he had very few words… but his presence on the set was monumental,” his daughter posted on Facebook. “Beginning with a standing ovation by the entire cast and crew as we entered the set, to the line of people waiting to hug and wish him well, it was a day that he (and we) will remember forever. Several months ago, Dad had said that ‘if he only had one more day on the set of General Hospital, he would feel like he had won’… On that Friday, with the help of one of his caregivers (Anthony), a wheelchair van and 2 of his daughters, (myself and Chrissy), that goal was realized. Entering the set of GH was emotional for Dad and it was obvious why he has loved being there all these years. Chrissy and I joked and said it was the ONLY ‘Hospital’ we have enjoyed visiting since January! Ha! The filming did not take that long and Dad did a good job.”

“The cast and crew were patient and worked with Dad to get a scene that was meaningful. Standing there watching the monitor, we were struck by the reality that it was not Edward Quartermaine who was on the set…it was Dad surrounded by people who love and care about him. It was truly a wonderful afternoon. None of us know what tomorrow holds, but today we will hang onto the memory of August 24th and the love and support that was shown for our Dad….”

… and now I’m in tears at work.)

The news that Sean Kanan is on his way back to Port Charles (for Edward’s funeral, perhaps?) is small consolation, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t HUGELY EXCITED. Of course, everyone’s being incredibly cagey about what he’ll be doing there and who he’ll be playing, but it’s apparently a long term story and if they don’t take this opportunity to resurrect AJ and breath some life back into the Q’s, I’ll be both surprised and super cranky, because come on.

Billy Warlock did a great job with the character and I’d have been happy to have him back as well, but Kanan has always been my AJ — he had the perfect blend of natural arrogance hiding huge insecurity, and he looks so damn much like both Steve Burton and Chad Duell it would just be a shame not to use that. Now we just need a recast, resurrected Emily, and Ned and Dillon to come home. That’s not so much to ask, is it?

Make it happen, RC, and I may even forget how annoyed I am about this Liason business. (No, not really, but make it happen anyway!)


15 thoughts on “Oh, damn it all.

  1. You summed it up with Liason, I do NOT want a reapeat of last time. I’m glad Jason is leaving alone not with Sam, not with Liz. Why would Elizabeth decide Jason is worth all that? Is it so much to ask she gets to be independent or with a man who treats her well?
    RIP, Edward. And RIP John Ingle

  2. yup… this was a real gut punch to Liason fans.

    I wish they would have just left it at goodfriends/loads of history/comfort thru tragedy (perhaps even “one for the road” loving) but Liz groveling after Jason and being told no. That hurt.

    Especially since he continues to throw his tongue down her throat at every opportunity.
    And with Sbu exiting this really leaves Liz in the lurch.


    • I do wonder if we’ve hit the episode written after SBu’s departure became known. I guess we’ll always wonder where they might have been heading had he stuck around.

  3. I am *shocked* that you didn’t make a SIZZLE reference after Sam’s “what was I supposed to do, join in?” comment while telling Alexis & Kristina about seeing Jason and Liz kissing! ;) I laughed out loud and thought of this blog when I heard her say that!

  4. So caught up in my Liason anger I forget to discuss Sean Kanan…Can I just say YIPPEEEEEE…SO Super psyched! Love him. When he popped up on B&B as Deacon I followed him. Ohhhh he was (and still is sooo) super sexy, even when written horribly (bleech for falling for Brooke), so I cannot wait for his return AS A.J. (right? pls not as a recast Jason!).

    And if SBu ‘s exits ushers in an undead AJ and a return to battling over the Q estate how wonderful will that be? He does look just like Chad Duell and a brother to Jason. I want to see LW’s Carly interact with SK’s A.J. it should be explosive. Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait.

    Sad to hear of John Ingles passing but the send off done by Cartini was an absolutely wonderful way to pay tribute to the man and character prior to his passing. JI will be missed.

    I have to praise Cartini yet again…miracles of miracles they are bringing back SK and that truly means to me that a revisit to all things Quartermaine is on the horizon.

    • I think the Jason recast rumors are a total red herring. He’ll either be someone completely new or a resurrected AJ. But I think they’d be foolish to waste this opportunity to get AJ back unless they’re also planning on bringing Billy Warlock in at some point…

  5. I think that he didn’t maybe want to go down ” Liason Lane” again. From what I understand is that he really wanted to stay in the JaSam storyline and quite possibly because he wasn’t getting that same support from the new writers is quite possibly the reason he’s leaving GH To begin with. And I’m okay with that…

    • Eh, it looked to me like JaSam was the endgame to this, or as endgame as soaps get; and while I’m not going to take anything in the press at face value, I find it hard to believe a temporary story would drive someone out. He was still getting plenty of screen time. Perhaps he was just burned out, or ready for a change, or tired of black t-shirts. Until I run into him at that pizza joint he keeps pushing and ask him, I’ll never really know. And after that, I’ll never really know.

      NLG’s chest really is a national treasure. Why doesn’t it have it’s own spot in the credits again?

      • Yeah, the idea that any actor would throw away a steady, 20+ year gig, leave his co-workers in the lurch, and uproot his entire family across the country in a fit of pique over ANY fictional pairing strikes me as fairly ridiculous.

        • Damn straight. I think the time was right for him and his family and he’s not ruling out the possibility of a return. It frees up both money and story. Could be interesting.

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