I’m not ready!

Okay, so I saw in the previews yesterday that Patrick is clearly being set up for a new love interest. And from the episode today, it is looking like an ugly duckling story? How else would you explain that hair?!?

So of course, I used my googlefu and found the info about this new character with a photo of the actress playing her. This only reinforced my thoughts since she is clearly stunning. Hopefully when she becomes a swan she will look older than 14 years old. Patrick looks super old compared to her right now.

I know that they need to give Patrick a new love interest…eventually. I would much rather him be a leading man than be back-burnered as he morns Robin.  But still, I am sooooo not ready for this.  I’m going to try to like this character. Despite the contact embarrassment I experienced while watching her clunky dialogue demonstrating her interest in Patrick and despite my protective feeling towards Scrubs, I’m going to try. I promise. I just hope that the writers try to woo the audience and mend our broken hearts while they do so for Patrick. New relationships need to be earned, people!

Oh and I know he is supposedly going on a date with the super gorgeous Dr. Lady. She just looks like a foil for this new love interest so I’m just pretending she isn’t there. Lalalalalala.

10 thoughts on “I’m not ready!

  1. Glad to see I am not alone! I am not ready either. Ditto on the using JT and not back- burning him and did kinda enjoy two ladies ‘crushing’ on him – I mean c’mon who wouldn’t crush on him! but it still feels too soon, even if we forget that Robin is alive. Although I did like Epiphany’s expression when Sabrina was denying her crush, it was like ‘here we go again’. LOL.

    I do wish we had seen this new Dr. W before now, it might make more sense that she is interested in Patrick. I thinks she picked up on Sabrina’s crush, which should be interesting. Also they do need to make Sabrina look older than 20 (I’m saying that b.c she supposed to be a Student Nurse) because she looks waaaaay too young for him right now.

    How old is this actress?? I kinda ignored what I read b.c I was hoping they were not doing this quite yet.

    Guess I better go back to watching YT videos to keep in denial for now….

    • And I am not ready for Patrick to move on. Maybe nuDoc will rub the leading lady in Patrick’s life, Emma, the wrong way and she’ll show her Daddy this person is not for him! I’d love to see Emma have a heart-to-heart with her Daddy about this! That would be a fabulous scene, as all scenes are with Brooklyn & Jason!

  2. I agree, it would have been better if they introduced the other doctor earlier. It would feel less like the writers woke up one day and were like “hey, let’s give Patrick another love interest now. Oh, and let’s also give him a rebound dating relationship to help with his transition to a more serious love interest. Two new characters in one day! Boom!.” *eyeroll* It just feels so forced.

  3. I had to look twice at new doc b/c I swore I thought it was nuKristina. Don’t care for her thinking she’s all that and a can of Pringles over Sabrina just b/c she’s a doctor and Sabrina’s a student nurse. Especially didn’t like her moving in on Patrick like that. Pushy much? Think you’re all that and then some just b/c new student nurse is younger, wears glasses, and…like the rest of us ladies…swoons and loses complete use of our cognitive functions when we see Patrick? Um, no…you’re not. Go, Sabrina! You’ll be a helluva better friend to Patrick than Doc Not will be as anything!

  4. I knew you’d be having trouble with this! And yeah, they’re totally doing an ugly duckling with this one. Which could be amusing and could be terrible.

      • Well, the fact that the audience knows Robin is alive means that no placeholder romance for Patrick is really going to stick. So all I’m hoping for is some amusement.

        • Hmmm. I don’t know about that. Since KMc won’t be coming back full-time I think if they found a popular pairing it could stick. Am I just paranoid?

          • They have to bring Robin back in some form eventually though, whether short-term or recast. I guess they can have the character in limbo forever but that would be a really bad idea . . .

  5. It’s kinda of sad how obvious the ugly duckling storyline is, but maybe they’ll find a good way to tell it? She’s not even a good ugly duckling, because that skin is utterly flawless. She’s quite lovely even though they are trying to disguise it. I agree that she looks very young, though.

    As a Scrubs fan, this is difficult. But, as a Patrick Drake fan, and more importantly a Jason Thompson fan, I’m ready for him to have a new story. So, bring it on, in my opinion….

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