Oy. And also vey.

Oh, dear. Why do I have the sinking feeling that before Sabrina turns into a swan, she’s going to test every single on of my contact embarrassment limits?

On the upside, at least Friday’s embarrassment gave us Jason Thompson in a tuxedo, and that is a thing about which I will never complain:

Poor Patrick. His romantic options at the moment are Dr. Snotty Jerk and a woman who looks like a 12 year old and has the fantasies to match.

(The last time someone fantasized about Dr. Drake, you may recall it was a little less Downton Abbey and a little more Skinemax. My preferred version would probably involve a mix of both. HOT TUXEDO SEX. I’M JUST SAYIN’. Dear Sabrina: fantasize better.)

His relief at thinking he’d have to cancel his date with Dr. Snotty was both sweet and kind of sad:

PATRICK: It’s not a big deal. I was going to go have dinner with a colleague and get to know each other a little bit, and maybe you know, in a little bit of a bonus, find a new friend.

Oh, Patrick. It’s adorable that you think that woman is in any way interested in being your friend. SHE WANTS TO EAT YOU ALIVE. WITH HER VAGINA.

Anyway! In related news, Anna’s back! And she brought her 8 million blinding teeth!

JOHN: Welcome home.
ANNA: Oh, wow. Did you miss me.
ME: Yes! Never leave again!

She and McBain still have the best BFF chemistry and I love them. I also love that she is hot on Heather’s trail, along with half the town. I adore many things about Heather, but not least of which is her ability to pull everyone into a believable umbrella story.

Mostly, though, I’m just happy to see Anna free of Luke– at least for the moment — and ready to kick some ass and take some names. (Where is Luke supposed to be, though? Is he chasing after Robert and Ethan? Whatever, I’m just okay with him being gone for a while. Good timing, Tony Geary’s vacation!)

Meanwhile, his ex-wife is already backsliding on her anti-Joe Scully stance, and I just want to do a slow motion  “noooooooo” while jumping in between them, because Tracy! You deserve so much better, girlfriend!

But more importantly, her confession of his accused misdeeds brought us this conversation with Monica:

MONICA: Why is that name so familiar?
TRACY: Ten years ago, his father — that would be Joe Scully Sr. — started to make inroads in Port Charles.
MONICA: Oh, yes. Yes. I remember. Luke and Lucy Coe had something to do with it.

Stop teasing me, RC! Not unless you really mean it! I mean, another Lucy Coe reference? I’m not trying to read too much into things here (I AM TOTALLY TRYING TO READ TOO MUCH INTO THINGS HERE) but we had a couple of AJ references not long ago and now Sean Kanan is on his way back to town. Coincidence?

Oh please, oh please, oh please let two Lucy Coe name drops in a month mean something good. (Dear RC: I will sacrifice anything you like to the god of soapy goodness to get Lynn Herring back on my tv screen.)

By the way, in case your memories — like mine — were a little fuzzy on how Luke and Lucy were involved with the original Joe Scully plot in the 90s, apparently it involved her conning him into stealing from Deception? For… reasons? I don’t know:

OH KEVIN. OH LUCY. OH SIGMUND. I CAN’T NOT LOVE ANY OF YOU. (However, I question the wisdom of bathing in the same water as one’s pet duck. Boundaries, Lucy! Boundaries and hygiene!)


14 thoughts on “Oy. And also vey.

  1. Ahahaha. Your assessment of Sabrina’s fantasies is exactly how I felt, except I think I had ten times the squirm factor. I think you are right, it seemed so juvenile.

    Thank you for the Robin fantasy link. Oh gawd, they were so hot.

    Be careful what you are offering to the soap gods for Lynn Herring. Remember when we felt that way about Vanessa Marcil?

    (yes, I do agree that RC is a lot more trustworthy with honoring history than Guza, but still, I’m gun shy!)

    • La la la la I can’t hear you. Where can I go to drop off my sacrificial offerings?

      Also, as dumb as those fantasies were, equally dumb, if not more so, was “sure I’ll let this co-worker who I’ve just met stay alone with my only child. After all, she works here, so she must be trustworthy”.

    • I thought you’d appreciate that link.

      Yeah, beyond his general trustworthiness and recent track record with older female characters, RC is good with quirky characters. I think he’d do Lucy justice.

  2. I’m so not ready to see Patrick with anyone besides Robin (even if it’s a fantasy), that I fast forwarded thru most of it. While on mute. I may have also covered my eyes a little until it was over.

  3. I want Jason Thompson to get front burner storylines and on a soap that means romance for an attractive guy in his age bracket. I just hope this particular scenario improves.

    • I agree. I just really need her to look and act a little older before he starts noticing her romantically. Otherwise… I’ll be side-eying Patrick pretty hard.

      • Yeah, I agree. Patrick has grown up so much, it seems ridiculous that he would be interested in someone who seems like they are a teenager.

        But at least Patrick is getting a story, so, yay?

  4. I believe (through many watchings of Sonny and Brenda edits over the years) Joe 1 was trying to hijack a delivery of Deception and smuggle drugs through it instead. Sonny caught wind, told Lucy and the whole gang worked together (I believe Luce feigned interest in Scully)to set him up to get busted. I am sure there is more to the story, but I was more interested in S&B’s smoking hot chemistry then wacky mob hijinks, so that is just the basic outline of it.

      • I guess Scully was working with Damian Smith to take down Deception because Damian was mad? at Lucy at the time and I think it was also a way for Scully to get back at Sonny by threatening Brenda’s livelihood, which seems like a very overly complicated way to get mob revenge, but whatever. Anyhow, there is very little info about this story on the internet and I don’t feel like slogging through you tubea nd/or breaking out my VHs!! S&B edis to provide more info. So that is about all I got for all six or seven of you that care.but it was bothering me so I had to look into it. Regardless Lucy Coe rules!! Bring her back!

  5. Gotta agree with you again! Definitely an Oy Vey moment but I was enjoying the tux!! It was just nice to see Patrick a little happy. Let’s hope this storyline improves as we go on.

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