Waving the white flag…

All right, show. I know we’re kind of in a fight right now. But yesterday, the dudes were discussing poetry and feeeeelings while the girls stuffed bills down Magic Milo’s underwear, so I’m calling a temporary truce. Because this? Needs to be documented for posterity:


I think this is literally the only time Milo has been on screen that I haven’t rolled my eyes once. (Although when he was dutifully swatting his own ass with that kerfuzzled but hopeful look on his face, I did have the slightly uncomfortable feeling that I was watching someone mentally challenged being taken advantage of.)

But you know what? He has more skill as a stripper than he’s ever shown as a bodyguard (exhibit A: the fact that he was doing this at all when he was supposed to be protecting the guest of honor) so who am I to deny a boy a chance to make a living?

Also, Lulu miming various dance/strip moves? SO GOOD FOR ME. Rebecca Herbst agrees:

Because Kelly Sullivan’s face is a continuing gift to the world, this is how she reacted to the above shirt removal:

For reals, I get a little light-headed when she does that barracuda thing with her jaw. KELLY SULLIVAN, YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN HERO.

And then, shenanigans ensued, and a good time was had by all:

I love it when you can tell the actors are having fun. The only thing that could have made this whole thing better was the presence of Alexis and Diane. You know, since they’re both actually Kate’s friends — something 90% of the actual attendees could not say. Plus, you just know watching Alexis deal with drinking and naked men in front of her daughters would have been comedy gold. And Diane! Perving on Max’s baby brother! Come on, now. It writes itself!

(At least Carolyn Hennesy is on her way back soon. I really need Diane and Todd to share a scene.)

I also need to give a special shout out to the winners of the evening’s Good Hair Competition:

Looking good, ladies! Starr, love the pony with the long side bang and the retro 80s jacket. Maxie, that bustier is doing good things for you. Also, congrats on being one of the only women on this show without two feet of hair weighing you down. (Not that there’s anything wrong with long hair, but a little more variety would be nice, girls.)

Speaking of — Liz! I see you’ve decided to go with CURLS OF EVIL. Always an excellent choice! Very subtle. But seriously, get a haircut, please. (Remember this? Remember how cute it was?) If we’re stuck with bad girl Liz, the least you can do is have a cute, bad girl hairstyle, right?

And what were the boys up to while all this was going? On, you know. The usual. Talking ’bout dick:

SPINELLI: Finding a girl who has an appreciation for Tolkien, Ellison… Dick.

SPINELLI: Philip K. Dick, the genius science fiction auteur?
JASON: Yeah, right.
MAX: [deeply suspicious] Yeah. Right.

Thank you, writer of yesterday’s dialog. Thank you very much.


10 thoughts on “Waving the white flag…

  1. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

    Also, I missed the boys’ dialogue. I was bored with them and tuned out to play on the internets. Look what I missed!

  2. Loved yesterday’s epi and agree with your comments. Spinelli’s “dick” comment was hilarious! Connie was beyond wild! I’m with you! Love my Lizzy and her lovely locks but Becky..get a trim Hun!

    • I just don’t understand why every single woman on the show has to have the same haircut? Some of them wear the straight, ultra long hair well, but it gets boring!

  3. Connie’s facial expressions usually drive me batty, but yeah, I thought when he was taking off his shirt it was hilarious. I think it was because she was so genuinely delighted, like a kid finally getting a cookie they’ve been wanting.

  4. It’s impossible to feel bad for Kate when Connie is soooooo hilarious to watch. If Kate’s out too long I find myself hoping for something traumatic to stuff her back in again.

  5. I know I’m extremely late to the party always being 2-3 days behind in viewing. BUT Ohhh my gosh…HIGH-LA-RIOUS…Connie’s facial expressions…AWESOME…

    and re: Milo’s dance/strip routine..this.. “I did have the slightly uncomfortable feeling that I was watching someone mentally challenged being taken advantage of ” …YES!! I was rolling but kept thinking…ohh poor Milo…

    Lulu mouthing instructions to him and Lizzie Beth cracking up in the background…wonderful..

    I liked the guys calmness compared to the ladies rowdy. I thought it was funny and allowed the characters to shine, Jason in his usual bland stoic manner, Spinelli’s comments were hilarious (and him being a ringer in poker was cool too) and Max’s constant mentions of Diane and his usual cluelessness was great.

    Just a fun episode all around.

    That Liz/Sam gossipy girl moment..I tuned it out. As a matter of fact Im choosing to ignore this completely off the rails trip that Liz is taking at the moment. I’ll tune back into her in three weeks once SBu exits and they whitewash her actions and haphazardly slap her into another storyline.

    • On the Liz front, I don’t think you’ll have to wait even that long. She started to come clean yesterday and it looks like more to follow today. I still hate it, but at least it’s the fastest turn around in soap history…

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