Give this woman an Emmy, please.

I’m not feeling well tonight and that may be making me extra emotional. But Rebecca Herbst had me uncontrollably SOBBING LIKE A BABY during her explanation for The Big, Suddenly-Forgivable Lie today:

ELIZABETH: When I picked up the test results and saw that the baby was Sam’s… I thought about that other mom. And I thought… that mom had had Sam’s baby for four months. For four months, raising that child. And loving that baby and–I know it’s wrong, and I–but it’s sad. She doesn’t deserve to have that child taken away from her–
JASON: He isn’t hers!
ELIZABETH: And I didn’t deserve to have my child taken away from me either! But Sam watched. Sam watched while Jake was being kidnapped. And let you and me and Lucky lose our minds with grief and anger and pain. And she knew the whole time! And she didn’t say a word about where Jake was.
JASON: So what is this, payback?
ELIZABETH: I don’t know, I don’t know. May–I don’t know! [breaks down] Maybe. I don’t know.

Daaaaaaamn. Okay, for the record? I still hate this story. I hate that it happened and I hate that it wouldn’t have happened at all if Steve Burton’s departure hadn’t thrown a wrench in what was looking like a possible chance to see this couple done right. After  all the other times actor schedules and backstage drama has messed with this couple just as things were getting interesting, it’s hard not to read some meta commentary on the entire Liason fanbase in Elizabeth’s plaintive, “Why couldn’t we have a chance?”

But all that aside, and as painful as they were… those were some powerhouse scenes. I deeply appreciate that Liz’s reasons were less pathetically based on simply getting Jason back than it had originally seemed. Rebecca Herbst 100% sold me on her empathy for Téa and her own lingering sadness and anger over Jake’s death messing with her head. I could almost understand how she might have convinced herself that it was less cruel to keep the truth from Sam — who, for better or worse — had already processed the loss, than to visit that fresh pain on another mother who’d had months to bond with a child she believed was hers. Especially with Sam’s history with Jake’s kidnapping in the mix.

Even the Jason-based parts of the explanation made sense in the context of her spiraling grief and depression and desperate hope that he would fix it for her like he did when Lucky “died”. (My poor Liz. I just want to hug her and bake her some cookies, you know? Girl needs a friend. And a break.)

I also appreciate that my other big fear — that Jason leaving soon after would mean he and Elizabeth would part on bad terms — was proven false:

ELIZABETH: Jason, I am so sorry. I am so sorry that I have ruined everything that we had and that I’ve burned it all down–
JASON: I know what it’s like to make a terrible mistake. At least you were able to make it right.

Granted, it would be HUGELY hypocritical of him to have held this against her given his own spotty track record and his forgiveness of Sam’s transgressions in the past. But when has the threat of hypocrisy ever stopped anyone on this show from getting self-righteous before?

And let’s face it: it’s pretty unheard of for a secret of this magnitude to come out this fast (was it even 24 hours in show time? 48 at the most?) and to come out in an attack of conscience rather than being caught and forced to confess. All in all, I’d say Elizabeth — by soap standards, at least — has come out of this mess looking much better than I would have thought possible at this time next week.

So that’s something, I guess.

(But for the love of God, RC, can she get a real story that’s actually about her and maybe lets her be just a little bit happy after this? Please?)

Elsewhere… other things happened? That I guess I kind of should care about? But I mostly don’t because they’re so ridiculous. (You can tell Konnie and Joe Jr. grew up together, because they clearly both attended the same Overly Complicated Marriage-Based Schemes Which Make No Sense At All class in high school.)

We finally found out why Joe needed Trey to marry Kristina! And the answer is… so he can kill her and Trey will inherit, um–what, exactly? Dear Joe: KRISTINA HAS NO MONEY. She’s a college freshman without a single dollar to her own name and since both her parents are still alive and hate your son’s guts, the odds of them leaving him anything are pretty much zilch. Even if she has a huge inheritance in a trust, she has no access to it and there’s no way in hell her mother the lawyer would let that money go to a dude she was married to for two days.

And in order for her to get Sonny’s full fortune, he would need to die first — along with every other member of their family. Then Kristina would have to be killed after inheriting everything. And even then, a fake will leaving everything to Trey would have to be forged. Joe skipped, like, eleven steps in this plan to have it actually have a chance of working.

Also, one of Sonny’s kids — the one married to your son, no less — turns up dead and you seriously believe that he would assume anyone was responsible other than the enemy he hates most in the world, who’s living in town right now and has recently threatened his children repeatedly?


Meanwhile, Konnie’s grand plan is exactly what it seemed it had to be: she can’t marry Sonny because she’s already married to Johnny. How that’s a simpler solution than, I don’t know… just killing Sonny in his sleep or faking her own death… is beyond me. But I’m sure that watching her come up with a reason why this marriage makes sense without anyone other than crazy Olivia figuring out she’s not in her right mind is sure to lower the town’s collective intelligence even more. So that will be fun.

(Dear, Olivia: how about you ask Milo if you were hallucinating the night before instead of babbling about lace and making an ass of yourself in public?) (Also, please dump Steve. He may be the stupidest person on this show right now, and that, as you can see, is a hotly contested category. He’s also a smug, condescending ass who is waaaaay too trigger happy on having women he claims to love institutionalized against their will, and a terrible boyfriend, and you deserve better.)

Oh, and this happened, and it was awesome:

Aaaaand… I’ll be in my bunk.

27 thoughts on “Give this woman an Emmy, please.

  1. “But I’m sure that watching her come up with a reason why this marriage makes sense without anyone other than crazy Olivia figuring out she’s not in her right mind is sure to lower the town’s collective intelligence even more. So that will be fun.”

    I guess it’s because Johnny won’t have her declared incomptent so she won’t go to a hospital? But it’s still a lousy plan because there’s no reason Sonny wouldn’t kill Johnny, and then her next closest relative can have her sent to a hospital.

    Steve is just the worst. I’m still annoyed that Olivia didn’t get pissed at him for not believing her and dumping her before the LSD happened.

      • Everything I’ve heard makes me think it wouldn’t have happened at all. I think she may have rushed the baby secret coming out to make sure they could get it in while SBu was here. But who knows?

  2. KeMo and ME do have some killer chemistry, don’t they? LOL. Poor Liz. I should be hating her right now because I’m a Sam fan and Liz really did a cruel thing to her over something that was supposed to be behind them. But I just can’t. Liz has screwed up, a lot. But she’s also been dealt some really crappy hands and has been asked basically (by the previous negligent writing) to just suck it up and go on supporting other characters and storylines. I’m glad she got this opportunity to flush it all out, to voice it, act upon it, and then get above it. Let this be a cleansing, and give her a new chapter. Both of these women, Sam and Liz, have had way too much grief – even by soap standards. Now how about a little balance, RC? Good post, Tenillypo.

    • Everything I’ve heard leads me to believe that he was planning to go ahead with Liason again. At least for a little while (since the baby secret coming out would always be looming). But then they had to switch course midstream due to SBu’s departure. I mean, it is what it is. Ewen is no great loss to me, but I am sad they wasted Matt’s chemistry with Liz. Hopefully now they’ll find an equivalent somewhere.

  3. I could have sworn Liz had forgiven Sam for watching Jake being kidnapped. I can’t stand Liz and nothing she says/does is redeemable in my eyes, But at least she could admit that Jason will always belong to Sam. That was worth waiting 6 years to hear.

    • I think she tried to forgive her — and maybe even told herself that she had. But honestly? In real life, that is not the kind of thing most people would EVER be able to get past. I mean, really. I think it was OOC for Sam, and that’s why I’m able to overlook it, But if that was my kid? No forgiveness, ever. And it makes sense to me that now having lost Jake and having that grief brought back up thinking about Tea about to lose her son and Sam about to get hers, that anger might come back up.

      But at least she could admit that Jason will always belong to Sam.

      That… was not what I heard, but okay.

      • Yeah, completely agree with you here, T. I’m just really hoping that this doesn’t fuel more of the Sam v. Liz fire. I DO NOT WANT.

  4. RH ROCKED those scenes….WOW…I too STILL HATE the story, but since it LITERALLY was the quickest soap opera confession in history, I’ll bite. Her grief was raw and she had me tearing up. And Cake and Liason fans NEEDED (NEEEEEDDDEEEDDD – I say- some sort of recognition of Liz’s feelings for the crappy way Jake was ripped from the canvas, and the way the kidnapping was swept under the rug). So if this is all I’m gonna get. Fine… I’ll take it.

    I do not like that Jason just stood there and looked at her but again… I’ll take the lesser evil because… if he had of gotten all self-righteous and smug on her, it would have made my innards churn. (I use to LOVE JASON – so this is all very hard for me.)

    I thought NuKristina wasn’t that bad in her scenes with Trey before the wedding and with Joe Jr at the warehouse. She must be growing on me. And yes this is the dumbest plan in history.. Joe Jr…Umm hullo Tracey Quartermaine is in love with you. Hey look at that you’ve got other options for getting your hands on BILLIONS. Marry her..DUH… How about that? You could have chosen a must easier, less murderous route. Geesh talk about convoluted.

    Connie/Kate marrying Johhny as her way out??? I got nothing. I thought she DIDN’T WANT the rest of the world to know that she was CONNIE and not Kate. Wellll umm this aint the way to keep the fact that she’s not integrated concealed.

    • haa…just watched todays episode…ohhhh soooo that’s the plan…marry Johnny so as NOT to get committed to Shadybrooke…ok…makes sense…kinda.

      • Sure, if the law allows violent mental patients who’ve admitted to not being in their right minds in a room full of witnesses go free so long as they’re married. Then it’s a great plan. Heh.

  5. I haven’t watched the ep yet, but tenillypo you are my fave blogger. Gh, Dr Who, and Firefly!!!! Love how you wind them all together.

      • I love that you are a fellow nerd. Don’t get me started on my Sherlock love, or X-Files, or video games, or….well yeah, you get the idea. Sadly, I am a 46 y.o. mom of 4. Still a nerd.

        BTW, I got to be in the front row of the Firefly panel at Comic-Con this year! It was FAB!!!! (And I can’t stand unwarranted over use of exclamation points)

  6. I’ve always hated both Jasam and Liason, so none of that matters anything at all to me. However, giving credit where it is due, Becky Herbst knocked that ridiculousness out of the park.

    None of the other things happening for the last week matter at all to me, either. I’m so ready to get away from this damn wedding setting.

    I’m liking McBain and Sam, against my will. They have great chemistry together.

  7. Olivia needs a real man (or woman), not some duck-lipped, folk-guitar strumming sourpuss who takes his criminally insane mother’s word over hers. How about if we get rid of Sabrina-rella and Dr. Bitchpants, then let Olivia and Patrick pair up until Robin comes back?

    • It’s a possibility, I suppose, but as a character Olivia has little appeal for me. Ever since she glossed over Sonny shooting Dante and continued to sing his praises, I’ve had no use for her.

      I remember that Patrick and Olivia had one little scene once, years ago, and Scrubs fans did not react well so they must have had at least a little chemistry. Though I am a Scrubs fan and I understood the reaction, I wasn’t threatened by that one moment.

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