Soap law makes my head hurt.

Fine, show. I give up! I don’t hate Trey anymore. He’s just so much easier to take now that his Smug switch has been turned off and his Constantly On The Verge Of Tears switch has been turned on instead.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also already proven himself more intelligent than pretty much everyone around him:

TREY: She got all emotional and started saying things like she’s my mother, right? I called her a liar. And that’s when she flipped, like… I don’t know. She just started tearing into me. And saying these vicious things. I just–I couldn’t listen to anything that she was saying. I didn’t want to hear it.
MICHAEL: And you didn’t think to tell anybody, possibly get her some help?
KRISTINA: Michael, give him a break, okay? He was clearly upset!
MICHAEL: If he would have said something about what had happened, dad would have realized that Kate relapsed into Connie.

Oh, of course. So it’s Trey’s fault now that he didn’t notice there had been a rapid personality shift in the woman he’s spoken all of two lines to in his entire life, while her fiancé and longtime personal assistant watched her plan the most out of character wedding possible and didn’t blink an eye.

Shut up, Michael.

Credit where credit’s due, Sonny reacted to the big wedding revelation with a surprisingly touching emphasis on pain and compassion over anger and betrayal. Maurice Bernard and Kelly Sullivan each did some fantastic work in the scenes where he tearfully tried to draw Kate out, and she reacted with, well:

SONNY: The only one you’re forcing yourself on is Kate!
KONNIE: No, you got that backwards! Kate forced me to lie next to you, and hear you declare your love for her and make all these promises to protect her. Which usually come right before you put her life at risk. You are a bully. And you are a pig. And she did not have the guts to kick you out. So I did!

I don’t think merely transcribing that dialog can do Kelly Sullivan’s delivery justice — she just poured so much anger and disgust and protectiveness into it. That side of Konnie? The side that genuinely seems to want to do what she sees as best for Kate? Is far more interesting to me that watching Krazy Nymphomaniac Konnie try to rope Johnny into bed for the 800th time.

Although the latter did bring us this:


Overall, however — and fantastic performances aside — it’s really difficult for me to invest in this story when everything rests on me buying a premise that I just don’t:

SONNY: Connie is too strong, you understand? Kate cannot beat her. So. She has to go to Shadybrooke, so the doctors can help her.
ALEXIS: Right. But only someone from her immediate family can have her committed.

Right, because no judge in his right mind would commit a woman who’s already been diagnosed and voluntarily institutionalized for having multiple MURDEROUS personalities, who — as far as the police are concerned — not only brained her doctor but went on a high speed gun chase that ended up killing two people. Especially when that dangerous mental patient confessed to not being in her right mind in a room full of people, including a cop.

Like, I realize that soap law bears only a passing resemblance to reality, but this is just stupid. Maybe if it was everyone’s word against Kate and Johnny that she was mentally ill, that would be one thing. But she’s not even trying to hide it — or even to pretend that her marriage took place while she was capable of consenting to it! There’s a court record of the threat she poses to society in this form! This is not that hard, Alexis!

However. The saving grace is that all this is clearly leading to Trey being the only family member who can save Kate. Which will mean more emotional mother/son scenes between Kelly Sullivan and Erik Valdez. And I approve of both of those things!

(Hey, if it’s wrong that Trey has better chemistry with his mother than his wife, then I don’t want to be right.)

But, damn, show. Would it have been so hard to come up with a way for this to happen without twisting plausibility so hard it broke?

Elsewhere, to the surprise of no one who has actually watched television before. Heather absconded with Sam’s baby before John and Jason could track down the truth. (And the fact that neither of them has still seen fit to tell Sam what the hell is going on or let her be a part of her own child’s recovery is kind of infuriating? Yes, yes, Jason was finally about to spill the beans before the Kristina thing interrupted, but it seems like after finding out the baby was missing, he still didn’t feel the need to share that bit of info yet, and really, SHE DESERVES TO KNOW.)

Anyway, before all that, Elizabeth continued her heartbreaking apology tour, and seriously, you guys. SERIOUSLY:

ELIZABETH: I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I am so sorry for everything.
SAM: I’m in absolutely no position to judge, you know that. I mean, my mistakes, I’ve…
ELIZABETH: I appreciate your understanding.
SAM: I’m grateful that you told me the truth.

I really hope that those scenes, which were lovely, mark the end of Liz’s involvement (other than helping Sam to raise the baby, sans man, NATURALLY). I just have zero need to see the full truth come out and the two of them to be at each other’s throats again. (Unless they’re at each other’s throats in a sexy way. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.)

Okay, I’ll stop, sorry. (Not really)


18 thoughts on “Soap law makes my head hurt.

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit out of the loop, but ARE Johnny and Konnie married, or is that made up? Aww, Sonny. Once again he acted with compassion, which is nice to see because MB does such a great job when given a chance. While I don’t get why Carly would be with Johnny considering his involvement in Michael’s shooting, I did feel bad for her, as well. She’s not coming off as hypocritical as she was under Guza. The break up scene seemed a bit like Lulu and Johnny’s break up the whole “I don’t wanna change” thing all over again. I hope Sam and Liz become friends now and Jason can sleep in the bed he made. Sam can be with McBain, Liz needs to rediscover herself.

    • They’re really married. I doubt there was a ceremony of any kind, but we saw Johnny sign the papers the other day. And I doubt Konnie would take a chance on a forgery.

      • OK. So it is real. I’m a bit confused on why Johnny would go through with it? I guess she has leverage b/c he killed Hope and Cole

  2. Wish I could say I am starting to like Trey but I can’t. The ABC publicity machine pushed him too much and I lost interest. I can’t muster concern or interest in his character.

    • I think he’s improved roughly 150% from his terrible introduction. And I really liked the vibe he had with Kate in their big confrontation scene. He’s not my favorite or anything, but I no longer want to punch him every time I see him.

  3. I was also yelling at Michael that just maybe if HE or Sonny had said something to Trey or Olivia or hey, Kate herself about Trey being Kate’s son maybe the wedding wouldn’t’ve gone down the way it did either. Or getting mad at Trey for defending his dad. That scene called for some lightning striking Michael.

    I kinda like Trey? I still think the actor is eh and mediocre, but I do feel bad for anyone whose dad raped his mom and the mom tells him all about it in the most horrid way possible (oh, and he’s married to Kristina to boot!). Mostly I just want a scene of Olivia feeding the poor guy pasta.

    • oh, and I just noticed this: “Is it sad that I now prefer Trey to Kristina?”

      I’m pretty sure most people prefer going to the dentist over Kristina . . . the actress had a few fleeting good moments (like when she said “can I have your word on that, Joe the third?” and “don’t follow me”) but otherwise . . . egad. e-freakin’-gad.

    • Yeah, I don’t love Trey or anything, but it was hard to hate him after they dropped the reality show thing and then had his mom screaming about how she wished he was dead. Also, I feel bad for anyone who has to share most of his scenes with Kristina. Because that is torture.

  4. i have not watched any of it…frankly i’m so very tired of connie or kate, or whoever she’s supposed to be, the best way to have handled it was to tell sonny the truth, no, i really do not want to marry you, can’t you see, that i’m connie, and you’re bad for me, and leave it at that, have him come begging.

    to marry johnny, yes, i believe that they are married, did we see it, no we didn’t, but to me that doesn’t mean anything, because for me alot of the stuff is left in the background anyway.

    glad that the truth about the baby came out, and don’t do it again, RC’s done three baby switch stories, since he’s taken over writing, well not sure of hte third one, but two for sure, come on stop rewriting your own stuff, it doesn’t show that you’re creative as a writer, just repetitious, or that you’ve written too mucy.

    nothing that sam does, interestes me, either, and i’m just cringing at her and john, i love john, i love ME….but together, they do nothing for me, i’m bored, i wasn’t at first, but then again, he was playing caleb, and she was olivia….so i got more then my fair share… the end of PC”s run, i was so bored of her, and her attitude….and to me, pretty much, she’s olivia all over again, just with a different name…

    i don’t mean to rag on the actress, but i lost interesst in her so many years ago, 9 now to be exact, because that’s how long she’s been playing sam……


    and kristina, she’s actually making me like trey, but still loathe her….if that makes any sense….

  5. and what a way for him to find out, that this woman that he’s never met before, claims that she’s his mother…and it’s trey’s fault…michael, wake up, your parents aren’t perfect either, all three of them…….


  6. OH GAWD THIS IS DUMB. So the real law is that a person over the age of 18 can’t be committed against his or her will unless a judge court orders it. It doesn’t matter if it is a family member requesting it or not. Now, for normal situations the burden of proof is pretty high, but I think murderous multiple personality disorder would probably meet that bar. *facepalm*

    • Yeah, it’s the fact that she is a clear and present danger to society and they have proof of that AND proof that she’s out of control again that kills me. But good to know my family can’t just have me committed in real life either.

    • This is the same show where someone served as the DA for his son’s murder, real law doesn’t even remotely apply

      • Yeah, but there are some things I can accept and some that just stretch reality too far. Can’t be forced to testify against a spouse for crimes that happened before you were even married? Sure. Perjury working completely differently that real life? Okay. But stuff like Scotty getting to prosecute Logan’s murder or getting custody of Laura just drive me up the wall. And this thing with Kate is the same way.

  7. Johnny can stay married to Connie and Sonny to Kate lol~ Now that could be interesting story! Can you imagine the town’s reaction especially Todd and Tracy….

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