Five Things About Revenge: “Resurrection”

This episode felt like a lot of set up, but there were definitely some high points:

1. Victoria! What a bad ass. Check out that diabolical smile as she watched the White Haired Man (who I guess will now remain forever nameless, given what happens at the end?) run for his life:


She outplayed basically everyone in this episode, including Emily, who she didn’t even realize was maneuvering to steal Charlotte’s loyalty. Slow clap, Queen V! You are the master. (Mistress. Whatever.)

2. The de-douchefication of Daniel seems to be moving forward full throttle. I mean, sure, his father previously confessed to financing terrorists and murdering an innocent man he framed for his crimes. But stealing his sister’s inheritance has really made Daniel realize he might not be a good person! Baby steps.

Speaking of Conrad, he continues to personify no shame. Blaming Daniel’s failure to sign over his own trust for him stealing Charlotte’s? Blaming Victoria for disregarding his “warning” about the plan? Comparing his suffering to Job? The man is a work of art.

3. Nolan fashion watch! I love his sleepwear. The snazzy, striped bathrobe? Perfect thing to wear to an early morning strangling:

But, of course, his Episode’s Best Outfit has to be this slick combo. Note that the boxers actually match the shirt:

Working pantsless from home is no reason not to color coordinate, people.

I’m withholding judgement on his new CFO. She seems too genuinely nice for this show — hey, maybe she’s actually a clever corporate mole sent to win Nolan’s trust?

4. The Jack/Fauxmanda plot basically had no movement in this episode, other than the fact that Emily has some primo blackmail material against Fauxmanda, should the need arise again. Which you know it will. I was more surprised by her engineering a bonding moment between Charlotte and her “sister” than her lying about the results of the test. The latter is really a victimless crime, but the former is one more step into her giving up on her real life and identity. Oh, Ems.

5. Most implausible moment of the episode: Declan’s “classmate” who is CLEARLY thirty years old if he’s a day and also Up To No Good. Dear Declan: it’s nice that you’re no longer making stupid decisions because of Charlotte. Please try to not make them for other reasons, either.

Also: Emily’s mom is Jennifer Jason Leigh! And Mysterious British Revenge Dude is back!

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