For the record, Steve Webber is a total doorknob. And his skin is orange and he’s a terrible boyfriend and I basically have no use for him most days. So you can understand exactly how insulting it is when I say that today, he totally schooled Jason on how to treat your significant other with respect:

STEVE: You’ve have to tell Sam!
JASON: I can’t tell Sam about the baby–
STEVE: It is one thing withholding the information while you’re still investigating, but you know the truth now.
JASON: The truth is that Sam’s child was kidnapped by a woman who hates her. And I don’t want to put Sam through that. It’s better to wait. I’ll tell Sam about her son when he’s safe. […]
STEVE: You, of all people, know her better than anyone else. And do you really think she’d want you to protect her right now? What if something awful happens? Don’t you think she deserves to know that her son survived and that he had a few good months with a woman who made sure he was loved? Sam needs to know the truth.

Gee, you think? I mean, it’s not like a freaking Private Investigator could maybe help with the search in any way. Also: SCREW YOU, JASON. This isn’t about you getting to play the hero and it’s not about Sam never feeling sad again. It’s her child and she gets to be worried and scared about him! That’s her right.

(Hey, remember that time Sam withheld a painful truth from Jason for a few days while processing the fact that she might have been raped and hoping that she might be able to give him good news instead of bad? And he thought that was an unforgivable breach of trust and was basically furious about it because it wasn’t her choice to make? Good times.)

I will, however, treasure the memory of Sam threatening to beat the truth out of Spinelli for the rest of my days. Thanks for that, RC.

(Also, dear Ellie: please stop saying the word “intercourse.” You can have nerdy inclinations and still speak like a normal human being. Don’t pull a Winifred on me, Ellie! Don’t you do that!)

(Also, also: DUUUUUUUUUKE!)


8 thoughts on “OH, EFF YOU, MORGAN.

  1. Not to mention when Sam held back the news that Robin had died, because you know the “shock” could actually be life threatening after brain surgery! That was completely unforgivable, and much worse than what Jason is doing *snicker*.

    • i agree…for me what she did was worse…..not telling him that robin was dead, because of his brain…then everyone else that knew, and they weren’t allowed to tell him…she was acting like a child herself…

      ok, i don’t agree with jason holding this back…but guess what sam, what’s that pay back is a bit….(put in the other two letters…

      sorry but i haven’t liked sam since october 3, 2003……….


      • The difference is Jason couldn’t do anything for Robin at that point — and Sam was acting on doctor’s advice that knowing could cause physical damage to his brain. Jason, on the other hand, is just unilaterally deciding she doesn’t get to be a part of the recovery of her own child (or he was, until Steve — Steve! — talked him out of it) because it might cause her emotional distress to know. Sam’s not in danger of dying here. There’s no comparison.

        It’s not about payback; it’s about him being a hypocrite and playing god when he can’t stand it if anyone does the same for him.

  2. ok, i’m sorry, but i couldn’t stand that scene…….her treating him that way…he made a promise to keep it a secret…and really it wasn’t his place to tell it was jason’s…..so…..today the show was pretty good……..but, that scene just made me want to throttle sam instead.


    • He promised to keep a secret to Jason who was again, as said above, making unilateral decisions for Sam, after he had expressly said he did not want that for himself. Also, this is a pattern on this show of paternalistic behavior by men always thinking they know better than the women and taking agency away from them. I know it is a soap device, but ladies can use their fragile lady brains and make decisions for themselves. You don’t have to decide to break up with them/hide a secret/fight their battles for them because they can’t handle it! /rant

  3. at first, yes, she was doing what the doctor said….but she asked monica if she should tell him, if it was safe, and she said yes, to go and tell him….so after awhile…her keeping it from him, and then telling everyone else to keep it from him….shows to me that she didn’t care about what he was feeling, only what she was feeling….to me it isolated him….to her, and only her….


    • Sure, she should have told him when Monica gave the okay, but I give more leeway for her being scared and irrational over the possibility of her husband’s brain literally exploding that I do for Jason being scared that… what? Sam might have a sad if she knows the truth? Also, Robin was an old girlfriend. This is Sam’s freaking child.

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