Recipe for a Practically Perfect Soap Day (in pictorial form):

Flashbacks! Reunions! Dramatic truths revealed! Babynapping! Babymaking! Steve getting bonked on the head! THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD:

Also: that thing Robin Mattson did with her face when Steve said he didn’t want to lose Heather again, all of Anna Devane’s tears, Lulu telling Luke she was proud of him, Sam’s reaction to hearing poor Téa gave birth at a bus station, and Heather’s “mistakes were made” response to being reminded of that time she sold Steve as a baby.

Yeah. It was a pretty good day.


7 thoughts on “Recipe for a Practically Perfect Soap Day (in pictorial form):

  1. that was great, those flashbacks…but, you know i’m not sure about duke…if he loves anna, how could he have just stood there, saying nothing, when she was talking about how she went to switz and couldn’t find her…..

    and i’m not the only one that’s thinking that…….


    • Well, sure. Why did Duke do this is the central question of his return. But all they have to do is write a reason that shows he was actually protecting Robin and Anna from someone else and it’s all good. It’s not like Luke has a spotless record when it comes to standing in front of Anna and lying to her face…

  2. Wow…that was just wow…Finola Hughes completely freakin rocks my soap world. I didn’t even watch during the Anna/Duke heyday and my goodness even I’m sold on him being the love of her life…no backstory needed… Her watery eyes and the emotions that flickered across her face whilst she battled not to believe her eyes was all kinds of soap fantasticness….and then the way she GRABBED HIM at the end…again…just wow!

    ….and that is the cutest baby ever.

  3. wonder where he’s been all these years……he has lost weight…….he looked better at least to me when they were together the first time…and it’s not because he’s older…..he looks like he’s aged….whereas finola….doesn’t look like she’s aged all that much……

    seeing the clips yesterday of them in their heyday was great….but, i’m not all that convinced that he does really love her…….otherwise, he would take her to see robin…that’s what i think….did he once love her, yes….does he now….it’s going to take alot of convincing for me to see that wow, like 25 years later now…..


    i agree the baby is cute…….i like his name cherrio baby…oh did anyone see the picture with the thing in his mouth…..that even added to the cuteness….i’m never sure what to call them…..i used to call them something else when i was a baby…and pacifier…..seems too well….ick….as far as i’m concerened….so

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