We’re gonna need earplugs on Monday, aren’t we?

Although my love for her is well documented, I can admit: hysterical Téa is not my favorite flavor of Téa. And there’s probably more to come when someone finally finds the guts to tell her the truth about little Victor. So that will be fun!

But I do so love to see her and Todd in desperate, huggy, comfort mode. Especially because the count down to her hating his guts again is rapidly approaching zero. Let’s just bask in the love while we can, shall we?

So sweet! Why can’t they stay like that forever, seriously? WHY DO YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS, RC?

Anyway, one thing I’d been afraid of was that because she wasn’t a regular on this show, Téa’s reaction to the baby swap coming out might be given short shrift. So it’s been nice to hear nearly everyone who’s learned the truth pause and take a moment to think about how horrible this revelation will be for her. Nice show of empathy, PC residents!

Sam’s been especially compassionate, and I hope the baby gets returned with a minimum of fighting between the two of them. Speaking of Sam, if I cared about her and Jason, I suppose I would have been touched by his claiming of her baby as his own in front of Heather. But since I don’t, I’ll just say this: Jason was not a douche for once, and that was nice.

(But I’ll still be okay if he ends up “dead” to save the baby. MORE THAN OKAY.)

Meanwhile, Lousy Luke and Dead Duke’s (I can already tell I’m going to get tired of typing those names together very quickly) pissing contest over Anna endeared me to neither of them. CHOOSE YOURSELF, ANNA! Tracy understands:

TRACY: Aw, Lukey has competition.
LUKE: With a cadaver. I wouldn’t be surprised if he challenged me to a duel at dawn for the maiden’s heart.
TRACY: Or, this being the twenty-first century, Anna could choose the man she wants. Which one do you think that will be?

What a novel concept!

She also unloaded her latest tale of romantic woe to Luke, who found it simply hilarious that his ex-wife had ended up in bed with a rapist who wasn’t him. HARDY HAR HAR, am I right, ladies?

ANYWAY. Despite all that, he was also a good listener, and I liked them unloading their problems to each other as friends. People have a lot more conversations about the things going on in their lives under RC — even if they’re not directly involved in each other’s plots — which is a nice bit of old-school soapiness I appreciate. And Luke is great as a platonic scene partner. He and Tracy even managed to make a funny!

LUKE: Relax. He’ll be back. In this town? [in unison with Tracy] Nobody dies.

(You’d think that knowing that, he might evince a little less skepticism about Duke and Robin, but selective genre-blindness is also an old-school soapy contrivance.)

I certainly hope the nobody dies rule is a hint not to be too worried about Heather’s fate, because, you know, I WORRY.

Look at the delusional mania gleaming in her eyes! How can I possibly live without that again? I occasionally need Heather Webber in my life, y’all!

(Also, have you seen that baby? He’s like an avalanche of cuteness. I don’t think she can entirely be blamed for making off with him, is all I’m saying.)

9 thoughts on “We’re gonna need earplugs on Monday, aren’t we?

  1. I have to say, I didn’t take Luke’s laugh that way at all. He wasn’t laughing AT Tracy, or even laughing about a rapist, just the sheer absurdity of the whole situation. I thought him and Tracy were just wonderful today, and I hope we see more of it.

    • He might not have been laughing at the rape, per se, but most people wouldn’t react to hearing the news that someone they knew — even as a casual acquaintance like Kate — had been raped without even a split second of compassion. And Luke, especially, gets much less leeway from me when it comes to sensitivity over 20+ year old rapes. It just bugged.

      • I agree, the scriptwriter should have taken a moment for Luke to express something like, “god he’s worse than I thought he was gonna be” or something before he started laughing. But mostly I took the way vulpes82 took it.

        • Yeah, I get that he was actually laughing at the absurdity of it all, but it just came across to me as an incredibly flippant and kind of tone deaf reaction for one rapist to have to the news of another. But the rest of the scene was nice, so…

    • I don’t mind the swap. GH hasn’t actually had one in my memory, which goes back 20+ years, so we’re probably due. I just hate that Todd was so complicit in it.

  2. oh, also, I wonder if we were supposed to take note that Luke drank some alcohol or if Tony Geary just forgot that he shouldn’t’ve used that prop.

    • Wasn’t there a scene the other day where he was offered a drink and conspicuously declined? I doubt we were supposed to think anything of it.

      • it was actually the same scene on thursday – Duke offered him a drink, Luke said no very pointedly, and then later on in the same episode was when Luke took a drink. It was odd.

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