Five Things About Revenge: “Confidence”

1. This episode gave me so many Emily/Nolan feels! First, his bouncy enthusiasm while ditching work to run off and help Emily play revenge games was super adorable. (Best/truest line of the episode: “I love it when you’re bossy, it means something hot is going to happen.” Hee!)

Then his sad flinch away from her on the bed when he was packing up his stuff kind of broke my heart? And possibly also Emily’s, judging by how nice and conciliatory she was toward him in the wake of British Revenge Dude (more on that below) getting all throttle-happy on him. Poor Nolan. But hey — he actually got some good hits in! At least, repeated elbow strikes to your attacker’s solar plexus are what I remember from that one self-defense class I took in college as A Proper and Recommended Response to being choked from behind. So, feel proud, Nolan!

But  of course, he couldn’t stay mad for long when she was trusting him with information about her mother, especially since trust, for Emily, is pretty much the strongest declaration of love there is. Oh, Nolan. You’re basically the best BFF ever. And Emily is the most terrible. But she does love you.

Sadly, all of his outfits were snappy but fairly bland (you know… for Nolan) in this episode. If that is Padma’s influence, I don’t appreciate it.

2. British Revenge Dude has a name! And so does the White Haired Man! (It’s like Epithet-apolooza around the Hamptons this week!)

Oh, and also Aiden, aka BRD, is not only Emily’s old Revenge school classmate, but her old LOVAH who betrayed her for the sake of REVENGE, or whatever. (Emily — SHOCKER — is not in a forgiving mood about this.) And Gordon Murphy, aka WHM, is not only her mom’s potential kidnapper/brainwasher but her LOVAH. Which… okay? Weird. That dude had an actual dungeon in his basement, Emily’s mom. Not a sexy kind, but a torture kind. Not cool.

3. Aw, Fauxmanda is so easy to manipulate when Emily pulls out the “don’t you love me?” card! It’s kind of cute. But sad. Because you know she DOES love Ems and Ems straight up does not care about her even one tenth as much.

4. The shifting alliances at the Graysons continue. Now Conrad and Victoria are getting remarried! And they’ve all been forced to co-habitate and pretend not to hate each other! Which is delightful. I especially loved her calling him out (correctly) for the deaths of everyone on that plane while leaving out the part where she had specific warning it was going to blow up and just got off without telling anyone. Oh, Victoria. Never change.

Meanwhile, Daniel, because he is basically a walking doorknob, somehow managed to grow up in this viper’s nest without picking up a smidge of either of his parents’ guile. Such that it took Emily helpfully pointing out that he should at least try to hide his burning contempt for his mother if he wanted a snowball’s chance in hell of going up against her. This should be interesting to watch. Kind of like a baby bunny trying to out-menace a king cobra.

5. Declan: still The Dumbest. (And did I miss something? How did he go from reluctantly holding onto one piece of jewelry to outright home robbery? DUMB.) I can’t even feel bad about whatever horrible thing Teen Wolf Dad Guy (yes, I also watch Teen Wolf. Shut up. THIS IS A PLACE OF NO JUDGMENT) (although that would be a weird but kind of awesome crossover. You just know Emily would be that most bad ass werewolf hunter ever) is going to do to him, because he totally deserves it for being so stupendously stupid. Shut up, Declan.


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Confidence”

  1. i thought i missed something too when Dumb Dec was robbing that house. I didn’t know you did Revenge caps….it’s my favorite show tied with Game of Thrones!

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