For the love of God, grow a pair, Port Charles!

I knew I would hate the resolution of this baby swap story, because the idea of seeing a mother have her child ripped away from her was never going to be anything but painful for me. But this? This was just THE WORST.

These people had days — DAYS — to tell Téa that her baby was gone and this child wasn’t hers. They had to wait until he was just about in her grasp again, when Sam had him and wouldn’t give him to her, to actually tell her. And then they STILL didn’t actually tell her. (And of course, they didn’t even have to go to court to get the baby’s guardianship changed! Who needs court ordered blood tests? Any old one in the lab — that was previously doctored, BTW — will do!)

Poor Téa is surrounded by a bunch of cowards. I was so tired of Todd avoiding this, but I expected it from him. John and Anna not telling her at a more delicate time is enraging. Why wouldn’t Anna tell her? Wouldn’t the police commissioner tell her if no one else did? Gah.

Dear RC, baby deaths, swaps, removal from parents or babies generally in peril is not entertaining. Cut it the fuck out.

God, I really hate this show right now.


9 thoughts on “For the love of God, grow a pair, Port Charles!

  1. Yup. It wasn’t suspenseful, just irritating. There was no good reason for Anna and McBain not to tell her on Friday, especially since they were actually supposed to be looking for the baby and instead wasted time letting Tea ask questions.

  2. I could not agree with you more. And I don’t even watch this crap anymore. The whole story from the get go was stupid. Sam with a baby period is stupid. And poor Tea, lost her husband and her baby. An her babies death on top of that was freaking dumb all around because case and point Tea was full term. Her baby was due any day and then when she gives birth her baby has undeveloped lungs??? BS. And on top of that Sam’s baby was a whole month from her due date if anything her baby should have ha the undeveloped lungs but no they take away Tea’s baby. I hope Victor comes back and takes everyone out.

  3. i wasn’t listening yesterday, but i was watching….had it on mute…and i hear you…it’s rediculous….that they wouldnt’ tell her…when sam was holding the baby right in front of her…that someone didn’t put a hand over her mouth, and say will you listen for a minute…..or whatever….however they wanted to put it….

    i know, it was rediculous that we had to play yet another stupid baby switch in which one of them dies….but i guess that RC had to go and top himself……..with that one…..


    i still say that the part where same went out into the storm and placed her baby into the plant holder……was a totally dumb move…..and all this time heather running around doing all the stuff that she did, was even dumber….

    she doesn’t entertain me in the least…….and to have waited this long, and got the result…

    i’m hoping that baby victor is with his father someplace…..that he’s actually alive………

    but i’d love for victor to come on and kick his brother’s butt once and for all…….todd i never saw him in the beginning….it was TSJ who i only saw as todd…but RH, i had seen him on another soap, and he did absolutely nothing at all for me…nothing…

    and i really like this carly…and now they are going to be a couple…..and i want to hurl something at RC……because i guess i was in the minority i really did like carly and johnny..

    which sorry rambling, i’m almost done though…



  4. Yeah, when we started chatting last night, I wasn’t sure if I’d feel as strongly as you do. I like the swap plot in general, so we differ in that respect. But then I watched and good LORD. That was some first class, grade A super dickery right there. Hopefully it was an aberration and today will be better…

    • Yeah, I don’t love the baby swap story, but if it continued with the compassion that Sam showed before she saw Tea, I would have less problems. I really hated how Sam was
      “don’t touch him.” Really? I think that would have been much better if it was as if it was breaking her heart to have to reveal the truth to her and take her son back, instead of acting like Tea was another psycho like Heather. Also, if someone had just sacked up and said something to her about twenty scenes prior and gave her a chance to process before she saw the baby with another woman, I think that would have helped. The characters all appeared to be intentionally avoiding telling her. Even John, who used the excuse that Todd should tell Tea, just looked like he didn’t want to deal with it. Poor form.

      • Yeah, it really felt like everyone was hoping that if they just ignored Tea, she would just… go away? Forget her child? What? So bad. I wanted to throttle everyone. Mostly John. Todd, I expect to wuss out. But this is John’s fucking job.

  5. After Guza’s reign of constantly having babies kidnapped, threatened, kidnapped, and run over, I can’t stomach any more children in peril. I’m happy Sam has her baby back, and I know soon Jason will find out he IS the father and all is forgiven. As always.

  6. Wow.. I guess I’m in the minority here. I REALLY liked the way this rushed s/l was played. I was happy that the story wasn’t dragged out for eons and I thought FL brought it..Even with her screaming and wailing, I thought her portrayal as a frantic mom was great. Sam on the other hand wasn’t frantic enough to me. I didn’t mind the screeching not one bit, cause as a mom I would have been even worse. And when Tea said to ANNA, wouldn’t you do the same, Anna shut her mouth, nodded her head and walked away.

    I also liked how Tea kept telling Todd to shut up and close his mouth, whilst John tried (and tried and tried) to tell her the truth. She wanted the details but the urgency of the matter kept breaking in. That’s old school soapiness ya’ll. Yes someone should have spit it out, but come on, her and John are close and he knows how much this child means to her, Anna is a mother who is still going through the pain of losing a child, and Todd, well shoot, that’s his end, so trying to spill this would be hard.

    I even thought Jason’s sudden turnaround to LOVING THIS CHILD INEXPLICABLY was well played. I mean it was a desperate situation with crazy woman holding onto said infant on roof, so if any time is a good time to claim love and fondness for a child this would be it.

    I thought Jason’s lunge for the baby at the end was awesome, too. Yes I am ACTIVELY CHOOSING to enjoy the camp and not factor in the plausibility. Fridays cliffhanger showed Heather on the far side of the roof though, whilst Monday’s intro showed her closer to Sam and Jason, but meh, the details. JASON SAVES THE DAY AGAIN!!! Come on, he had to before leaving town.

    Loved the slo mo when Heather fell, Jason lunged, and Todd grabbed Tea and pressed her into his arms so she couldn’t watch the fall.. I LOVED IT..and she started screaming all over again, DOES SHE HAVE MY SON!!!! DOES SHE HAVE MY SON…Come on that was awesome…It has to play out this way for the most heartwrenching feels.

    Also enjoyed Luke and Tracy’s cordial chat over their current coupledom issues. JE and TG play friends well. I’d like for Tracy to do dirty business with ELQ and for Luke to cover for her or bail her out a time or two.

    Also, several mentions of Laura by Duke…I’ve got high expectations.

    • Except all those scenes are before the part that we are talking about. If that was the end of it and they dealt with the aftermath right then, it would be one thing. But they spent an episode with Tea screaming about her baby and still people didn’t actually explain to her anything. I had been engrossed by the story up until that point, but after that it was just painful.

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