Oh, thank the soap gods.

So I may have judged the show a bit harshly in my last post. The way they were handling the reveal for Téa was unbearable. Fortunately, today was much, much better.

First we got this:

JOHN: Téa, look at me. Your son was already gone.
TÉA: Prove it. Do you have any evidence?
JOHN: I have the DNA test.

Now, was that so freaking hard!?!

And then we got this:

SAM: I just feel awful that my happiness comes at Téa’s expense.

This reflection is consistent with Sam’s feelings prior to yesterday and I’m glad they went back to those sentiments.

And then we got this:

TODD: You were a pretty terrific mom to this little boy. I don’t know where he is going to wind up, but where ever he winds up there’ll always be this little part of him that knows that even for just a little while, he had a mom.

And this:

TÉA:  Hes yours. I’ve been a mother to him since the day he was born, but he belongs to you.
SAM: I’m so sorry, I wish I knew what to say.
TÉA: You don’t have to say anything. But I do. I need to say goodbye to Victor. Do you think it would be okay if I just held him one last time?
SAM: Yeah, yes, of course.
TÉA: Hi. I guess I can’t call you Victor anymore. But that’s how I’ll always remember you. You kept the man I love alive for me. Now you be good for Sam, okay. Okay? You smile for her the way you smile for me.

And I cried ALL THE TEARS.

And this wasn’t the only storyline to redeem itself today. Remember Joe Scully’s amazing plan of idiocy? Well, apparently the writers thought the same so there is more to it!

DUKE: I went to a great deal of effort to have all of Sonny’s assets transferred into his daughter’s name without him knowing. All you had to do was to get your son to marry her.
JOE: Which I did!
DUKE: And kill her! You couldn’t even get that right!

Okay, so I have no idea how someone would transfer another person’s assets without them knowing and if he went to all the trouble to transfer them to Kristina, why not just transfer them to himself? I’m assuming they would say that it was somehow easier to do this with a relative, but clearly trying to logic this one out is fruitless. So ultimately it doesn’t make a whole lot of real world sense, but we’ve also established that we here at DitA have a lower bar. It kinda makes soap sense and that’s enough for me!

I’m still confused as to why Duke would fake Robin’s death since he loves Anna and it appears to be inexplicably cruel. Killing innocent Kristina is a bit harsh too, despite the fact that I share his sentiments often. I know Duke was a gangster, but I thought he was reformed. All this seems a bit out of character to me, but I admit my memory of that time is really hazy. I just hope we get more details about Robin soon! And maybe we will find out that he did this all to protect Robin somehow instead of just manipulate Anna. A girl can hope!

5 thoughts on “Oh, thank the soap gods.

  1. I don’t quite understand the whole Duke connection to this SL. In fact, why is he even back to begin with? This show us becoming to contrived and ridiculous anymore with the exception of the JaSam/ baby SL.

  2. Sam it always to late for me , she is the sorry character and this baby story was sorry also. This is Steve exit story. This is sad for Steve not about him.

  3. I feel the same way about Duke, on the one hand he’s despicable, (orange, and has eyebrows that frighten me) but on the other hand he’s trying to get rid of Kristina. How can I fault him for that when I’ve been feeling the same way about her?

    I think the reason he didn’t transfer the money into his name, was because he didn’t want Anna to know about it or his connection to Joe. I hope they explain this in a way that makes me like Duke, because I haven’t so far.

  4. I wonder if SBu is steamed that his 21 year old character has been reduced to being domesticated which he has fought tooth and nail against for years? When was the last time that Jason Morgan was not out guns a blazing after a villain like Jerry Jacks instead of listening to Sam whine and moan about some fantasy What If? When was the last location shot where all of the men got to be bad azz and no Jason Morgan?

    • Considering it’s been less than a month since he last shot someone, I think he’s probably handling the ass-kicking withdrawal okay…

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