Dear show: kindly stop wrecking me. Thanks.

Sweet Jesus. I am ugly crying so hard right now.

Where to start? Oh hey, how about Elizabeth handing the baby over to Sam with her heart visibly breaking behind her eyes as Jason looked on, and yet still able to express wistful but sincere happiness for her? Yeah. Awwwkward:

 At least that whole scene seemed like a pretty clear signal that her brief stint of evil was over, all was forgiven, and the truth about the first DNA test need never come out. Thank goodness.

And then she took a break to deal with all her Sad Mom Feels, as you do:

BRITT: You can tell me to mind my own business. I mean, I’ve never really been good at that.
ELIZABETH: Do you know that I have three kids? They’re all boys. Two of them are at home. And my little one, Jake, passed away last year. I can’t even begin to tell you what that feels like. I keep thinking about those moms in there and how they must feel and how unfair it is that one of them gets to experience the joy of a reunion and the other one is gonna have everything taken away from her.

Oh, Liz. Honey. Come here. I NEED TO HUG YOU NOW.

Seeing her connect Jake’s loss to Téa’s once again was a nice callback to her speech about why she switched the test results. I appreciate them not just forgetting about that. If Liz can get an actual plot out of this that deals with her trauma and moves her past it into something new, that would be awfully nice.

Also, nice? This whole conversation was pretty much Britt’s only moment of humanity so far. And if she’s going to stick around as more than a temporary foil for Sabrina and Patrick, then I really need to see more stuff like it. Lord knows Liz could use a friend right now…

But let’s move onto the main event: So. After their frankly fucking patheticperformance as human beings on Monday, Todd and John finally pulled their big boy pants on and told Téa the truth about her baby. ABOUT TIME, BOYS. And then Florencia Lozano proceeded to pretty much destroy me, along with my co-blogger:

TEÁ: He sleeps through the night now. Well, mostly. And, um, he’s started to eat solid foods. Carrots, not peas — he hates peas. And he loves it when  I read to him before he takes naps. Especially books in Spanish.

OH, MY HEART. (When he stuck his hand in her face and she kissed it? DEAD.) (She’s fabulous, isn’t she? Can’t we keep her? Pretty please? No? Damn it.)

Roger Howarth was also clearly conspiring to murder me with FEELINGS because his face as he delivered that monologue about what a good mother she’d been to Victor and what a difference that would make for him and how horrible Todd’s own mother was in comparison just about wrecked me for life. Seriously.

I will be so okay if Téa leaves town never knowing Todd had any part in this, because I love them doing things like this way too much:

I would also really be okay with Blair showing up any second now to smother Téa in love (and possibly her ample bosom? Look, you cannot say I am not predictable). There’s no comfort like Blair comfort, guys.

Unfortunately, yesterday also brought the return of all the plots I could not care less about. Like Carly and Johnny! Whose great “love” was only ever slightly more believable to me than Trey and Kristina’s, and I think I’ve seen actual potatoes with more chemistry than those two have with each other. (Like, it’s nice that Trey’s not a smug douche anymore, but can we all stop pretending he’s attracted to women at all? Because I’m really not getting that from what we’ve seen on screen.)

Oh, and then there was some business with Duke and Joe which introduced fairly epic levels of complication and DO NOT WANT into the Robin story. Because what this show really needed was another bad guy completely obsessed with Sonny. Oh, and more Joe Scully. He should clearly be in every plot, because I just can’t get enough of him and his skeezy chest hair and inability to enunciate.

But hey, at least they explained why Joe was so certain killing Kristina would leave Trey with Sonny’s fortune a few weeks back! You see, Duke somehow got all of Sonny’s assets transferred into his daughter’s name. Without Sonny or any of his crack accounting staff noticing! So no more holes in that story!

Except, um… WHAT? Why, if he could get his hands on the assets to transfer them to Kristina, didn’t he just transfer them to himself? And why does Duke need Sonny’s criminal empire at all? To win Anna? Because just being the love of her life come back to life again seems like it would have been enough, and becoming a mobster again seems like the last way to gain the police commissioner’s favor, but what do I know, obviously. Oh, and WHY THE HELL DID ROBIN NEED TO BE DEAD FOR ANY OF THIS BULLSHIT?

(Not to mention that unless Duke is lying really heavily right now or brainwashed in some way, he is now a full, Jerry Jacks level black hat with no shades of goodness left in him at all. Which… was that really a development anyone who still cares about this beloved character really wanted to see? ANSWER: NO. NO, IT WAS NOT.)

Ugh. I really hope there’s more to this. And whatever it ends up being is way less stupid and also worthy of the Byzantine levels of lies going on.


15 thoughts on “Dear show: kindly stop wrecking me. Thanks.

    • I think RC has done way more character than plot driven stuff in general. But I’m squinting pretty hard at this Duke reveal. We’ll see! Maybe there’s more to it…

  1. I feel so bad for Tea, but thank you, writers, for writing with emotion not yelling. Daniel Edward Morgan. I love her naming the baby for her brother and Jason’s dad, and not Jason.
    I’m starting to think the show should stop trying to bring back old favourites. Except for Anna, Robert, Heather and when Felicia returned recently, it rarely seems to be a success. Brenda turned all high-maintenance, Brook Lynn turned into a hired homewrecker, and JJ Lucky dropped off the planet into a deadbeat. It’s so disappointing. Please do research before bringing back favs

    • I don’t really put Brooklynn, Brenda, and JJLucky in the same category as the other vets. I am kinda iffy on bringing back 80s people that don’t have much to do with the characters on now (see Duke) but I do believe that this regime wouldn’t’ve squandered VM and JJ like Guza/Wolf did. I honestly thought Lucky was better than he had been in years until his bad exit. I really wish FV and RC had gotten here two minutes earlier in time to convince JJ to stay, sigh.

      • I would kill to see what RC would have done with Brenda’s return. If Nashville fails, maybe we’ll get to see what he’d do with JJ’s Lucky…

  2. i really do not like britch…..being her confidant……..she’s acting just like lisa…and she was a character that i loathed…and then some….

    i would have preferred to see her talking to ephiph, sabrina, ellie, any one at all, besides the new hospital busy body….which britch is certainly being..

    or maybe waiting a day and talking about it to tea……telling her that she knows just what she’s going through, because she’s been through it herself…..


    i don’t know, i kind of like having robert and anna back….they’re actually doing them write..

    duke now on the other hand…is someone that we can definately do without…..because he is totally wrong in his comeback..

    really do not want lucky back in any way shape or form…..(especially played by JJ), he was ok as a kid….but, as an adult…not so much..not AJ, from the spoilers that i’m seeing…….but we shall see…

    felicia would work more gee, if they had her on more…with mac, with maxie….maybe with anna and luke, who dugh, she does have a history with…..and that…

    brook, i really didn’t mind that much the last time around…i was kind of getting into her and nick, because i preferred nick over lucky any day of the week…….but, that wasn’t to last, because of course, like nick said in his exit it’s all about lucky, it’s always been about lucky…..

    i would love for them to bring back nick…….instead of who they’re bringing back……

  3. the way i’d put it is that RC is all about writing the characters from ONELIFE…

    who the H cares about the characters of GH….is what i’m seeing as his model…..

    for me he’s writing the characters of ONe life true to form….but, not gh’s…

    that’s where their mistake was………that they hired him instead of oh gee, someone that actually cares for GH..


    • I think that’s unfair. A lot of GH characters have gotten some nice, character driven writing this year. I think Patrick’s reaction to Robin’s death has been wonderful, Sonny’s been more likeable in the last few months than he has in a decade, Anna’s been treated wonderfully and respectfully, Tracy — though I hate the Joe Scully angle — is less of a joke now than she’s been in ages, Dante and Lulu’s relationship is moving forward nicely, Elizabeth’s finally being allowed to react to all of the trauma she’s faced the last few years, Jason’s been less of a town saint — which I like better, Alexis is getting attention and isn’t just a neurotic mess…

      I don’t love every plot or decision, obviously. But it’s clear to me that the new team loves this show, loves the genre, and has worked hard to introduce better pacing, more focus on families, history and vets, and more overall balance. If anything, I’d say it’s Todd who’s being written out of character right now to accommodate this stupid Johnny blackmail stuff…

      • I kept thinking that you had said that Todd had more of a conscience than they are showing. I don’t like it. But yes, despite the fact that I don’t always love the show as much as you do, I can’t deny that it is so much better with RC at the wheel than it was in Guza’s last years.

        • It’s in character for Todd to do terrible things; but I disagree that he would allow someone who hurt Starr to get away with it out of self-preservation, so the whole keeping quiet about Johnny things bugs me a lot. Todd would pretty much do anything for Starr.

      • I think the show has improved for the most part, I could have done with the Liz evil part but that’s over thankfully. I love having Anna back full time and seeing her as a strong character, seeing Liz being back to the character we know pre Niz, having Sonny be less of a– what did you call it “Iront-deficient rage monekey” and actually show some real emotion. Look at the wedding fiasco, he react to her be didn’t yell and scream at her, he just pleaded Kate to come back to him.

  4. Lots of tears…Lots of feels… Awesome performance by FL…Powerful..Her and RH…well done..and her farewell to Victor was heartbreaking. I’m glad that Tea knows what TODD is capable of. May God have mercy on your soul.. whew wee.

    MB and SBu seemed to be having their farewell scene today. Both looked to be pretty choked up. Sonny said let me give you my “last” piece of advice, if I can. My eyes watered again.

    Then SBu had a last Jason and Monica moment. Well what looked to me to be their last since SBu days are numbered and I must be hormonal cause even more watery eyes from I know others cant wait for SBu to be gone but I’ve got years worth of crushing on that man to get over.

    DAVIS CLAN loving on Danny Edward. Alexis as the happy doting grandma…again I say more awesomeness. That BABY is so cute. Loud, playful, joyful, sweet, affectionate.

    The rest…meh..I’ll wait and see.

  5. “Ugh. I really hope there’s more to this. And whatever it ends up being is way less stupid and also worthy of the Byzantine levels of lies going on.”

    I’m pretty sure there will be more to it. But it will be, unfortunately, as stupid. The only way to fix Duke is for him to be brainwashed or an imposter after all. But I really don’t want him to be brainwashed. That’s just more levels of ridiculous and complicated. Imposter is also ridiculous and complicated but for some reason I like that option better.

    And I appreciate that the writers wanted Robin to be alive, but they didn’t have to show us she’s alive. We’re soap watchers, we know no body means not dead. Hell, having a body around doesn’t really mean anything either. And even more of a mistake was showing us who had her without ever coming up with a reason why for any of it. And it seems pretty obvious they still don’t know. It’s been 8 months since Robin was ‘killed off’, they reaaaally should have worked this out by now. I really hope they can bring Kim McC to wrap up this plot soon because it’s silly and it’s keeping the characters and audience in limbo.

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