How shall I put this? Florencia Lozano and Roger Howarth basically taught a master class in BREAKING ME today:

TÉA: Here’s another possible scenario. I know how guilty you feel for killing my husband–
TODD: I don’t feel guilty for killing Victor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry I inconvenienced you…
TÉA: And I think if my baby died in front of you, and you were given the opportunity to give me a real live baby, I think you’d take it. To avoid hurting me more.
TODD: [voice breaking] Wow. You really think I would do that for you?
TÉA: [voice breaking even more] Yeah, I do. Let me tell you something, Todd. To allow me to love that child all those months, to give me a baby only so he could be taken away from me? You hurt me a thousand times more than you have ever hurt me before. And if that is what happened, may God have mercy on your soul.

Daaaaaaaamn. Since the list of times Todd has hurt her is both long and fairly terrible, you know (and he knows) that that is really saying something.

See, this is why I don’t need hysterical Téa. Because quiet Téa is the more deadly animal by far. She knows Todd so well — knows what he’s capable of, how his mind works, and exactly how to hurt him most. I love the way these two actors play all those years of  history so effortlessly in every look and touch.

And though I hate that the story he told about how the switch went down wasn’t true, the look on his face when she twisted the knife at the end was just so vintage and perfect.

Oh, Todd. You are now and always have been your own worst enemy.

Elsewhere! I’ll be honest: all the super saccharine Sam/Jason stuff this week isn’t really my cup of tea. But, hey! He’ll be gone by this time next week, so whatever.

(Have I mentioned how happy I am that Sam named the baby before whatever tragedy is about to befall Jason might have convinced her to name him in his honor? SO HAPPY.)

But Alexis holding her grandson for the first time? NOTHING BUT LOVE. If Liz and Sam can’t shack up together, then I really hope we get some serious Davis girl help raising little Daniel Edward.

(Oh, sure. I guess McBain can help too.)

It was also nice to see the baby’s other grandmother, and to be reminded that he’s a Quartermaine as well as a Cassadine/Davis/Morgan/McCall/Whatever. When Monica talked about how pleased Edward would be to hear of his namesake, I’m sure I’m not the only one who got a little misty knowing we will never actually get to see that scene.

The farewell tour also continued with Sonny, giving the sage advice — as always — that what you want is more important than what’s best for your children.

SONNY: I mean, who knows. Maybe this will be the first time that we will end up happy.
JASON: Ah, you deserve it.
SONNY: Yeah. You do too.

Well, if a killer for hire and the mob boss he murders for don’t deserve happiness, then I don’t know who does!

(And hey, bad things happen to kids everywhere. So obviously being in the mob is a perfectly safe and acceptable parenting choice. I mean, look at how well Sonny’s kids turned out! No one’s tried to shoot any of them in the head in at least… two days!)

What a pair of smug douches.


12 thoughts on “HURTS SO GOOD.

  1. Ahaha! Loved Alexis with the baby. And Todd broke my heart. I really do like him despite myself.

    No comments about Johnny and Kate being the GROSSEST? Apparently he also owns a porn site? He is the WORST.

    It is going to be so much fun when Jason’s death or whatever eats the entire show!

    • Heh, I was considering takes a cap of Johnny and Konnie and just captioning it with a big NOPE. But then I was tired and wanted to go to bed. Also: NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. They are the grossest.

    • He doesn’t own a porn site (I thought the same thing at first when I heard him say “none of the girls were underage’), he was ‘just’ looking at one. ick.

  2. i must have missed that part about edward………

    yeah it’s sad that he’ll never see the little tyke…….i bet that he’d love holding him for the first time, and all that….

    i watched it on youtube, since i wasn’t at home…ff’d most of it….


  3. John Ingle, may he rest in peace, will never get to hold the baby, but in soap time, Edward likely will. Maybe the loss of Jason will be the final shock that ends Edward’s life.

    Todd absolutely broke my heart, too. The scene was so well done, with Tea’s small signs of affection in her touch and then those final words. The talented Mr. Howarth needed no words to show his feelings. The look on his face said it all. Bravo for this scene, so much more effective than Tea going ballistic could ever have been.

  4. Ahhhh seee..I enjoyed all the sappy goodbye moments with SBu and various cast members for Jason. I’m not a Jasam fan so I won’t comment on their baby reunion moments…I will always have Jake pangs of resentment.

    But I did love the Davis Clan moments, and all the girls goo-gooing over baby Danny. Love Grandma Alexis, and the fact that she basically went berzerk when she heard that the baby was back from the dead and ordered everything imaginable for a fully stocked nursery.

    Yeah..Sonny’s backwards logic is still securely in tact, when it comes to risking children’s lives just so that he can get what he wants. His advice was true to character…

    Todd and Tea…there are not enough words to describe the amount of awesomeness that they can portray…Quiet TEA is powerful…But I still give FL credit, no one plays hysterical and frantic as well as she can…I love that only Tea can strike fear into Todd. Though I admit I am more of a Blair and Todd fan and only preferred Tea and Todd as frenemies, rebound lovers, and lawyer/client.

    • Yeah, I was super into Todd and Tea in the 90s, but they’ve always been so damn unhealthy and dysfunctional, it’s hard to make a case for them being together, even if I’d love it. But I also love them as platonic screen partners of basically any kind. They have a really great way of showing all the affection and love underneath the anger and the hurt.

  5. Wow, Tea, take that knife and twist it right to the heart! Tea loved that baby just to have to learn it wasn’t hers. Todd did set himself up for that.
    My Davis loving heart exploded yesterday, so sweet. Alexis will be a wonderful grandmother, I have always loved her and Sam’s relationship through it’s times of good, bad and ugly. And Kristina and Molly were so sweet, cooing over their nephew. Give me lots of Davis clan. I liked Monica and Jason’s scenes, now Monica can finally have a grandson she can be with, like she should have had with Michael and Jake. No comment about Sonny and Jason, sounds a bit too much like Guza there for a moment. Now the truth can come out that Jason IS the father.

  6. I mean no disrespect to Edward or John Ingle, but doesn’t it seem more logical for the baby to be named Daniel Alan since in GH time Edward is still alive?

    • Eh. I think it would mean more to live Edward than dead Alan. And it’s a lovely tribute to Ingle on the side. Plus, I just like the name Edward better.

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