Five Things About Revenge: “Intuition”

1. I continue to be suspicious of Padma for no other reason than she seems perfectly nice and innocent and no one on this show is what they seem. You know, other than Jack, who is just too dumb to be properly devious. And Padma does not seem dumb. I guess we’ll see what her reaction to Nolan’s David Clarke connection is…


Damnit, I really wish Emily had been able to comfort him a little about his dad. Their limited shared screen time in this episode made me sad, although I continue to adore the way he still lights up and basically forgets everyone else in the room whenever she walks in:

Looking forward to her sharing the news about her mom next week. Hopefully he will open up about his own parental issues then too.

2. Look like living in The House That Betrayal Built has finally, finally taught Daniel to be a little suspicious of everyone. Although the fact that it took him this long to realize Ashley is his father’s creature is still a little pathetic. And of course it comes just as she’s decided to make a bid for independence, although I couldn’t tell if D’s little smile at the end was because he’d heard her blow his father off or because he believed he’d just caught her in the act of sharing secrets.

3. To the shock of no one who’s ever watched television before, Teen Wolf Dad and Declan’s sketchy partner in crime are actually working together to set the Porter brothers up and steal the bar. Which… okay? Why they would even want it is kind of a mystery to me, but it’s just really hard to make myself care about Jack’s money troubles when we all know that at least two extremely rich people are basically in love with him, and if he even let a hint of what’s going on slip to either of them, Team Revenge would be making Teen Wolf Dad wish he’d never been born faster than you can say “Declan is a moron.”

4. Whoah. Emily’s mom is looking less like harmless dupe and more like unhinged, child-killing conspirator, but this is Revenge, so I’m sure there’s more to the story. I’m still on the fence about Aiden’s motivations. He keeps lying to Ems, which I don’t appreciate. But he also seems to have her best interests at heart? And his face is kind of plain, but his accent makes him seem hotter than he is? So I’m just a mess of conflicted feelings, basically.

5. And finally, they almost killed Fauxmanda! Those bastards! When she went over the railing, I had a moment of insanity and thought there was no way she could have survived. But then I remembered this is Revenge, where a woman pancaked off the side of a many-storied building in the first season and still survived without even any long-term damage to get blown up in a plane later on. So really, I’m sure Fauxmandy will be just fine.

I kind of loved her standing up to Emily and showing just how well she knew her with the “it will never be over” line. You’re all right, Fauxmanda. Kind of stalker crazy and a little clingy for my tastes, but hey, it’s not everybody who has a friend that would brain some dude in the parking lot of a strip club just for mentioning their name. Ems should appreciate that more.


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