In which I pretend to care about anything other than that last scene…

You know, after his kindness with Liz the other day, I was afraid Spinelli had finally realized that people who work for hired killers might want to think twice about throwing stones around their great big glass houses.

But worry not! Because grief has clearly not dampened his capacity for self-righteous outrage after all:

SPINELLI: You manipulated the system so that he could escape punishment after causing Sam unfathomable grief? […] I’m only relieved Jason isn’t here to see what’s become of you.
DIANE: Well, you know you’ve sunk really low when the tech guy from the mob gets to question your principles.
TODD: Who cares what he thinks?

Yes, thank GOD the hit man isn’t here to see Diane’s principles sunk so low that she would manipulate the system he held so dear to get someone who is clearly guilty released. We all know there was nothing Jason hated more than criminals going unpunished by the law due to fancy lawyering! Why, my stars and garters, he’s no doubt rolling in his watery grave right now at the very thought that someone might have committed an illegal act and not face proper jail time for it!

(Hey, remember that time Spinelli did everything he could to prevent Jason from having Dante murdered in cold blood because he just cared so much about the unfathomable grief Dante’s family and friends would experience? YEAH, NEITHER DO I.)

Oh, but what’s that? Spinelli’s hypocrisy wasn’t the most fascinating part of the episode? You don’t say!


That ringing in your ears? That was the sound of my supersonic squealing at the sight of Sean Kanan standing in the Quartermaine living room. OH EM GEE, YOU GUYS.

Here, have some vintage Carly/AJ to get you through the weekend:

Good times!

20 thoughts on “In which I pretend to care about anything other than that last scene…

  1. plus the fact that spinelli worships sam who watched as Jake got kidnapped, never told and worked against the parents trying to find him, then hired goons to terrorize Liz and Cake in the park, then went after Liz’s husband. maybe todd thought tea would be a better mother than sam, who pulled the dead baby card out when she wanted attention. plus this is the same person who threatened to abort sonny’s kid multiple times just to get her way. and wanted to lose this kid b/c she there was a chance that it was franco’s, not the best mother material.and let’s take our kid to a crime scene, good idea. and really what would jason do to todd, marry him and procreate w/him like he did to sam after her mulyiple crimes against HIS son or just let him go after glaring at him like he did to luke after luke ran over Jake while drunk. since jason was a dud enforcer for a few years now todd probably wasn’t too scared of him.

  2. this being a soap it’s hard for characters to not have to be hypocritical once in a while, but Spinelli is definitely more so than most

  3. Aw, I still love Spinelli, which I put all on BA, but I see where you’re coming from. And I absolutely adored Maxie/Lulu today. But I digress, because did you say AJ? AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ? I’m kinda excited. And by kinda I mean really. Now who do I have to sacrifice what to to get a scene between Sean Kanan and Chad Duell? Because while, as you stated the other day, some people just want to punch the latter in the face, I’m not one of those either. And as long as AJ doesn’t become another evil to end all evils, and has the right combination of entitled and ne’er do well and wounded, I think that could be a great early Christmas present.

  4. Oh you don’t need to worry about AJ becoming the evil to end all evil for awhile. Seems like Todd has that title for now. At least according to Sam. And Spinelli. And Tea. And John. And Anna. But for me, sorry, AJ was just a “Well, there he is finally” moment. Nothing surprising, I was just glad he was there to put an end to Monica’s histrionics about her nondead sons.. I enjoyed Diane and Todd much more. Or even Todd and Spinelli’s dueling linguistics.

    • Todd’s nothing compared to Duke, the real evil to end all evil. Todd apparently is just a messed-up guy who did a bad thing, which he will never pay for.

      And yeah, Monica should really shut up. Three times a year she complains about how her ENTIRE FAMILY is dead. Quit with the histrionics!

      • Seriously, Monica is EATING the show. How devil damn dare they give her a storyline.

        And for the love of all that is holy (and I don’t mean Jason, the holy hitman) , can we please move on from a storyline for Sam that was written when KeMo was in contract negotiations and possibly leaving the show.? Everyone, including Jason and Liz forgave her. Can’t we?

        And yay, AJ is back and looking so good. Let the games begin.

        I know Duke may end up being the baddest of bad, but I swooned along with Anna when he said “and in case you forgot, Duke Lavery always gets his woman.” I hadn’t forgotten, Duke, but thanks for the reminder in your satin voice.

        • Thank you! I’m so weary of all the Sam hate that persists because of an awful, out-of-character storyline that crappy writers gave KeMo years ago. Liz did a terrible thing with the DNA tests, allowing Heather time to kidnap (and almost kill) Danny and robbing Jason of at least a few days with his kid. Shall we hate her forever for it? Shall we burn Todd in effigy for all he knew about the baby and its paternity? Let’s not.

  5. I thought Friday’s show was some of the best writing all week. Scott Sickles always makes everyone a little smarter. Todd and Diane were crackling . John was in friend mode. And Monica and Tracy talked about the connection between Metro Court and the toxic water. People were making sense. Yeah, Spinelli was a little awful, but BA played it perfectly.

    Loved the show. It’s just pure soap.

    • I thought the whole show was decent, Spinelli rage aside, but it also felt like a lot of set-up for next week. So I’m looking forward to that.

  6. finola hughes..and jason thompson……(anna and patrick) will be on who wants to be a millionaire in january……

    the eppy was taped yesterday….


  7. I wasn’t watching the show back when Duke was on and I was never a fan of AJ. But let me tell you, I squealed like the 80’s/90’s soap loving fangirl I am when they both resurfaced.

  8. You left out the highlight of the episode for me. I was so excited to see Sean Kanan on my screen Friday but it was the fight between Liz and Patrick that I watched over and over again. Patrick did some truth-telling to rival Jasper Jax.

    I loved when he apologized, and Liz thanked him calling him Dr. Drake instead of Patrick. The look on his face was so real. Rebecca Herbst and Jason Thompson work so well together. I hope we get a follow up scene between Liz and Patrick, where they really work things out. Am I the only one hoping Liz and Patrick will be paired up before Robin comes back? I think the drama would be so good if she returned and they were together. Especially considering Anna and Liz bonded a little when Robin died. I’d love to see Finola and Rebecca in more scenes together. Whenever I see the Davises I wish Liz had something similar.

    • I’m not opposed to a Liz/Patrick romance, but I’m slightly wary of the inevitable avalanche of of Liz hate that it would generate among a lot of Scrubs fans. And since you know that Robin/Patrick would be endgame if KMc ever comes back, I’d be sad to see Liz in another situation where she’d most likely end up hurt and alone. Still, it would be soapy…

  9. As a scrubs fan, I hear you on the Liz hate. There’s some dude on twitter who doesn’t even follow me, but every time, every single time, I mention the possibility of Patrick and Liz he somehow knows about it, lol. This guy will tweet me back and mention all three actors in the tweet, so they all know he thinks Patrick and Liz have zero chemistry. The funniest part of all of this is he acts like it’s a fact and instead of just his opinion. You have to love the passion of soap fans (or it will make you crazy).

    Since Robin died, and Liz stepped up to help the Drakes, I’ve wanted a storyline ala the ending of “Castaway”. That was so sad when Tom Hanks finally got home, and his fiancé had moved on without him, had a kid without him (all three would rock this material). As a scrubs fan I love both Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson. Robin is the reason I got hooked on GH, and scrubs are the reason I was able to stay with GH through some truly awful storytelling. However, Kimberly McCullough has a new passion: directing. She is unfortunately excellent at it. The hope of her coming back for a permanent return is highly unlikely. Just because she’s gone doesn’t mean I want Jason Thompson gone. He is so incredibly talented. I can’t imagine GH without him. I would love for a scrubs reunion, but I’m afraid this would mean they’d both be written off into the sunset, and I don’t want him gone. This means, until Robin comes back permanently, I’m going to be to rooting for a Liz and Patrick pairing.

    Plus imagine how cute Cameron, Aiden, and Emma would be as siblings. My ovaries are twitching just thinking about it.

    • Well, the soapiest thing is obviously for Patrick to go through a long mourning period while slowly growing closer another women who’s helping him through it — only for them to finally admit their feelings JUST as Robin returns. And it’s true Liz would make the perfect candidate for that. But it looks like they’re going with Sabrina instead. I’m okay with that. I want Liz to get a true love of her own!

    • Also, yes, blinkered superfans who can’t stand to let anyone have a different opinion about the love lives of fictional people drive me insane.

  10. Thanks to this clip I’m now totally lost in YOUTUBE videos/memory lane of the original AJ/Carly and AJ/Jason and Jason/Carly circa late 90’s…Good gracious Carly was a hot hoochie MESS!!!

    Wow..Lot’s of heavy breathing and lip smacking going on…Yup…Good times…

    I failed to mention how happy I am for the return of A.J. and his mission to reunite with his son Michael and reclaim his rights as a QUARTERMAINE!!!

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