Five Things About Revenge: “Forgiveness”

Special hurricane edition, so I’ll keep this short:

1. Nolan and Ems! I’m so glad he called her on being — once again — a crappy friend to him when he was in need. And that she immediately and sincerely apologized. Which is Nolan’s kryptonite, because he seriously forgives her in about.05 seconds every single time. Oh, Nolan.

2. Speaking of which, I’m not entirely sure I understand the whole business with Nolan’s company and Grayson Global and how the company could have invested all those years and still have a controlling interest without knowing about it until now. Nor do I understand what Aiden’s larger purpose is, because it sure doesn’t seem to be only helping Emily. (Leave my Nolan alone, Aiden!) But her saying Nolan was her business? TOTALLY WARMED MY HEART. I really hope we get to see some protective mamma bear Ems helping him out of this.

Also, can we take a moment of appreciation for this outfit, which appears to be a white polo shirt, under a polka-dot patterned button down, under a stripped jacket… all over bright red pants?

3. “Do you gag a little when you say that? ‘Honestly?'” Oh, Mason Treadwell. You are a terrible human being but I still love you. I’m curious to see what he does with the revelation that Fauxmanda is, well… Fauxmanda. Certainly, he’s no friend to Victoria — and I love how very much not intimidated by her he is anymore — so odds are he’ll be holding onto it for something more devious. (I think Emily actually did him a favor when she burned his life’s work? He seems much freer now.)

4. I was glad for Emily’s sake to see her able to get some closure — however indirectly — from her mother’s and Fauxmanda’s talk. But I still don’t trust Kara. I mean, this is Revenge, so duh. But also Jennifer Jason Leigh’s creepy mean eyes have always made me nervous. I expect her to stab everyone she talks to.

5. But the real emotional heart of the episode for me was of course Emily and Fauxmanda’s big moment of mutual honesty and forgiveness. Wasn’t I saying just last week that Emily should treat her better?

As satisfying as Emily coming clean about the paternity lie was, Fauxmanda finally acknowledging Emily’s feelings for Jack and how unfair and hurtful it was to Emily when she took over her life? Yup, that about did me in right there.

Oh, you girls! Now never fight again!


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