Hey la, hey la… AJ’s back!

And he comes bearing a shiny new retcon, complete with shiny new fake flashbacks! Monica spiriting AJ out of the country to save his life has long been a favorite fan fantasy in certain corners of the internet, so I can’t complain about RC making it a reality, even if that explanation involves an inspirational speech about THE POWER OF LOVE bringing him back to life, Alan never being told his son was alive, or… more Steve on my tv screen.

(Steve: already the worst boyfriend, and now bucking for that always hotly contested Worst Doctor Award as well!)

MONICA: I just didn’t think I was going to be able to hug you again.
AJ: You mean after I… died?
MONICA: Don’t say that.
AJ: It just–it sounds crazy when I say it out loud, you know? It–it’s like it all happened to somebody else.

(Funny! I feel like all that happened to someone else, too! Maybe someone much shorter… with darker hair? And a smaller neck?)

Seriously, though, I know I’ve been talking about neck sizes a lot lately, but it’s weird how Sean Kanan and Steve Burton both managed go from tiny to GIGANTIC necks at the same time, right? I mean, look! Look how small they both used to be:

ANYWAY. It’s not like AJ was ever even a character I liked very much — but the hack job they did on him leading up to his “death” was just so terrible, and the decimation of the Quartermaines has just been so depressing, and basically anything that helps ameliorate either of those two things is guaranteed to make me happy. Plus, I would like Monica to be a little less alone, because the thought of just her and Tracy bumming around that empty mansion is too sad to contemplate.

Meanwhile, across town, Sonny also took some time to reminisce about AJ. His account left out some crucial, meathook-related details. But it was also mostly accurate. Not to mention somewhat hilariously on the nose:

SONNY: Even before the accident, Jason was never spoiled, didn’t act like some rich kid who felt like he was entitled. But AJ just–he thought the whole world owed him a favor. He was smart, he had some power. But he never would take responsibility for anything.

Yes, Michael wouldn’t know anything about what it’s like to be an arrogant, entitled brat with too much money, a hunger for power, and an inability to take responsibility for anything. That apple sure fell far from the tree! How can he and AJ possibly relate to each other, being so completely different?

More shockingly, Sonny also admitted that Michael’s chances of having been shot in the head or raped in prison would have been somewhat less had he been raised a Quartermaine, which is a revelation only about 15 years too late, but I’ll take it. Sonny: showing compassionate understanding for Monica and self-awareness that the mob isn’t in fact better for kids than being a snob? What is the world coming to?


21 thoughts on “Hey la, hey la… AJ’s back!

  1. My issue with bringing back old character is that it never seems to measure up, so I hope AJ’s does. He may have been messed up, but he would have been better than Sonny or Jason (who knows maybe a kid would have given him incentive to be better!). AJ sounds like he was yet another victim of Guza’s poison pen. It has been argued that Jason not being part of Jake’s life was payback for him forcing AJ out of Michael’s life. That is probably a bit harsh to say now that Jake is dead. Only Jason CHOSE not to be a part of Jake’s life. Wow, Sonny, are you realizing you’re not such a great guy? If so, maybe acknowledge you have little room to criticize AJ and sanctify Jason.

    • I would really like to see AJ get a fair shake this time instead of being the designated perpetual loser/villain. Maybe with the Golden Boy finally off the canvas, there will be room for that to actually happen? Cross your fingers.

      • That’s what I’m hoping, like I said, he was a victim of Guza’s Jason Worship. All comments I’ve seen on YT said that AJ was actually a complex character, not a one dimensional evil drunk like Guza made him. It was so annoying how Sonny, Jason, and Carly would always justify taking Michael away from AJ. Maybe Sonny and Jason should realize the most well-adjusted and healthy kids they’ve had are the ones who weren’t raised by them: Dante and Jake and pre Soras Kristina. I really got annoyed with Jason being a hero all the time. Please. I hope they make SK’s return worth while, I must say his resemblance to SBu is amazing!

        • SB and SK….are supposed to be cousins…in real life…they say by marriage….but, i don’t buy that part….

          i don’t get how they could look so much alike…and only be cousins by marriage….


          • They say everyone has a doppleganger. Most people like to believe theirs is much hotter than they actually are. And clearly, people lie because life is just like Flowers In the Attic, Tenillypo. Isn’t it?

  2. I know. I was thoroughly shocked at Sonny’s revelations as well. It took him losing JASON to realize that all the things that happened to Michael perhaps wouldn’t have occurred if he had remained in the Quartermaine household.

    Can’t wait to see how Carly reacts to AJ, and which way the writers decide to take her view of things.

    • I’m really excited to see Sean Kanan and Laura Wright interact. He had solid chemistry with SBr… I’d be interested to see if that translates at all.

  3. I too find it interesting and odd that some people really do believe the GUZA fueled agenda that AJ was so much worse than Sonny and Jason. Sonny the mob kingpin and Jason the hitman. Out of TRACY’s mouth today came the words “AJ was a train wreck. He made Jason the hitman look like a saint!” NO HE DIDN’T!!!

    That infuriates me and I still don’t get it. AJ was a drunk and a loose cannon under SK’s tenure. Under Billy Warlock he was weak and spineless and portrayed as a scheming loser. He drove into a tree drunk, horrific accident, horrific circumstances, yes, but worse than the dern hitman? How in the heck do we arrive at that?

    Oh then the argument is made that AJ ruined Jason’s life. Again horrible accident due to his drunk driving but no AJ did not turn Jason into a hitman, SONNY DID THAT, and it was Jason’s CHOICE!!!

    Now when AJ kidnapped Kristina, and Michael, and Morgan, and made everyone think that Michael died, that I can agree to being horrendous behavior. But even in the SOAP WORLD folks, ummm MURDER is worse than kidnapping. Professional contract killer is still worse than scheming to take your biological child who was forcibly taken from you by the mob kingpin. Not justifying AJ’s actions at all. Fully acknowledging them, but just can’t wrap my mind around how SONNY and Jason should be considered better parents for Michael.

    Let’s see under their reign, Michael was shot in the head, AXED a woman, imprisoned and then raped, and he STILL to this day desires to be his STEPDAD’s right hand man, i.e. the next professional hitman.

    Uhh under AJ he would have been USED to take over the leadership of ELQ. Probably an obnoxious overbearing spoiled rich kid. (which funny enough he turned out to be anyway!)..I’ll take being used to be a pawn in a multi-million dollar corporation for 200 Alex!

    Sorry for the rant…I was obviously on too many soap sites today.

    • AJ was an addict and an arrogant screw up with self-esteem issues due to his family’s crappy approach to sibling rivalry with SK in the role. Not terribly mature, but not evil and definitely not an inherently unfit parent (especially when you consider Carly was deemed the fit one in contrast!).

      I like Billy Warlock a lot as an actor, but his AJ had a much whinier, nastier edge. When the decision was made to tank him and Courtney — which had a lot of promise early on — (and Jason and Liz) in favor of throwing Journey together, it was AJ’s death knell, really. The stalking plot following by the kidnapping and shooting of Alan + retcon of him having tried to have Jason killed after the accident when he was still in a coma was so over the top and ridiculously bad. But then, 2004-2005 was really the height of badness all over the show. I’d be completely happy to ignore everything that happened then, but if RC wants to bring it up just to deal with it and get it out of the way, that’s fine too.

    • AJ was an alcoholic. Jason is a hired hitman. Alcoholism is an illness, being a hired hitman is a career choice. Sorry. Not buying it. Jason kills FOR A LIVING!

  4. you’re not ranting…

    on Gl……when grant took all the kids…they sent him to a mental hospital…or whatever……everyone forgave him in the end…so, why isn’t AJ allowed to be forgiven for doing exactly the same thing…

    i have always hated the way that they wrote AJ….jason good..AJ….bad…he really never stood a chance in that family….and yes like you said……jason made his choice to work for sonny..he made the choice to keep michael away from AJ…..who knows, he could have been a good father if he was given the chance from the get go…but carly and jason decided that nope…..he can’t be the father….

    and all that…

    hated the courtney story, in which jason had to come and rescue her from big bad AJ…

    still not sure if i like sean in the role….as i never really did before…but adored billy….



    • AJ and Courtney could have married and have had Courtney’s miracle child, then AJ could be a father. I HATE how the only people who got women under Guza were Sonny and Jason, Lucky lost both Elizabeth and Sam to JASON, Carly couldn’t put Jax over SONNY, despite the fact that Sonny is the reason that Kristina, Morgan and Michael were all kidnapped, and Michael was thought dead, and the reason Michael was shot, raped in prison, etc. Give me a break. Maybe AJ would have tried to straighten up if he could be a dad.

  5. Didn’t Sonny put AJ up on a meathook for being interested in Courtney or something? Yet he thought it was fine to date Emily. Hypocrite. Has anyone taken ownership in what they did? If Michael hates AJ it’s because he was been drinking the Sason kool-aid his entire life. Carly is no mother of the year, she never puts the kids first. The best mothers on the show are Elizabeth and Robin.

      • Oh. I correct myself. That’s even worse, forcing a dad out of his child’s life. Sonny is still a hypocrite. I think Robin pointed out that AJ may not have gone over the edge if he hadn’t been forced out of Michael’s life. Of course, Jason just totally disregarded that. I wonder what AJ will say when he hears about Jake, and how Jason chose (yes, chose) not to be a part of his life.

        • The most laughable thing said is when Carly went on and on about how horrible AJ was, and Todd said “Unlike your ex husband the gangster” Carly said “There’s no comparison. Sonny has his faults, but AJ was a monster”
          SERIOUSLY, CARLY!! Did you forget that Sonny tried to MURDER Jax not long ago? And

    • We’ve run into the margins, so I’m moving this up… I’ll forgive Carly that bit of hyperbole, as her last experience of AJ *was* him kidnapping her child and making her believe he was dead. I don’t think that’s something any normal human would easily be able to forgive or consider in a rational light.

      HOWEVER. I do wish that she would show a little more awareness about the role she played in sending AJ over the edge in the first place.

      • OK, fair point about that. Yeah, she doesn’t get that she was partly responsible, but she never does, nor do Sonny and Jason. It’s always one justification after another. Anytime ANYONE brings that up it’s like “AJ was an alcoholic who would, Michael would have been a QUARTERMAINE!” Oh, GRASP! HORRORS! I’m interested to see Todd’s reaction when/if he learns about the meathook incident.

        • I think Todd will be accepting of all her past misdeeds. I can only pray though that they do not write him as they did Jason and cause him to act as if everything she did was justifiably so.

          Todd tends to lean more towards the “meh…i’m horrible so who am I to judge” type of fair. Not so much the Jason/Sonny logic of we are holy and can do wrong and all others are evil.

          Did you happen to catch the throw away line of Monica’s last week when she said “I have no idea what Carly did to Jason to make him side with her over AJ”…. I’m just hoping this line is taking us somewhere storywise.

          I think AJ said it too. Somewhat along the lines of Jason and I were close up until he met her in a bar. Haa…

          • I caught AJ saying something to that effect and thought it was pretty hilariously disingenuous. Um, AJ? Pretty sure it was the brain damage your drunk ass gave Jason that turned him against you.

            Re: Todd, yeah, I would have a pretty hard time with him getting self-righteous over any of Carly’s past misdeeds, give his own history. Doesn’t mean he has to say she was right. But getting offended over it? No.

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