Five Things About Revenge: “Illusion”

1. I am still completely confused about how/why Nolan’s company could have been secretly owned by Grayson Global for all this time without anyone knowing it. (I was a liberal arts major, okay? I DON’T UNDERSTAND BUSINESS.)

Feel free to chime in, readers, if you understand it. But I like that Emily is still watching out for Nolan. And apparently Padma isn’t secretly evil, just… kind of dumb? (Unless her pretending to be kind of dumb is just a cover for her SECRET EVIL. DUN!)

2. Mason Treadwell is on the case! And he has one of those complicated bulletin boards full pictures and string! (That’s how you know he means business. Arts and crafts = always serious crime solving going on in tv land.)

Did I miss something, though? I though Emily’s plan to frame Conrad was also supposed to take care of Mason somehow. I know Victoria dropping the bombshell about Emily’s stint in juvie was an unforeseen complication, but I’m still not seeing how Mason was supposed to be neutralized by the White Haired Man thing.

Speaking of the WHM thing, Emily’s mom is looking decidedly revengey these days. Good to know that runs in the family. I am still waiting for her to snap and stab Victoria with a butcher knife in every scene where they’re together. But did she know that her beloved second husband actually murdered her first one?

3. Conrad’s seemingly sincere desire to start his second marriage to Victoria on the right foot was kind of hilarious. I mean, if I didn’t know that he was basically okay with knowingly sending her to her death a few months ago, I would have maybe felt a little sorry for him when she kept responding to his overtures with icy hatred. Oh, Conrad. You lovable sociopath.

4. Aiden is giving me whiplash. I want to be angry with him for constantly lying to Emily and screwing with Nolan, but then he starts sweet-talking her in his sexy voice and… yeah. I kind of want them to make out? Although, to be fair, Ems was looking pretty damn hot in that dress, so  I can’t really blame him for putting the moves on her.

I did appreciate that he pointed out how very not innocent Daniel is anymore. I’m a little disturbed that Emily seems to be forgetting this is the guy who learned the truth about what his family did to her father and then doubled down in loyalty to them. Don’t fall for it, Ems! Just because his parents failed to pass down any competent scheming genes doesn’t mean Daniel’s any better than they are! He’s just stupider!

5. Oh, good! Declan and Charlotte got back togeth–Zzzzzzzzzzzzz… Sorry, were was I? Most have dozed off while typing that sentence for some reason.


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Illusion”

  1. I too don’t get the NolCorp/Grayson Global thing either, how no one at Grayson Global knew about this prior to Padma is mind boggling. Speaking of Padma I just don’t trust her, she’s sneaky and I want her far far away from my Nolan. As soon as Victoria said that little ‘juvie’ thing about Emily in front of Mason I did a dramatic gasp knowing what was to come. Poor Mason, he’ll probably be stuffed in a freezer soon enough Emily’s allowed him to live far too long. Because Daniel is too dumb to ever be with Emily, and Jack is just simply Jack, the only person with enough revengy goodness to even keep up with her is Aiden so I root for them like crazy. That little look between the two of them when Conrad was arrested *sighs* loved it. Charlotte and Declan serve no purpose on the show, they’re two very stupid, very boring characters who turn into the super couple of boredom every time they appear onscreen. Not to mention Connor Paolo with a girl just doesn’t look right to me, I think I watched him on Gossip Girl too long…

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