Like actual Quartermaines, plural, on our screen! Count them:





Four in one episode!! (Five if you count Michael!)

It’s like a freaking dream!

The revival of the Nurses Ball AND the Quartermaine family? MAN, YOU’D THINK THIS IS GENERAL HOSPITAL OR SOMETHING.

Thanks, RC.

That is all.


6 thoughts on “QUARTERMAINES!

  1. Absolutely GLORIOUS to see Stuart Damon again.

    All the name plates on the Quartermaine masoleum depressed me, even if AJ’s is a falsehood.

    Alan and Monica flashbacks? Fabulous. The longevity of this medium which makes that possible is such a gift!

  2. Thank you, RC! Feel free to show the Qs again. And again. I know when was the last time that happened? Emily’s funeral. I loved Alan, showing up to give his family support.

  3. How fabulous was JE in that last scene? And Alan’s hand on her shoulder was my favorite use of him today. So much better than her talking to him, or even seeing him (not a slight on AJ/Monica talking to him, just that this was a better choice for Tracy.)

    Also Luke kissing her was another reason I want Laura to come back, because that is the only way he’s going to stop fucking around with poor Tracy. Not that I want Laura to just fall into his arms, I just want Luke to feel some unrequited love for a while, and this thing with Anna doesn’t count.

  4. The use of flashbacks was fuckin’ brilliant in the Q scenes and that glorious tango by Anna and Duke. This is the General Hospital I love. Thank you FV and RC for bringing back my show. Beautiful writing in every scene.

  5. That is all? That is enough. That is plenty. That is big. That is…ok, while I’ve been given express permission to swear by the proprietors I won’t…freaking fantabulous.

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