Boy, it sure is a shame Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini hate this show so much! I mean, focusing on the Scorpios and Quartermaines, throwing flashback after flashback at us, bringing back beloved characters for both long term stories and short term catharsis, reminiscing about things that happened ten, fifteen, thirty years ago. What do they think this is — a soap opera?

If you know me, you can probably predict that my reaction to seeing Stuart Damon’s face yesterday was instant and copious weeping. (I can’t lie, folks: there was some serious ugly cry action.)

There’s so much history packed into every second Leslie Charleson and Stuart Damon spend on screen together. Their sweet talk was the perfect balm to the pain of her having kept the truth about AJ from him while he was alive.

But it was Alan and AJ that really sent me over the edge:

AJ: Dad, I’m so sorry.
ALAN: I’m so sorry too.
AJ: Everything I did to you — the last words I said to you… All I ever did was complain that you didn’t give me your love and I didn’t do a damn thing to deserve it.
ALAN: Listen to me: all you ever did was ask for my love, and I withheld it.
AJ: Guess neither one of us is too good at this father/son thing, huh?
ALAN: Not at all. but it was my failure, AJ, not yours.
AJ: Please don’t say that. You were a good father. I’m proud to have your name.
ALAN: And I’m proud of you.
AJ: No you’re not. Not yet. But you will be.


Forgiveness? Closure? AJ promising to be a better man? I didn’t realize how much I needed all that until I got it, but wow. It’s almost like RC is trying his damnedest to erase the horrible ending his predecessor wrote for these two characters. (Do I… dare to hope AJ isn’t going to get the loser edit this time around? Because it really seems like he might be getting a fair shake, and I don’t quite know how to deal with that.)

Then, just when I thought I was done crying, Jane Elliot broke me completely with her quiet dignity in the face of all the loneliness and sadness in her life:

(Alan just standing there in silent support without saying a word? Perfection.)

Can we please get Tracy a man who will treat her right? By which I obviously don’t mean her worthless ex-husband, by the way. Feel free to stay lost for a while in that Turkish prison, Luke! NO ONE WILL MISS YOU.

The little moments have been so good this week, too. Like Anna and Patrick’s conversation about moving on after a spouse dies, all the Port Charles residents adorably excited about doing their civic duty, Konnie and Johnny both finally remembering that she’s a symptom of a pretty horrific trauma — and treating that fact with the respect it deserves. Or the nicely meta touch of using Elizabeth to reveal that Sabrina is the adopted cousin of Juan Santiago (who was played, of course, by Rebecca Herbst’s real life husband).

But nothing can top Anna and Duke recreating their infamous tango, complete with some cleverly edited flashbacks to the original:


Oh hey, and speaking of Anna and Duke… Robin’s awake! And on screen! And kicking ass and taking names to get back to her family!

Because I’ve watched television before, I know that something will interrupt before she can talk to Patrick tomorrow, and he’ll think Emma was just playing more make believe when she tells him her mommy was on the phone, and this delicious torture will continue on. But I don’t care — I don’t know what kind of deal they’ve worked out with Kimberly McCullough, but these glimpses of her every few months are perfectly fulfilling my soapy needs.

Now, we just need to find out who’s brainwashed Duke to be evil, because you know there is no other way he’d ever hurt Robin and Anna like this. (Please, please, please, let us find this out!)

If we’re taking bets on the most perfectly soapy time for Robin to come back, I’d like to place mine on a grand surprise entrance in  the middle of a tribute to her the Nurses’ Ball. Just as (of course) Patrick is about to kiss Sabrina, having suddenly seen her in a whole new light due to her efforts in organizing the whole shebang: enter Robin, center stage.




  1. Spot on in everything you’ve said. I loved every minute of it. I even enjoyed Carly and Sonny at the crypt and on the docks, which I normally would have loathed as it reminded me of why I couldn’t stand Carly for years (liking her more lately, especially with Todd), but because I feel like the show may finally be giving AJ a fair shake, I can allow myself chuckle at them.

      • I know, for the last two years those two did nothing but annoy me, but both seem more level headed and watchable. When she went off on Sonny about Jason’s death in typical Carly fashion, then calmed down and apologized, it was a nice moment, because she so often doesn’t stop and think.

  2. The Qs. . .so sad and beautiful. Monica and Alan, so sad and then AJ and Alan reconciling, that was so touching, then Alan putting his hand on Tracy’s shoulder in quiet support. . .perfection. Those two drove each other CRAZY yet loved each other. How does JE do it? How? Tracy can be so caustic and downright mean-spirited but you know it’s all just facade an inside hides a sad, lonely woman. I just wanna give her the biggest hug. Please, give Tracy someone deserving. AJ. . .I’m starting to feel for you, despite your crimes. I want the house of lies built by Carly and Sonny all those years to come crashing down! Michael didn’t call the cops on AJ, that gives me hope. Please bring back Robin SOON! I am so aching for my beloved Scrubs!! Emma talking to “Mommy in heaven” OMG BRUTAL!! I do think RC is trying to fix the horrible writing for AJ, and the damage to the show in general.

      • I know!! I mean Tracy can be so nasty, a less talented actress would make me hate her, but I can’t hate Tracy. I just can’t. Please, give her someone worthy. Luke, Luke, Luke. You were on the road to redemption why’d you have to go and screw it up with Tracy? SK is wonderful and he and CD played off each other so well. I don’t blame Michael for hating AJ, he only knows what he was told, but the fact that he didn’t call the cops or Sonny, and it shows him confronting Carly gives me hope. Hard to believe a year ago, I wanted Michael back in a coma. Michael as a Quartermaine? How awesome would that be?

  3. Alan actually made my breath catch, I wasn’t expecting to see him yet….So good. SK is the perfect AJ to redeem the character and I hope for the best with that.

    • I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes, the choice to bring SK back instead of BW bodes very well for the direction they want to take the character in. SK’s AJ was never evil.

  4. Just caught up the last two days…

    wow…so many emotions..thoughts…comments…but you guys basically already said it all…

    Alan/AJ…Alan/Monica wrecked me but the quiet moment with Alan/Tracy- I was done. JE is perfection.

    And then we got Anna and Duke. Swoon-worthiness…FH is a great dancer. IB’s no slouch but she is definitely a professional dancer.

    Uhhh…Even with the balancing of the storylines Carly and Sonny still grated on my nerves specifically when Sonny started spouting “our son” and grasped hands. I really wished AJ had rolled Carly’s end off the dock at that point…just as payback…but him confessing to be a better man, does give me hope that he is definitely going to be written as the hero in this redemption storyline. I send Carlivati and Valentini so much soap love and appreciation that they are FINALLY writing this and its SK playing it out.

    Anna/Emma/Patrick..more tears…perhaps watching those two days back to back wasn’t smart. Patrick and Anna’s silent tears as Emma watched her mommy on the laptop and then kissed the screen. Wow. Casting department gets much kudos for snagging that little starlet. I mean she not only holds her own with two powerhouse performers, she amps up the scene.

    Ellie is all cuteness. “I’m not acquainted with Maxie’s wrench murdering husband but…” Her caring about Spinelli’s ex – non-wife makes you love her all the more, and in juxtaposition to Maxie’s rudeness as she abruptly throws Trey and Starr out of her old apartment was hilarious. Insulting Starr’s wardrobe and basic person was funny as all get out.

    Speaking of Starr, I love the fact that she can TOTALLY and COMPLETELY and HONESTLY relate to Michael’s “daddy issues” ..When she said “hey I’ve aided and abetted for my dad more times than I can count” I chuckled. If anyone is perfect for Michael, it’s Starr.

    Friendships, history, long conversations, family unity, hospital interaction. Guys this is some really REALLY good soap right now! CARTINI I LOVE YOU!! (sorry for the gushing)

    Only part that bored me was Sam and McBain. These two have super hot chemistry and even that was doused with her babbling on about Jason. We’ve mourned him, I miss him but let’s move on to Sam and John already (JAM?!).

  5. Yesterday and today was awesome!! I was literally yelling at Patrick today and I know that is not normal!! LOL! What is the news with KMc? Is she back part time? I really want my Scrubs back :(

    Please do not let this drag out too much. Do not want Patrick with a woman that even Emma does not like!! Had to agree with her when she said Brit was mean….Sabrina all the way!!

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