Sometimes the long game is worth it.

It’s hard for me to textually render how much I’m enjoying AJ’s return so far.

How is it so awesome? Let me counts ways! Because I love Sean Kanan, and all his little smirks and teasing grins? (Yes.) Because, frankly, I never thought we’d see an AJ who was not only alive but also not brought back specifically to be the whipping boy/designated villain to Carly and Sonny’s heroes? (Yes, and yes.)

But most of all, because watching some well-deserved chickens come home to roost after fifteen years is one of those great gifts that you can only experience on a soap opera:

The look on Michael’s face as his mother confessed to firing the shot that set off the war? LITERALLY SOMETHING I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE BEFORE HE WAS BORN.

And Laura Wright did a fantastic job owning her younger self’s mistakes. It’s another sign of Carly’s growth under RC that she was able to admit it all with very little attempt to sugar coat things or makes excuses.

(I do question the fact that she talked about Tony as if he was some complete stranger Michael would never have even heard of. We’re talking about a huge part of his extended family’s lives and an extremely well-known figure around town, who died heroically in the midst of saving lives! Plus, he had the distinction of being the very first person to kidnap Michael! Do they have Hallmark cards for that? Michael should really Google himself some time. I bet he’d find out a lot of interesting details.)

ANYWAY. Watching Carly lay it all out there and Michael take in the fact that one of the monumental truths around which his life had been based was a lie? Beautiful. I cannot wait for him to confront Sonny about the meat hook.

Which, by the way, led to this amazing bit of dialog:

MICHAEL: AJ said that my dad hung him up by a meat hook, that if he didn’t give up his parental rights, my dad would stage an accident, make it look like AJ died driving drunk.
STARR: [as if speaking to a very slow child] Michael, your dad is in the business of forcing people to do what he wants.
MICHAEL: Yeah, but threatening somebody’s life is one thing. You know, holding a gun on them. It’s not right, but in my father’s business, that makes sense. But, I mean, this? To hang AJ from a meat hook, use his own alcoholism against him? Threatening to stage a drunk driving accident? I can’t even wrap my head around that!

So, if Sonny had only threatened to shoot AJ in order to force him to give up his parental rights, that would have been… just fine? I’M WITH YOU, STARR’S EXTREMELY DUBIOUS FACE!

(Also, I think Michael needs to watch more mob movies? Pretty sure meat hooks and staged “accidents” make sense to a lot of Sonny’s fellow businessmen.)

Meanwhile, over at the old Quartermaine homestead, Alice finally did one useful thing after however many years of annoying the crap out of me. She made AJ and Monica make these faces:

Have I mentioned lately that I really love Sean Kanan?
Because I really, really do.

In other news, I want to rant about how annoying and stupid today’s court shenanigans were, but given the last scene, I’m sure it’s only going to get even stupider and more annoying, so I should probably just wait.

(BUT SERIOUSLY. Only in a soap court could the proceedings be more about the motives of the crazy person’s family than it is about determining whether or not she’s actually effing crazy. Not that determining the latter ought to be that difficult, given she was already institutionalized for having multiple personalities, there are doctors who can attest to her mental problems, and she confessed in front of an entire room of witnesses to being the same alter who is on record as having bashed her shrink’s head in and killed two other people!)

(Not to mention that even if Connie is the real person and Kate’s the alter, then wouldn’t that just mean that Connie should actually be held responsible for the crimes she only got away with before because she wasn’t considered real?)

Sorry, sorry… I’ll wait to see how it plays out. (BUT IT’S SO STUPID!)


22 thoughts on “Sometimes the long game is worth it.

  1. Starr’s WTF face sums it up, doesn’t it? I love it, she must be thinking “Boy he’s in the dark about the mob!”. Carly actually owned up? WOW! Maybe she will grow and learn, instead of justifying. It will all hit the fan. No comment about the court procedures, it’s soap law.

  2. I thought the writers went a little too far with the “gasp! I can’t believe my dad hung someone on a meathook!” He KNOWS Sonny shot Dante. He KNOWS Sonny framed Jax and sabotaged his plane. It’s enough for him to know that it wasn’t AJ who got the ball rolling after all to be pissed at Carly and Sonny, turning him this naive is a little silly at this point. Unless Michael is appalled in a “well sure it’s okay for Sonny to threaten people I don’t/didn’t really care about, but this directly affected ME”, then I guess that’s in-character.

    Otherwise I’m enjoying the story.

    The court stuff AND Lulu lying was a wee bit too stupid. Did they really not think the social worker wouldn’t background check them??

    • Lulu lying was stupid, but didn’t annoy me because she seemed to know it was stupid immediately after she did it, and also, they’re clearly not going to get away with it. The court stuff, on the other hand, is actively insulting to everyone’s intelligence. God, I hate soap court.

      The thing with Michael is this is how I’ve wanted him to see his parents for so long. And yeah, he should have had this reaction to other things before — especially to the Dante and Jax stuff. But better late than never? Plus, I think this is shaking him up because it’s really challenging a central tenant of the way he’s seen himself and understood his world: AJ was always evil. Now he knows that’s not strictly true, it’s causing him to doubt everything.

      • Michael has never seen his father as the ruthless criminal he is, he was brought up to believe that his father is a good person so I can believe this. I like he’s questioning it, and maybe this means he will go to the Quartermaine side. I would like to see Dante’s reaction to what Sonny did to AJ, I miss Dante not wanting anything Sonny and seeing him for the dangerous mob boss he is.

        • I don’t think Michael’s been brought up to think that Sonny’s a good person so much as he’s been brought up to think Sonny’s been forced to do the bad things he’s done. Michael’s tried to get into the mob for the last couple of years by going “well I’ve done things bad enough things now that you should let me in”, so I don’t think he thinks of Sonny as a good person per se. Just that Sonny would always tell HIM the truth. Which is the angle about this story I find believable – that he’s upset Sonny and Carly lied about AJ. The part I find unbelievable is he was shocked about WHAT Sonny did.

          • Yeah, his SHOCKED and APPALLED reaction was hysterical to me for that reason. But I think that overall, you’re right that it’s the lie and betrayal from Sonny, who he trusted, that’s upsetting him most.

  3. The Qs were too funny, good old Quartermaine humour, especially Alice using her wrestling move to stop Tracy, and AJ’s little squeak when he saw that followed by him being all awe-struck and admiring, and his deadpan “We could kill her”. SK’s delivery was perfect. I also liked Todd and Carly’s scenes, and Todd being all “Well, I’m a horrible person, so I can’t judge you”. It’s so nice to have someone understand they can’t judge b/c they’ve done their share of bad things.

    • I adored SK’s reaction to Alice taking Tracy out. First the straight shock, then quickly checking to see if Monica was seeing this too, then just plain delight as it sunk in. So great to get Q hijinks again!

      • His reaction was hilariously awesome. Just as you described.

        Then checking Tracy’s pulse to see if she were still alive. His plain delight over it was great, especially when he grinned like a teenager (I have teen boys that love wrestling) and yelled to Alice ” that was awesome!” Hysterical.

  4. I love getting hijinks without the hijinks music that Guza and Frons and company thought was needed because we were obviously too stupid to comprehend funny without them highlighting it.

  5. Oh my gosh has this been some kind of freakin awesome. I am loving the fallout, and I must say (though I hate to say it- cause those 10-15 years were straight torture) but the payoff on this particularly “long game” is soo…ohhh sooo… good.

    A mature Carly admitting her errors without excuses. AJ taking responsibility for the craptastic writing that Guza and company threw at the character during BW’s tenure. And most importantly Michael’s anger, confusion and general disillusionment over Sonny’s past actions (yeah let’s just gloss over the fact that he’s fine with the gun-toting part of his dad’s job) has been (again I say) freakin awesome!

    I enjoyed Dante and Lulu’s silly storyline. I guess I like silly bits thrown in here and there…And I loved that Dante was trying his hardest to not lie but still support Lulu. What struck me more strange was that the Social Worker played along for such a length of time instead of busting them out on every point. Especially the coffee part and Sonny.

    Ya know whilst watching Lante this week, it surprised me how much DZ stares deeply into JMB’s eyes whenever they have a conversation. I mean even about little insignificant matters. It makes this viewer really get into them as a real sincere couple and not as just two actors reading lines. Watch other “couples” and actors, they all have different styles but more often then not they stand apart and look away from each other alot. DZ always stands really close to JMB and either caresses her or looks her deep in the face…i.e. I’m becoming a big Lante fan.

    Question: Why did Tracy call Dante and not the PCPD and when did she put him on speed dial?

    Todd’s hilarious still trying to get into Carly’s pants. I can’t wait ’til Blair pops back in to blow that to smithereens.

    • It’s nice to see Lante get some light material, not just fighting over issues. They are probably my favourite pair on GH, second of all time next to Scrubs. I agree about DZ, he always stands close and looks into her eyes, makes it feel so real, they do seem like a real couple. DZ and JMB have chemistry to spare. I don’t mind the silly parts, some silliness is

      Tracy may have had Dante on speed dial because he is her step-son-in-law. Hmmm, I’d love to see AJ’s reaction to finding out SONNY SHOT HIS OWN SON. I’m already an SK fan he can do the serious, and dramatic AJ yet to the light, humerous parts equally well. I can’t wait for more. See, THIS is what we wanted. What does it say the the new writers are more in touch with the show’s history than Guza ever was??

      How will Blair respond to Todd hitting on Carly? And not to mention the baby swap fiasco.

      • I do hope in general AJ finds out Sonny has a son that was kept from him purposely as well. And that even Carly decided it was too dangerous for one of her sons to be around Sonny

  6. hooray for AJ. I hope he finds out Sonny put a bullet in his own son.Also that none of his baby mommas want him near the kids..
    what they tiic allowed Sonny to do to AJ made me shut the show off for years. Glad to be back.lets just hope FrankenRon keep up the good work. More Q’s and Sonny all alone.

    • I hope Monica tells Dante about the meathook and Dante can open his eyes and realize he was right to not want anything to do with Sonny. Team Quartermaines, I’m so over the mobsters being the good guys and the new writers seem to be too. Carly, Michael is a freakin ADULT!! So if he wants to spend time with AJ, he CAN!

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