On Soaps it doesn’t matter how implausible something is…

…as long as it turns out the way you want.

Duke Lavery’s return has bothered many of us. The last thing he would do is hurt Robin and Anna. So turns out, it isn’t Duke at all! But hilariously, someone who was wearing a Duke Lavery mask. The make up artists in the Port Charles world are as skilled as their plastic surgeons!

Bwahahahaha. Uh, sorry. I’m still laughing about the ridiculousness of this. But, let’s be clear. I DON’T CARE. I can’t express how happy I am that he isn’t manipulating and lying to Anna… oh, and holding Robin hostage. So whatever implausible, silly, just plain dumb way the writers want to explain it away is fine by me!

I am sad to think that the real Duke is not going to surface. I really hope he does. It would help take away the sting of the writers trying to make us believe Duke would actually do such awful things.

The Big Question is…who is the dude in the mask? My vote (or hope!) is that it is Faison! Who else can make Robin make a face like this:

What’s yours?


18 thoughts on “On Soaps it doesn’t matter how implausible something is…

  1. Well, it’s a soap, nothing is implausible in soapville. I’m glad it’s not Duke, I guess he was able to obtain Duke’s DNA somehow. I think Faison too. Hey, have you seen the realistic masks they can use now in Hollywood? I think he obtained one of those! Maybe the REAL duke will emerge and save Robin!

  2. It almost seems as though FV and RC have been carefully studying GH history and mining it for current potential. I like it!

    My first thought was Faison, as well. I keep running through other possibilities, but dismissing them.

    I’m a much happier fan now that I am unspoiled.

    • It seems they did their research, watched the clips and said “This is what we’ll do”
      It is Faison or maybe a copycat? This is the EXACT same thing he did with Lucky, his MO, if you will.

  3. i think that it’s faison..i really do…

    you know though, even if the real duke were to be alive someplace…i really wouldnt’ care……because they have ruined duke for me, now…..i kind of didn’t care for him and anna to begin with…but i grew to like them….but now…..if he did come back, i’d still want him to go away…..

    it’s just like when they did it with roman and john over on days…i sort of saw her and roman in the beginning, but grew to love her and john…and when roman came back, i still wanted her and john….so, them doing the back and forth thing with the two of them….drove me nuts…

    i want anna and robert, i want anna and luke……but the least person that i want anna with is duke…it’s like, been there, done all that…..

    and sorry but duke is a bore to me now…..and i just tune him out…

    i didnt’ listen to what he was saying to robin today…i watched it live, and i also watched it on you tube….because i didnt’ see the mask being pulled off…but you know, i ff’d on youtube to that part…


    the only other person that it could be is brian patrick clark….and i think that he left acting…..because he didn’t even do the last 8 is enough movie…so…..

    i do believe that anders kept on acting in europe…and i do know that he did another soap after he left GH…in that soap he played the father of kin shriner…(scottie) for awhile…….but kin left to go back to GH…so they replaced his son with someone else……

  4. The only reason I think it might not be Faison is that he fits so perfectly that everyone and their mother is sure its him, and I know RC likes to mess with people.

    (But seriously. IT’S FAISON.)

  5. Yes, logic dictates that it’s Faison, but who needs logic in a town with Duke Lavery Halloween masks? If I had to waste a virgin sacrifice, I think I’d ask for…Ryan Collins?

    • Oooh, Ryan! I would be okay with that — although I’d prefer he show up to menace Felicia rather than Robin. (How did he die, anyway? Was it during that carnival fire?)

      • I don’t remember. But I don’t think he died without a head, so why not? Plus, he could usher in his brother…I’m liking this more and more. Off to find a virgin!

  6. Susan, I really mean no disrespect, but are you actually watching this show?

    Incandescentflower, another great post. And like you, I’m having so much fun watching that I don’t care if clowns show up and subdue Robin. This is just great soap.

    And tenillypo,you’re right, it’s Faison. Because lately I’ve been getting everything I want and I want Faison.

    • And really in Soap Land, is anything unrealistic. This is one heck of a cliff hanger, and some masks are so real you COULD actually disguise as someone with enough training. Maybe not entirely realistic but who cares. Faison was an enemy of Robert, and staging his precious little girl’s death is the perfect way to hurt Robert and then pretending to be the love of Duke’s life? Cold and calculating. Wow.

  7. I saw someone suggest Grant Putnam, another saying it’s Lisa. I’m guessing it’s not Lisa, please let her be dead FOR GOOD! And she’s not smart enough and wouldn’t know who Duke is.

  8. Grant Putnam, that’s a name I was trying to remember but couldn’t. I thought of Ryan Collins, but …. Robin’s reaction didn’t seem to fit him, but maybe. It does seem that Faison is so obvious an assumption that it won’t be true. But then, many people may not even remember Faison.

    Oh jeez – I hadn’t even considered Lisa. That would be AWFUL. I even considered Robert, but then his grief would have all been an act; but this is a soap, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

  9. Remember, Duke’s DNA was never on file-just his fingerprints, so that would have been fairly
    easy to duplicate. I’m pretty sure real Duke is alive and well. I look forward to the real reunion of Duke and Anna, because they were magic.

    Lisa is really , really dead. We even saw her body. Guza would have made her Robin’s doctor, but RC has far too much respect for history and is going with a much better villain. No one has ever been as obsessed with winning Anna for his own than Faison. No one has ever wanted Robert to suffer like Faison did. I am hoping it’s Faison and I’m having Christmas early.

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