Five Things About Revenge: “Penance”

1. Oh, this was a good episode for the Nolan/Emily lover in me. Nolan basically sacrificing his company for Ems? OH MY HEART. I love that when he told her the company didn’t mean half as much as keeping his family (i.e. her) safe, she totally had no idea how to answer that. Emily, you are so emotionally constipated, girlfriend! You need to work on that.

Also, there was this:

NOLAN: What, it wasn’t enough to pilfer my only friend, now you want my office too?
AIDEN: On the contrary, I’d say Emily belongs to you.

::happy sigh::

(Please note that powder blue shoes/jacket combo, as it is awesome and perfect.)

But the best line of the episode was definitely Nolan’s rebuke to Ems for leaving out the finer details of Aiden’s background: “Oh, you  might have mentioned that. ‘Hey, Nolan, this one time at revenge camp I met this fellow avenger and oh! Guess where he’s going to be summering?'”

2. Of course, Emily’s massive trust and intimacy issues didn’t stop her from hotly making out with Aiden at the end in a post-revenge high. I approve of hot make outs.

3. Is Victoria actually thawing toward Conrad? She didn’t warn him about Daniel’s coup, but the fact that she was even considering it speaks volumes. Not to mention the near-death hand-holding. Aw, is it wrong that I kind of want these two crazy kids to work it out and get another chance?

4. Amanda went all homicidal again! Mason Treadwell brought up the love between her and Emily that dare not speak its name! And he finally got his just deserts for betraying baby Amanda all those years ago! Emily playing on his enormous ego to get him to confess to multiple crimes he didn’t commit? So beautiful to watch. (But will she actually confess to the crime herself and set him free? I mean, why would she?)

5. Teen Wolf Dad is the brother of Sam Anders from Battlestar Galactica! Who is apparently the really evil one! And their scheme involves the boat slips that come with the restaurant property! And Zzzzzzzzzz… Sorry. Still just don’t really give a crap about Jack and Declan’s bar drama.


4 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Penance”

  1. Amanda does not play when it comes to her woman. lol

    I am all for Emily and Aidan. Jack is dull and Daniel is nothing but a puppet that Emily would end up destroying.

    • Aiden is definitely a better fit than either Jack of Daniel, neither of whom actually know the real Emily at all. But I don’t know that he’s good for her in the long run. He doesn’t really encourage her better instincts, you know? That’s why I’m still team Nolan, even though it will never happen on screen.

  2. What on earth were those commercials? My sister-in-law didn’t even realize they were commercials, she thought they were part of the actual show and she didn’t understand it. Maybe that was part of the reason that I found this episode disjointed. Definitely not one of my favs.

    • I wasn’t my favorite episode either, and those commercials were totally confusing and weird. (Like, why were Jack and Amanda apparently rich in their segment? and the dance sequence at the end was just embarrassing — was I supposed to recognize the singer? I think I’m too old for whoever it was.)

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