Two reveals for the price of one!

Holy soapballs, kids! As if Friday’s totally BANANAS revelation that “Duke” was actually an imposter in an improbably realistic DUKE MASK wasn’t awesome enough, today we found out who’s behind the mask. That’s right — you called it, I called iteveryone called it: it’s Cesar Faison:

Which is great! Because the reason we all called it is that this actually makes perfect sense! (Or at least perfect soap sense… which is another animal altogether.)

After all, Faison has always been obsessed with Anna. He’s always been willing and able to go to extremes and to cause enormous pain to others in the pursuit of his goals. And he’s always been exactly the special flavor of crazy that would consider having to wear a mask for the rest of his life a small price to pay if his scheme worked. Posing as Duke and then staging Robin’s death so that he could “rescue” her in order to make Anna love him? Totally up his alley.

(Stealing Sonny’s fortune and power with a ludicrously over-complicated plot involving the marriage of his daughter to a reality tv producer who happened to also be the son of an old enemy, then secretly blackmailing his accountant into transferring all of his money to her and having her killed? Okay, no, that one’s still pretty ridiculous. But hey, did I mention Faison is CRAZY? So, whatever. And at least it’s not the stretch it was to believe real!Duke would suddenly want back in the mob or be okay with an innocent girl’s murder?)

Duke not being Duke also means there’s now a reason why his return has been so lackluster and marked by a strangely intense focus on immediately getting back with Anna as if no time had passed — to the exclusion of anything else, like learning about how the world had changed in 20 years and what her life has been like, finding modern technology and culture baffling, or dealing with the simple PTSD of having had your life unjustly stolen and wasted in a brutal prison. All of which had kind of been bugging me.

(See, this is what 10+ years of Guza has done to us all — we’ve been so burned by vets coming back only to be written evilly out of character for no reason that we don’t know how to extend the benefit of the doubt anymore.)

Basically the only part of Duke not being Duke that I didn’t love was that it means Luke, who has been effing insufferable lately, would have his possessive douchbaggery vindicated. Except today we also learned that Faison has been keeping real!Duke captive along with Robin (or possibly for much, much longer). This is awesome news for many reasons, not the least of which is making up these past weeks of torture of all the Anna/Duke fans out there who’ve had to deal with the disappointment of evil pod!Duke.

But it also means that at some point there is bound to be a reunion between Anna and her real true love. And his name sure ain’t Luke. I just hope he’s  there to see it.

22 thoughts on “Two reveals for the price of one!

  1. I have to say he scares the HECK out of me, he’s creepy in a good way. Only question is why go after Kristina? I guess he’s a psycho who doesn’t need a reason to hurt people. But it will REALLY hit the fan, and part of me is also enjoying that someone else other than Jason will rescue Robin. Maybe Duke will have an adrenaline rush, and save Robin and go to PC and reunite for real?
    It’s funny, but these writers seem to understand what we want and the show’s history more than GUZA ever did. I wonder if they cruise the message board?
    “What do our viewers want? More Quartermaines? Let’s bring AJ back. Less mob? Cut down Sonny and Jason’s time and let’s have them being douchebags for once. More of REAL GH villains? Bring on Caesar. . .how can we make it impact? We’ll have him fake Robin’s death!! Bring back the Nurse’s ball? OK”
    Maybe it’s crazy but maybe Ceasar somehow snuck in, and made it so the gas lever would break easier, facilitating the explosion. I dunno.

    • I don’t going after Kristina was about her in any way; just collateral damage in the scheme to take over Sonny’s organization.

      (I, too, love that Jason will not be the hero in this story. Although I’m kind of hoping for Robin to be the one to free herself and Duke right before Robert and Anna come crashing in to the rescue.)

      • Dare we hope? I think I feel better asking for this now than if it was w/Guza. Robin channels her inner Scorpio and kicks some serious butt and saves her and Duke then enter Anna and Robert and bye bye Ceasar. Sounds like stuff made of AWESOME! Hurry back, Robin and put Britt in her place!

  2. I think Luke’s going to have more than a fake Duke to compete with. Real Duke and soon Robert will be back so chances are and hopefully Luke loses. I don’t want him either Tracy or Laura though.

  3. wonder if robert knows the truth…and how long this stupid story is going to go on….

    i want robert to kill him this time…and for good, as far as i’m concerned….

    i’ll live with it for three months, and if it goes beyond that…then they’re just dragging it out for no reason at all……


    oh i want luke and tracy……he and laura are so forced now…there was once a point to them…but that point went ages ago…….i’m sorry guys…but as far as i’m concerned…spanky buns is his true soul mate…….not laura..yeah she had his kids…but……

  4. “(See, this is what 10+ years of Guza has done to us all — we’ve been so burned by vets coming back only to be written evilly out of character for no reason that we don’t know how to extend the benefit of the doubt anymore.)”

    Yes, but IB said it was really Duke, and I think people said FV said it was really Duke too. So it’s not like everyone thought it was Duke because they weren’t willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but the show people said it themselves in interviews. (Hope I don’t come off as snippy – I wasn’t invested much in Duke himself either way, so I was okay with either outcome, although i’m glad just because I don’t want any vet written to be ridiculously evil.)

    Anyway, I’m also glad it was Faison though, because like you said that is the only thing that made sense. Who else would go through all that damn trouble.

    • No, I know those interviews played a part — although we are also getting real Duke, so technically they weren’t lying. But I think even if they hadn’t said it was real Duke, lots of people (myself included) would still have been quick to get pissed over the OOC writing, you know? It’s hard to trust the people in charge aren’t actually hacks who hate the show anymore.

  5. The really shocker for me is the real Duke alive and that if Fasion kills the Duke I for one will be sad ,Because I loved Anna and Duke,Hey do any of you think that Fasion is much more dangerous then Lisa Niles was.

  6. Lisa Niles could not even shine Faison’s shoes.

    This show is so good and this storyline is really paying homage to history. And I screamed when Robin said “She’s in love with Duke.” Not Robert, not anyone else. Anna is in love with Duke.

    • Lisa Niles has NOTHING on Ceasar, but Guza can’t come up with anything other than crazy woman stalker and also mob bosses.

  7. Great post, tenillypo.

    Anyone who thinks that RC and FV have not cured what ailed this show has been fuckin’ asleep since January. JMO.

    • I still have a lot of problems with the show, but I don’t say that just to be a negative Nellie – just the way I feel. But overall though I do feel like the show is no longer written by someone who hates the show though, like tenillypo said, so that’s good.

  8. No such thing as killed forever when it comes to soaps, Susan, unless it’s cancelled. And not even then, given the crossovers we’ve gotten.

    I would love to know where he got that mask, though. It’s remarkable, and I can’t stop staring at it. In his hand, on the bedside table…clearly, it wouldn’t have been the best seller at the Halloween shop, but given how lifelike it was, it should have done better.

    On any other day I would go on and on (and on) about how much I love Lulu/Dante, how realistic they are, how he’s almost too perfect (which you’ve pointed out), how their conflict comes from a real place, how their real counterbalances the…shall we say willing suspension of disbelief stuff, but…MASK!

    • ha, well I do think Dante was a tiny bit insensitive today, in a totally innocent bumbling did not mean it at all kinda way – when he said “other woman [can carry a baby]” and that someone with a good heart, and hopefully “a good womb” would carry their child – probably not the best way to phrase it to Lulu, just to counteract the “too perfect” part. Also he totally should have hung up on Carly, heh. She didn’t even use his name when she barked at him to get over to the Quartermaines.

      • I caught that too, and winced. Was surprised as this episode was written by a woman, Kate Hall. But I don’t think he meant anything by it, he’s just a guy. I mean, guys can’t carry a kid, but they love them as much as the mom’s do, so I just don’t think he understood what it means to the woman. I think he redeemed himself a little when he said “talk to me”.

  9. “Special flavor of crazy” is a great description. Yes, we called it, but it was still great. Anders Hove is one of the few actors that is so firmly imprinted on my mind as a certain character that I have to remind myself that it isn’t real, that he’s playing a role. He totally convinces me that he is one crazy, creepy, messed up, wild-haired, disturbed dude. I love it. Faison merely mentioned Patrick and Emma and I got super scared for them. There is no line that Faison will not cross.

    And awful Duke wasn’t Duke. Thank goodness. I don’t even care if every little thing cannot be explained, this takes care of enough of it to make me happy.

    What has happened to GH? It’s damn good and I didn’t think that would ever happen again.

    • Anders Cove is so fantastically creepy. I feel kind of bad — I’m sure he’s lovely in real life? But I would be terrified even if I, like, ran into him in the grocery store.

  10. Also nice? Monica slapping Carly! That was LONG overdue. And is it bad that I wanted to high five that little girl who puked all over Britt? Didn’t think so

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